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Frequently Asked Questions

Software development is a broad term that covers different types of software applications including enterprise applications, web-based applications, and mobile apps among others. If you have a software development project then hiring a software developer will provide you with comprehensive solutions to your custom requirements.

While the roles of a software developer and software engineer are tightly related and some of the skills overlap in both profiles, there are some distinct differences in their roles. The software developer is a professional that takes care of the coding and works on the barebone structure of the software application. The software engineer, on the other hand, implements the engineering principles for the conceptualization and design of the custom software. The engineer works on a broader scale to ensure the development of highly productive applications within a reasonable timeframe.

The software industry, also known as the IT industry, is one of the fastest growing verticals in the world. With the prominence of digital solutions on the rise, the software industry is expected to grow at a faster rate than most other industries. Thus the software developers are in huge demand and several companies compete to hire the best software developers.

The compensation package for software developers varies vastly based on a number of different factors including the scale and complexity of the software projects, the company size, geographic location, and experience of the developer. However, on average a software developer makes around $110,140 on a yearly basis according to Here it is worth noting that this number might vary depending on numerous parameters.

The software developer performs a wide range of tasks related to software development. Some of the primary responsibilities include planning, analyzing, and designing the software structure, developing the software, testing for bugs, implementing the software, and then providing regular maintenance. This process is known as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the software developer is responsible for overseeing all its different phases.

There are two ways of hiring software developers. Either you can hire the software developers through conventional processes yourself or you can use the services of a deep jobs platform such as Turing for hiring Silicon Valley caliber developers of your choice. Hiring the services of deep jobs platforms makes the hiring process incredibly easier and smooth.

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