Tips to Hire Budget-Friendly WooCommerce Developers for Your Online Business

tricks to hire WooCommerce developers at minimum budget

When planning to convert your WordPress website into a WooCommerce shop, the first item on your to-do list should be 'Hire WooCommerce developers.'

WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress plugin today, powers 26% of all eCommerce websites in the world. The plugin provides a multitude of user-friendly extensions and critical capabilities to eCommerce enterprises such as Payment Gateway Integration, Inventory Management, Tracking, Marketing, and Reporting. WooCommerce allows you to design user-friendly and intuitive WooCommerce websites, and this highlights the importance of a skilled WooCommerce developer. However, hiring should not put a dent in your wallet.

Cost of hiring WooCommerce developers

You have two primary alternatives based on the complexity of your project and your budget: hire in-house or hire a WooCommerce Developer from an agency.

In the United States, the cost of employing an in-house WooCommerce developer ranges from $61,000 to $89,000. Furthermore, if you hire a front-end developer, this range can rise to $109K. In contrast, the typical hourly cost of WooCommerce developer for hire offshore ranges from $41 to $80. When you engage a remote developer from India, which is regarded as the top outsourcing site for web development, you may further reduce the hourly pricing by at least 25-40%.

Let us try to balance the situation and look at some of the major expense considerations you may avoid when employing an offshore developer. So, when you hire a WooCommerce developer in-house, the additional costs are as follows:

  • The cost of office space
  • Bonuses and incentives for the year
  • Overhead expenses, such as paid and sick leave, as well as insurance costs
  • High expense of in-house recruiting
  • The cost of absence or "loss of production"

However, if you hire an offshore developer, you may avoid these costs by just paying for productive hours. And, if you hire a WooCommerce developer from an agency, you are already removing the risks associated with employing a freelancer.

We now have our figures and a clearer notion of how much money we will need for our WooCommerce project. But now we must consider the abilities that we may anticipate from the ideal individual. So, let us shed some light on another critical element.

What to expect when you hire a WooCommerce developer?

When you hire a WooCommerce expert, you will accept a baseline skill set, which includes-

  • Excellent understanding of HTML5/XHTML, XML, AJAX, JavaScript/jQuery, and CSS3.
  • Conversion of a WordPress website into a WooCommerce store
  • Strong expertise with WordPress theme development and bespoke WooCommerce theme development
  • Excellent understanding of WordPress core development
  • Front-end development experience
  • familiarity with the most popular and commonly used WordPress plugins
  • Knowledge of the Git versioning tool, PHP, and MySQL

Aside from the aforementioned qualifications, some best practices can assist you in scrutinizing the ideal candidate for your projects when you hire a WooCommerce developer for your organization.

Best Practices to follow when you hire a WooCommerce Developer

1. High-performance E-commerce stores

A skilled WooCommerce developer would be able to reduce the utilization of third-party plugins while prioritising PHP. This technique will assist the site in reducing its reliance on third-party technologies, which will in turn boost the website's load speed. According to a poll, 47% of shoppers anticipate an eCommerce website to load in less than 2 seconds. According to the same survey, 40% of users will quit a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The usage of fewer third-party plugins minimizes the likelihood of harmful cyber-attacks by reducing the number of windows vulnerable to data leakage.

2. E-commerce tracking is a must

You may have a visually appealing and dynamic eCommerce website, but you must track its performance and improve it for company success. For instance, to connect WooCommerce to Google Tag Manager, a WooCommerce developer should be conversant with data-layer connection strategies. Hiring such developers will assist you as the owner of an eCommerce business in optimizing your website and strategizing for business growth.

3. Custom design

Most businesses do not choose pre-built WooCommerce themes and instead prefer to create custom WordPress themes for their WooCommerce stores. Based on the project requirements, the WooCommerce developer for hire should have prior expertise with custom theme creation. A custom theme should not only have an eye-catching design, but it should also be able to provide visitors with a user-friendly and engaging purchasing experience.

4. Intuitive backend

Will you assist us maintain our eCommerce shop post-development?' is one of the most popular interview questions firms ask an eCommerce developer. And the most usual response is, 'Sure, but at an additional support fee.' Instead, a more practical and wise strategy would be to request that the developer provide an intuitive and guided backend for your eCommerce business. This approach will enable the administrator to administer the WooCommerce store without the assistance of a developer. For example, if the administrator desires to modify the product photos, a guided backend will teach the optimal size and resolution of the photographs.

5. WooCommerce stores that are SEO-friendly

Do you realize that the first SEO concerns begin early, during the development phase? When you hire a WooCommerce developer, he should incorporate some early SEO strategies to give your site a boost in the search engines. These SEO tactics include image optimization, adding header tags, meta tags, alt tags for pictures, and so forth. Some skilled WooCommerce developers may additionally place Noindex directives on pages such as Cart, Checkout, Order Invoice, and so on. Furthermore, the WooCommerce developers for hire should be well-versed in site performance optimization techniques.

What is the best way to hire a WooCommerce developer?

You have two alternatives when it comes to hiring a WooCommerce developer: employ in-house or hire a remote WooCommerce developer from an agency. Hiring an in-house WooCommerce developer may burn a hole in your purse due to the exorbitant fees. When you engage a front-end developer, the fees are significantly greater.

On the other side, you may engage a remote WooCommerce developer, which is less expensive than hiring an in-house developer and provides high-quality work. However, if you hire a WooCommerce expert from an agency, you may save money by just paying for productive hours. You will also remove the possible hazards of hiring a freelancer. We've compiled a list of questions you should ask your WooCommerce development business.

Before you hire a WooCommerce developer, consider the following questions:

  • How long has a developer been in this industry?
  • How many WooCommerce shops has the developer created?
  • Inquire about the work portfolio.
  • Inquire about the process of selecting WooCommerce themes for your WordPress website.
  • Is it okay if the developer creates your themes?
  • Is it the developer's policy to disclose all administrator logins?
  • Is the developer creating SEO-friendly and user-friendly websites?
  • What are the developer's payment terms?

The questions listed above are the most important to ask before you hire a WooCommerce developer.

A developer that is dependable and routinely backs up data, as well as providing restoration tools and straightforward migration at a low cost, is ideal. You should inquire with your WooCommerce developer for hire about his plan for recovering the data and how much time this will take.

The greatest option for you will be the developer who delivers appropriate answers to these queries.

When should you hire WooCommerce developers?

Do you wish to create a working website from the ground up but lack the necessary in-house expertise? Then you should look to hire WooCommerce developers.

The reality is that if you want to construct your site from the bottom up, you must be well-versed in various programming technologies; otherwise, the consequences may be the polar opposite of what you expected. Fortunately, there are several WooCommerce developers available for hire that can handle your website from start to finish, saving you from all the extra effort and headaches.

When you already have a notion of the brand, the overall concept of the site, a list of duties that it should do, and clearly stated objectives, it is better to seek aid from a knowledgeable professional. Even if you already have a functional website but want to add new functions, revamp, or wrap up a code, or migrate it to a different platform, these are the first indications that you want the services of a WooCommerce developer. It is foolish to rely solely on your own strength when you have access to a professional. In the end, behaving rashly might harm your project and send you back to the drawing board.

How do you create a job posting when you hire a WooCommerce developer?

Your job posting is your opportunity to outline the scope of your project, budget, and talent requirements. Although you don't need a detailed job description like you would when hiring an employee, present enough detail for a contractor to determine whether they're the perfect match for the project.

Job post title

Make a brief title that summarizes what you're searching for. The aim is to target terms that your ideal applicant is likely to enter into a job search box in order to locate your project. Here are some examples of WooCommerce developer job descriptions:

  • A WooCommerce developer is required to address coding bugs and improve the gift card feature.
  • WooCommerce developer required for continuing maintenance via Learn Dash
  • Seeking WooCommerce developer for a brand-new online business.

Project description

An excellent WooCommerce developer job posting should include the following information:

  • Work scope: List all of the deliverables you'll require, from expanding functionality to long-term site administration.
  • Project duration: Your job description should specify if this is a small or major project.
  • Background: Mention if you prefer experience with specific sectors, software, or graphic design methods.
  • Budget: Set a budget and make a note of whether you want hourly rates or fixed-price contracts.

WooCommerce developer job responsibilities

Here are a few examples of WooCommerce developer job duties:

  • Create comprehensive and user-friendly e-commerce capabilities for websites.
  • Control WooCommerce's tools and services.
  • Recognize and rectify code and design flaws.
  • Train team members for long-term online shop maintenance and administration.

WooCommerce developer job requirements and qualifications

Include any specifications and credentials you're searching for in a WooCommerce developer. Following are some examples: Extensive knowledge of WordPress and the WooCommerce plug-in.

  • HTML5/XHTML, XML, JavaScript/jQuery, and/or CSS3 knowledge are required.
  • Professional and responsive web design experience.
  • Knowledge of e-commerce business consultancy.

Benefits of Hiring WooCommerce developers for your business

Whether you want to start a business online or create websites for your eStores, WooCommerce developers have always proven to be the top eCommerce developers. Following are some of the major benefits you experience when you hire WooCommerce developers –

  • Easy Setup: WooCommerce developers enable the plugin, which may be readily installed to your WordPress site if you use it. It only takes a few minutes, and your homepage design, site structure, menus, payment, and shipping choices are all connected.
  • Secure and Flexible Payments: WooCommerce developers provide 140 region-specific gateways to integrate with, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay. It has the capacity to take major debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers (BACS).
  • Efficient order management: WooCommerce developers give shop managers a straightforward and familiar interface for updating goods on their dashboard. Managers may save time by using real shipping prices, automatic tax computations, and Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • Sell anything you want to: Sellers may sell anything using WooCommerce developers since this platform allows you to pick from a vast range of unlimited product variations, single goods, subscription options, bundles, and many more.
  • Store enhancement: The official WooCommerce plugin includes hundreds of free and paid extensions that will enhance your online store's features and functionality. Whether it's shop improvement, marketing integrations, or POS, the WooCommerce developers you employ will be able to expand the functionality as your budget and needs increase.
  • Content and commerce: WooCommerce developers make it possible for shop owners to pick and display items in a modular manner. It gives them the choice of displaying bestsellers, new goods, top-rated products, and hand-picked products on the dashboard.

Final Words

The success of sites like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress demonstrates that enterprises that have gone digital are the future. Creating a successful eCommerce platform, on the other hand, is not as straightforward as it looks. Any website requires conscious attention not just during the building process, but also after it is released.

Why should you hire WooCommerce developers? In our experience, it is nearly impossible to develop a smoothly operating eCommerce platform if you do not have the suitable person within your in-house staff, and re-training an employee is far more difficult than it appears.

Hire WooCommerce developers with Turing

Turing assists businesses in hiring skilled remote WooCommerce developers that have been pre-vetted for a Silicon Valley bar for half the cost. We hire the best remote WooCommerce developers after testing their knowledge of WooCommerce and WordPress development, front-end technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, programming, developing coding websites and mobile apps, creating custom WooCommerce themes, creating a multilingual site on WordPress, integrating third-party services such as payment gateways, live chat, Google APIs, setting up a new theme, and so on.

With Turing, businesses can now assemble a team of the top remote WooCommerce developers in only a few days.


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WooCommerce is open-source making it completely free for anyone to download, use and modify.

WooCommerce is an incredible choice for eCommerce businesses, The platform offers the best SEO features for businesses. Since it is open-source, WooCommerce even offers developers the limitless ability to customize. WooCommerce even enjoys massive support of the entire open-source community.

The cost of hiring a WooCommerce developer largely depends on factors such as sourcing and recruitment advertising costs, onboarding, and referral bonus program costs among other things. We have put a detailed cost at the beginning of the article, head there for better clarification.

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