7 Key Factors to Keep In Mind While Hiring Magento Developers

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  • 7 Key Factors to Keep In Mind While Hiring Magento Developers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Primarily you need to identify your requirements and demands for your business. Once you have a clear understanding, the next step is to look for the developers through recommendations, Magento developers’ community, or remote/offshore hiring.

According to W3Techs, in 2022, Magento's market share is 0.9% of all known websites, which makes it the ninth most popular CMS in the world. Magento has a long legacy as an open-source eCommerce CMS, and despite challenges from leading CMS platforms, Magento has a strong industry capture.

You will find different online portals, and websites including Turing, where the world's best and fully certified Magento developers are enlisted. You can go boundaryless and hire the top talents from anywhere in the world.

Magento uses PHP as the core language and also uses XML for defining and storing configurations.

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