How to Hire Chatbot Developers Efficiently?

How to hire chatbot developers efficiently?

Artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning are the latest technologies driving the new wave of products and applications in the modern era. Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, has a wide range of applications in various domains across industries and numerous tools are being powered by AI today. One of the prominent use cases of AI and machine learning is chatbot applications.

An increasing number of enterprises and organizations are gradually integrating automation into their daily processes and thus the chatbot is one of the popular applications that is widely deployed by various companies. In this blog, we will provide you with the essential information needed for hiring top-quality chatbot developers, the skills needed, and the roles or responsibilities of a chatbot developer.

How to hire chatbot developers for your custom requirements?

A chatbot is essentially a bot that makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for answering user questions and executing simple tasks on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other websites or apps. The chatbot not only reduces human effort but also provides a cost-efficient solution to companies who need to interact with customers on a regular basis. A lot of companies and even startups these days are using chatbots for powering customer communication which helps in improving efficiency.

If you want to integrate chatbot applications for your social media and other platforms then you will need to hire chatbot designers with an excellent grasp of the domain. Since this is still a niche territory, there are a limited number of top-quality chatbot developers for hire. This is why it is important to have an effective hiring funnel in place for helping you identify and hire the best chatbot developers that are compatible with your business needs.

Skills to look for when hiring a chatbot developer

A proficient chatbot developer should be technically proficient in most of these skills and frameworks which are vital in the development of a highly scalable and efficient chatbot application.

Good understanding of different programming languages:

The chatbot developers should have an excellent grasp of various programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Clojure, and C# amongst others. The versatility of the chatbot developer can help in writing software applications for various needs and it is good to have a developer with excellent command over various languages for helping you scale up as and when the situation arises.

Proficiency in chatbot development frameworks:

The chatbot developer should be excellent in various development frameworks and platforms related to chatbot development such as, Dialogflow, Microsoft Azure Bot Framework, IBM Watson, and ChatterBot amongst others. It is important for you to look for a chatbot developer who is versatile with various frameworks and platforms so it would be easy for you to scale up your application in the future without any issues.

Expertise in cutting-edge technologies:

The chatbot developer should have a good knowledge and expertise in various high-end latest technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. This is one of the vital requirements for a good chatbot developer and having a tremendous grasp of these technologies can propel the chatbot app development framework and similar applications to the next level.

The responsibilities of chatbot developers

It is important for hiring managers or recruiters to understand the role and duties of the chatbot developers that they want to hire. How the role aligns with the business needs can help you identify the right chatbot developers that can power your business to newer heights.

  • The chatbot developers are responsible for developing customized chatbots based on business requirements, with the capability of conducting real-time interactions through the chat interface. The chatbot applications are trained to understand complex dialogues through NLP - natural language processing, for analyzing the precise context of the conversation.

  • The chatbot developers are responsible for developing a full-fledged chatbot application and using data structures for adding functionalities to the chatbot application as and when needed.

  • The developers are also expected to create flexible chatbot applications, that can communicate efficiently on numerous channels and platforms including social media sites and other applications. The chatbot developers are also expected to develop chatbots that can store important data and then use that data for meaningful actions.

  • The chatbot developers are expected to perform continuous optimizations for improving and enhancing the capabilities of the chatbot based on the evolving business requirements.

  • The chatbot developers are also expected to troubleshoot the issues related to chatbot applications and debug the errors that might pop up from time to time.

  • The chatbot developers must monitor the performance of the chatbot application, suggest changes, and define strategies that are necessary for the overall enhancement of the application.

The hiring process for the best chatbot developers

One of the crucial aspects of hiring the best chatbot developers is to craft effective job descriptions with lucid explanations and job requirements. The job description should encompass the company requirements in a brief snippet and underline the expectations from the prospective candidates. It should also enlist benefits and perks of working with your company for attracting the best candidates. Once you receive applications, the recruiter should screen those applications for filtering the candidates best suited to the job based on their skills and experience.

The next stage is the interview process where you need to ask them technical questions associated with the development of chatbot applications. This might include questions on technologies and frameworks that are essential for creating an effective chatbot for varying requirements. Beyond technical questions, you must also assess candidates on their soft skills as the chatbot developers are expected to collaborate with different team members and cross-functional teams. Some of the soft skills that you must look for in a potential candidate include communication skills, time management, collaboration capabilities, and leadership.

Once you have identified the right chatbot developers which are best suited for the role you can proceed with the offer letter and then eventually the onboarding process. Hiring the best chatbot developers is an exhausting process that involves several stages of sourcing, vetting, matching, and managing the developers in a well-defined structure. Even then the hiring managers and recruiters might not necessarily get the best chatbot developers out there since several companies are competing for accessing the best talent in the industry. This is why collaborating with a deep jobs platform such as Turing can go a long way in helping you hire the best chatbot developers remotely in an efficient manner.

What does Turing offer to the companies?

Turing is one of the most prominent job sourcing platforms with the exclusive Intelligent Talent Cloud powered by AI for sourcing, vetting, matching, and managing the best remote developers for the customers. Turing’s global sourcing network gives companies access to the most high-profile and top remote developers through a simple process. If you want to take advantage of the technological expertise delivered by Turing for hiring the best remote chatbot developers then you can sign up now!

Wrapping up

Chatbot developers are in extremely high demand owing to the prominence of chatbot applications thanks to AI and automation technologies. AI-powered applications are expected to be the future of enterprise solutions and thus companies need to hire the most efficient and talented chatbot developers for their requirements. With Turing, you can hire the most talented and top 1% of the remote chatbot developers at the most affordable rates with the click of a button.


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Without a doubt, chatbots play an essential part in the business sector by improving user experience, increasing traffic, and increasing total ROI.

  • Using the General LUIS model to utilize common utterances
  • Updating the LUIS model
  • Testing the LUIS model
  • Take leverage of multimodal clients

In general, the chatbot creation process takes 2-8 weeks and costs between $20,000 and $80,000. (Source -

A chatbot expert is someone who focuses on creating apps that automate communication and customer care. Chatbot specialists develop software applications that converse with humans (clients) via text or speech using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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