Top 10 Reasons To Hire PHP Developers

Companies searching to hire remote PHP developers

Given how 78.1% of all websites today use PHP, it’s no surprise that companies dealing with web development are always keen to hire a PHP developer. This general-purpose scripting language is primarily used to build dynamic websites and is highly preferred for its easy learning curve, flexibility, and immense versatility. PHP also offers excellent security and speed, especially with its newer versions, such as Version 7, currently the top pick for 70.1% of all websites using PHP.

Consequently, various global flagship companies rely on PHP to build web and mobile development projects. These companies include Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and WordPress (where an astounding 455+ million WordPress-hosted websites use PHP). With such big names making PHP their go-to choice, it’s safe to say that this server-side language is still going strong, even after 25 years.

PHP’s latest versions, such as Version 8.0 (released in November 2020), continue to unlock the platform’s new capabilities and features. Hence, if you’re looking to employ efficient software development for your organization, PHP is one of your best options. For this, you will also need to hire dedicated PHP programmers who know the platform through and through.

However, before we dive into why you need to hire a PHP developer, let’s dig into what they do and how you can assess their PHP expertise.

Things to know before you hire a PHP web developer

Things to know before you hire a PHP web developer

Roles and responsibilities of a PHP developer

PHP developers usually have a lot on their plate, owing to a plethora of web development tasks they’re responsible for. Apart from their day-to-day role to write codes, code fix, manage back-end services, and build responsive applications., these developers also: -

  • Develop and deploy websites, programs, and web applications within the given deadlines.
  • Scale existing apps or add new features to them
  • Ensure timely updates of apps
  • Handle compatibility issues of numerous browsers, software program versions, or browsers.
  • Address problems found in applications or websites based on tests executed on various browsers and devices.
  • Work with the project or development team to identify software solutions
  • Devise plans to keep websites updated at all times
  • Propose specific changes that can positively impact a website’s performance.
  • Select the most appropriate programming languages, and design tools for apps
  • Troubleshoot for security issues or source code problems.
  • Work on web portal development, eCommerce development, API development, CMS portal development, etc.

However, these are just some of a PHP developer's typical responsibilities. These could also change when companies hire a PHP developer with specific needs in mind, such as coding for client-side CSS or JavaScript development. All in all, these professionals perform a wide range of duties to establish a seamless customer experience for those using your websites or applications.

Types of PHP developers you can hire

Typically, there are three categories of developers to choose from when you hire a PHP developer - beginners, mid-level developers, and experts.


Their experience

Beginner-level developers are new to the PHP development world. They generally know about the basics of PHP and are able to build some of the functionalities. Moreover, you can hire a PHP developer with such experience to get lower development rates than their experienced counterparts.

Their skills
  • HTML and PHP
  • MVC design patterns
  • Main PHP functions
  • Working with CMS (content management systems)
  • Knowledge about at least one of the key PHP frameworks


Their experience

These developers have a few development projects under their belt and possess enough experience to create effective applications. Given their portfolio and knowledge, mid-level developers usually don’t require explicit monitoring. Additionally, when you hire a PHP developer with such experience, you also get the lucrative chance to receive quality work at considerably low prices.

Their skills
  • Knowledge about more than a single PHP framework, like CakePHP, Laravel, Codelgniter, etc.
  • Code troubleshooting
  • Analyzing product requirements
  • Implementing OOP (object-oriented programming) in PHP
  • Implementation of databases
  • Improving app performance by adding back-end features
  • Knowledge and adherence to a few development standards, such as DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) for code debugging and refactoring


Their experience

These developers are well-versed with PHP and mostly work in specific areas only, implementing the latest development practices and technologies.

When you hire PHP experts, you get developers who can analyze a product’s needs thoroughly and suggest ways to make it more secure and effective. In addition, they can also provide advice on the features to add and how to better the product source code.

Their skills
  • Knowledge and expertise of most PHP frameworks
  • Knowledge in advanced technology, such as Blockchain, PHP for IoT, machine learning, etc.

Must-have interview questions for PHP developers

Whether you hire a PHP developer for mere coding tasks or specific, heavy-lifting duties like developing cutting-edge PHP applications, assessing their knowledge is a must. This way, you can scout and hire PHP coders that suit your needs best and are worth your time and money. Here are the top interview questions, ranging from the basic to the advanced ones.

Basic questions

  • Which programming language is PHP similar to?
  • Which PHP version is preferred?
  • What is the basic difference between PHP 4 and 5?

Intermediate questions

  • How can objects be compared in PHP?
  • How can HTML and PHP interact?
  • How do require () and require_once() differ?
  • How can we display text using a PHP script?
  • What is ini_set() used for?

Advanced questions

  • Does PHP support multiple inheritances?
  • What are the major differences between print() and echo?
  • What are the different PHP errors?
  • Mention the best way to merge two PHP objects
  • How can we execute method overloading in PHP?
  • What is $GLOBALS?
  • How do we handle PHP exceptions?

10 reasons to hire PHP developers in 2022

Time to take a deep dive into the top reasons why you must hire a PHP developer to accelerate your web development cycles.

Exceptional technical skills and expertise

Successful PHP development projects are essential to fast-track product deployments and perform basic website functions effortlessly. This requires ample expertise of this platform, and that’s exactly what you get when you hire a PHP developer. Their profound technical knowledge allows them to perform vital tasks, develop the most interactive well-functioning apps, work on behind-the-scenes web services, and more. Their vast expertise also makes developing complex PHP applications as simple as one can imagine.

What’s more, a PHP developer’s role also revolves around the code analysis of existing solutions or websites. Hence, apart from creating new software, they can also update existing ones, and extensively analyze them to identify bugs or increase performance.

Hire dedicated PHP developers for better turnaround times

Most companies hire a PHP developer to get swift turnaround times for project deliveries. They ensure the best quality of development within the shortest duration, thanks to the plentiful resources and solutions they have at their disposal. More often than not, these developers also devise customized methods and implement the latest technologies to handle project development more creatively.

It doesn’t cost too much to hire PHP web developers

Are you worried your budget will stretch out too much if you hire a PHP developer? That is rarely the case, as PHP programmers are quite reasonably priced and also come with reduced development costs. Startups or companies operating on stringent budgets majorly benefit from this, as PHP developers often save almost 75% of the overall web development expenses, making projects even more affordable. Plus, these professionals are usually armed with advanced expertise and training and help you save the costs of employing and training developers.

Access to better, business-oriented strategies

Professional PHP developers offer innovation that few others can match. They apply passionate, creative, and innovative strategies to build absolute best practices for complete client satisfaction. Hence, when you hire a PHP developer, you can rest assured that your web development needs are met, especially since they follow a business-oriented path to seamlessly complete each stage of the project.

Additionally, if you want to wow your customers or appeal to a larger audience, you can hire a PHP developer who can build better, out-of-the-box web solutions, different from the norm.

Using PHP’s versatility to your advantage

It’s no secret that PHP’s open-source nature makes it a favorite for developers worldwide. It can be installed in no time and at zero cost. Plus, it also offers open access to numerous PHP frameworks, like Symfony and Laravel. However, it’s also one of the most versatile languages since it’s completely platform-independent. Once you hire a PHP developer, they can quickly get started with projects, irrespective of what devices or browsers your company may have.

This is one of PHP’s major advantages, as it’s usable on UNIX, Windows, Linux, Mac OS and supports major web servers and most browsers. All you need is your developer who can swiftly deploy PHP on various platforms or systems at minimal costs. Again, more money was saved!

Access to various solutions from PHP communities

While PHP developers have enough expertise to overcome major obstacles, there can always be an issue that’s a tough nut to crack. This is where a PHP programmer has a cheat code, as they get advanced support from numerous online communities comprising experienced PHP developers. PHP communities are some of the most active ones today, where developers across the globe constantly share ideas and feedback to help their fellow professionals. As a result, your PHP developer will have a sea of solutions at their disposal, for any sort of query, training, code snippet, or module.

When you hire PHP developers, distance is no bar

Contrary to popular belief, developers don’t need to work at an office; they simply need their device and can collaborate with you, no matter where you are. This is possible due to today’s technology which allows PHP developers to work from anywhere. Plus, it also eliminates the inability to hire dedicated PHP programmers due to location constraints. You can even access projects along with them, monitor their progress, listen to their ideas, and discuss plans, all from any part of the world.

Still, if you’re worried that hiring remote developers can mean compromising your project quality, check out Its vast pool of remote PHP developers offers the top 1% of talent that provides the highest quality of work and is cost-effective. Check to know how you can hire a PHP developer from anywhere in the world in no time!

Covering a wide spectrum of your development needs

A PHP developer’s extensive knowledge allows them to work on almost every development need you may have. They can create highly functional, custom solutions compatible with almost any platform, OS, or device for starters. This is extremely important when it comes to building an excellent website that aids business success.

Additionally, when you hire a PHP developer, you can sit back and watch your project development become seamless. These professionals can create content management systems, frameworks, databases, web template systems and even access third-party solutions, available sources, and references to expedite development. By and large, PHP programmers can do almost everything you may need, from building complex large-scale apps to HTML pages for accessing servers.

Hire PHP experts for their adaptability

Skilled PHP programmers are imperative to convert a company’s concept to reality. However, while acquiring their skills and expertise, these developers also develop a certain degree of adaptability. Their reasoning capabilities enable them to quickly adapt to changes, implement extra features, or even manage sudden changes within a development environment. Plus, their understanding of a project’s technical specifications, target markets, and end-user needs allow PHP engineers to build products that follow your client’s requirements to the T. Simply put, when you hire a PHP developer, you can use their adaptability for better outcomes.

Maintaining top-notch development quality

Lastly, a major advantage of hiring a PHP developer is ensuring a high quality of development. Given how software development involves various cross-functional teams, the PHP code needs to be spot-on. In case its weak, cross-functional execution is automatically flawed, and the entire development cycle will fail.

Dedicated PHP programmers can help avoid such catastrophes. They ensure timely code delivery, a decreased time-to-market, and iron out various bugs so that there are very few to deal with. The result? A proper PHP code allows cross-functional executions to be efficient and punctual and makes the end product feasible.

To sum it up

When you hire a PHP developer, you are bound to get better ROIs, especially when they utilize PHP to its full potential. While there’s no dearth of PHP developers today, hiring skilled ones can be challenging due to the current Covid scenario. Most candidates are opting out of in-person interviews and are increasingly moving towards remote working options. However, with, you can capitalize on this and hire a PHP developer without any hassle.

Being a deep jobs platform, Turing offers an AI-enabled Talent Cloud to help companies like you, match with elite remote developers. They’re pre-vetted, Silicon-Valley caliber developers, fluent in PHP frameworks, and are extremely cost-effective. All you have to do is follow four easy steps to recruit from the top 1% of Turing’s one million+ developers from over 150 countries.


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You should hire a PHP developer as it is used by over 75% of websites today. This general-purpose scripting language primarily used to develop dynamic websites is highly preferred for its easy learning curve, flexibility, and immense versatility. PHP also offers excellent security and speed.

You should look for knowledge about more than a single PHP framework, like CakePHP, Laravel, Codelgniter, etc. Apart from these technical skills, you should also ensure that developer has the willingness to learn & expand knowledge and expertise in other programming languages.

Cost reduction is one of the most obvious and huge advantages of outsourcing PHP development.

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