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Should You Hire a Remote Developer Team for Your Startup?

Should you hire a remote developer team for your startup?

The remote work culture has penetrated enterprises of all sizes and dimensions including startups. Numerous startups are now offering remote jobs and have embraced remote developer teams for powering their business operations. While hiring a remote developer team has numerous benefits, it also comes with its challenges. It is important for companies, especially startups, to make the right choices and implement productive strategies at different levels of their hierarchy if they want to succeed in the global marketplace. In this blog, we have discussed some of the benefits and challenges associated with hiring a remote developer team for your startup that will help you make the right decision.

One of the important decisions that startup management has to make is the type of developer team they want for handling the company functions and projects. However, before proceeding with remote jobs hiring for your developer team, managers need to analyze the pros and cons related to, assembling a remote developer team. Some of the factors that should be considered in this analysis include the type of products or services that your startup provides, the skills that you need for powering those applications, future scaling requirements, budget, and compatibility with your workflow. This will help you in determining the type of developer team that your startup needs.

The challenges of working with a remote developer team

There are several challenges associated with remote jobs and hiring as well as managing a remote developer team. We will provide a brief rundown on some of these challenges and solutions for tackling the challenges. Let us have a look.

Communication gap:

Effective communication is central to an efficient developer team that can deliver high levels of productivity in a startup. It is easier to communicate the company protocols, requirements, and objectives in person than it is in a remote setting. This is why it is crucial to integrate effective communication channels for establishing the required standards and deploying transparency in all aspects of the company’s operations. Scheduling regular online meetings for tracking the progress and solving problems is one of the effective ways of implementing a good communication policy.

Time zone management:

Implementing streamlined processes through effective time zone management of different employees is one of the biggest challenges of a remote developer team. You need your developer team to collaborate and communicate with cross-functional teams for maximum efficiency as well as productivity. Since the remote team is located across the globe, the working hours of different developers will vary based on where they live.

One of the ways you can streamline the company’s workflow processes is through time management tools. There are several applications and time management tools that provide a host of regulation and monitoring features for increased productivity. Some of the highly efficient time management tools available for download include Harvest, Clockwise, and Team TimeZone amongst others. You can compare the features and subscription charges of the different for selecting the most compatible application based on your requirements.

Technological issues:

The developers that work remotely rely on their local internet service providers for connectivity and utilize their own devices or computers for development work. Not everyone has access to the best resources and there are often times when these remote developers might suffer from device malfunctions or disruption to internet connectivity. This can potentially impact the productivity of a startup’s operations and can be a hindrance if it happens regularly. One of the ways of mitigating these issues is by providing your own gadgets or computer systems that are optimized based on the functional requirements of the business.

The benefits of working with a remote developer team

Now that we have discussed some of the challenges associated with remote developers, let us now have a look at some of the benefits of hiring a remote developer team.

Access to global talent:

This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a remote developer team for your startup. Hiring a remote developer team goes beyond geographical boundaries and opens up the doors to the global pool of talent. You can handpick the best developers from around the globe with incredible ease. The diversity of talent available in a remote setting augurs well for the innovation and growth of a startup. When you are running a startup, you need ambitious and driven individuals who are willing to push the envelope and test the boundaries of possibilities. This can be made possible by hiring the most coveted and top-rated developers from around the world.

Better productivity:

The startups can get benefit from better productivity when they hire a remote developer team. The research and studies have conclusively established that companies hiring remote workers show an increase in productivity levels. This elevation in productivity levels can be attributed to numerous factors including flexibility of working hours, better work-life balance, and other reasons. A higher level of productivity means better output every quarter and for a startup, this is incredibly important. A well-established company has the resources and buffers to withstand temporary losses or a dip in productivity however startups generally don’t have this luxury. This is why hiring remote developers can be a good option for startups.

Decrease in expenses:

A startup constantly needs funds and financial investment for scaling the business plus expanding the scope of operations. One of the ways in which startups can have better financial sustenance is by reducing expenses on operational overhead costs. When startups hire a remote development team, they don’t have to spend on real estate or computer systems. Internet connection, and other amenities. This reduces the expenditure and can be a tipping metric for better financial sustenance in the initial months and years.

Which bay area startups hire remote developers?

There are a host of startups that have cropped up in the bay area and many of these enterprises are offering the best remote jobs to remote developers for their business operations. One of the big reasons behind the increased prominence of remote developers for startups in the bay area is the pandemic. Beyond that, these startups have started to realize the benefits of hiring remote developers and thus are increasingly allowing the employees to work remotely from home. Some of the bay area startups that hire remote developers include AngelList, ManyChat, Onfleet, Token, Upgrow, Rally health, and Insight Engines amongst a host of others.

Wrapping up

If you have a startup then hiring remote developers can provide an effective mechanism for scaling the business requirements and deploying a highly sustainable model. There are numerous benefits of hiring a remote developer team that can be harnessed by startups for expanding their business and growing their operations in their respective domains. The startups can collaborate with job matching platforms for hiring the most efficient and highly rated developers from around the world.

Turing provides easy access to the best remote developer team

Turing is an industry-leading deep jobs platform with some of the most effective tools and applications for helping startups as well as established companies find the top remote developers around the world. The impeccable matching system backed by artificial intelligence and the Intelligent talent cloud system helps in sourcing the most highly rated remote developers for the companies. If you want to hire the top remote developers from around the world then you can sign up at Turing now.



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