Simplified Guide to Hire a Xamarin Developer

Simplified guide to hire a Xamarin developer

Xamarin is not a new technology in the software development ecosystem. From delivering unique multiplatform anchors and clean UI to prioritizing code reusability and suitable prototyping, this cross-platform development framework has come a long way. Presently, thousands of companies from various sectors across the globe are utilizing this framework to diversify their user base. But how does this work? The magic happens when you hire dedicated Xamarin developers.

You can hire Xamarin developers to scale your app development process. You only have to take note of some critical factors to be considered to make the most out of it. This piece will provide detailed insights into the process to hire the best Xamarin developer, the skills and technical expertise to look out for during the process, and so much more.

What does a Xamarin developer do?

Xamarin developers program in C# and assemble it into specialized native app packages like .ipa for iOS and .apk for Android. They focus on building cross-platform applications through Visual Studio. The main focus is to design, develop, test, and maintain applications using Xamarin for several platforms and improve the appearance, feel, and execution. When you hire Xamarin app developers, they are completely involved in creating UIs and writing code for different platforms and OS.

Here’re some basic roles and responsibilities performed when you hire a Xamarin app developer.

  • Deliver highly scalable, fully functional apps built with quality standards
  • Analyze, design, execute, and integrate practical requirements in the new/existing apps
  • Develop apps for multiple mobile platforms
  • Design and execute high performant, scalable APIs
  • Produce clear specifications and write clear, succinct, and readable code
  • Work closely with designers, business analysts, and other team members to manage app behavior and satisfy all the necessary objectives
  • Carry out manual and automated tests across the mobile app development process to evaluate the general performance in real, controlled situations
  • Provide project progress through detailed reports and analytics with complete transparency
  • Work with guaranteed security measures to protect business-critical data and information
  • Point out potential risks, errors, and app vulnerabilities before publishing on respective platforms
  • Recommend and execute best practices to troubleshoot and fix issues
  • Debug and upgrade live apps and offer exhaustive support to enhance the performance

Why hire Xamarin developers for your project?

The roles and responsibilities clearly define what a Xamarin developer can bring to the table. If you’re still uncertain about choosing them for your project then you will be limiting your software development capabilities. With Xamarin cross-platform app development, you can handle the requirements of a broader user base.

However, this is only possible when you hire dedicated Xamarin developers who are equally talented to develop apps for multiple OS. Let’s analyze some of the benefits offered by the developers that can help your project thrive.

1. Build Native UIs

Xamarin developers can help you create native UIs via the UI designer. They provide entire assistance to use the iOS designer or UIKit APIs for iOS platforms and Android Views for Android to design high-quality interfaces.

2. Build custom mobile apps

When you hire Xamarine developers, you have the privilege to exploit Xamarin.Forms to their full potential and ensure rapid prototyping. This contributes effectively to building apps with much less platform-specific functionality and simplifies custom mobile application development.

3. Reduce overhead costs

Xamarin app development has a great commitment to using reusable code and specific technological stacks. So, you need to hire the best Xamarin developers. It would take away the additional cost of bringing other specialists on board and reduce infrastructure costs as well.

4. Receive hands-on maintenance

It becomes relatively simple to maintain apps when you hire dedicated Xamarin developers. Especially when you want to tackle specific issues or upgrade apps, these developers help you get the work done through your source code, and every change is automatically reflected in the other solutions.

5. Achieve Native performance

By carefully selecting and hiring Xamarin app developers, you can get a native-like design and performance for every app. It is possible to use Xamarin’s in-built C# compiler to manipulate the native toolkits and APIs of different operating systems.

6. Practice comprehensive testing

You can hire Xamarin developers and carefully follow the cloud-based automatic tests for real mobile devices. You can track and monitor the app’s background performance and UI through the Xamarin Test Recorder and Xamarin Test Cloud.

Top skills to check for when you hire Xamarin developers

You can utilize the entire features and benefits of Xamarin when you hire dedicated Xamarin developers or a development team. To ease the process, here is a list of key skills to onboard potential developers that are well-suited to your project requirements.

  • Technical expertise

Xamarin application development has a core focus on technical knowledge and its right use. It becomes necessary to choose and hire Xamarine developers who are well aware and conversant with the technologies. The selected candidate should be proficient in HTML5, Web Services, JSON, HTTPClient, XML, and Android SDK.

  • Code reusability

Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac, and Xamarin.Android are the key platforms used by developers to build mobile apps. However, for more efficient use, they ought to have great skills in reusing code. When you hire Xamarin developers, they ought to have prolific knowledge on the right method to employ with sets of code on multiple platforms.

  • C# and ASP.NET

A key responsibility to consider when you hire Xamarin developers is a good understanding of C#. Analyze their understanding of data binding, state management, and UI controls. Ensure a solid background in .NET-specific tools like NuGet and techniques like lambda expressions, C# classes, Async/Await, etc. All of these skills can act as a key filter to hiring the best Xamarin developer.

  • Software design architecture

A software design pattern is vital for cross-platform development as it breaks programs and showcases code into modules to make writing, reusing, and updating code faster and better. Make sure that when you hire Xamarin developers they have a solid understanding of software architectures and design patterns like MVVM, DI, and IoC.

  • App testing environment

You need to hire Xamarin developers who are familiar with how Xamarin Profiler and Insight works in delivering quality apps. The candidate should be skilled enough to ensure and maintain faster app testing with Xamarin Test Cloud, View Renderer, UI Test Profile, etc.

  • Third-party platforms, libraries, and APIs

A crucial point to note when you hire Xamarin developers is the ability to work with declarative syntax while utilizing third-party libraries and APIs like Objective-C, Java, Swift, C/C++, etc. Your shortlisted candidate should have good knowledge of external platforms like Google Plus, Flurry, Facebook, Crashlytics, Pinterest, Dropbox, and several others.

  • IDEs and build tools

Ensure that your selected developer can build performant apps from source code. A track record of using IDEs like Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, Xcode, and Android Studio can come in handy. Some competence in core build tools such as SQLite, Composer, Jenkins, Git, SVN, JIRA, NPM, and Postman is also a good expertise.

  • Diverse experience

You need to opt-in and hire Xamarin developers capable of delivering end-to-end Xamarin consulting services in an organization. These services should include OAuth authorization, social integration, background processing, memory management, encryption-decryption, multi-device sync, and many more.

In addition to the technical competency, it is also necessary to focus on hiring an individual or team with excellent interpersonal skills like critical thinking, teamwork, change management, effective communication, adaptation abilities, and openness to constructive feedback.

Easy steps to hire Xamarin developers

Setting up a core development team for Xamarin application development might seem like a complicated task to accomplish but not to worry, this step-by-step guide will help you hire the best Xamarin developer in a hassle-free way.

1. Define key business requirements

The key step to take to hire Xamarin developers is properly defining your business requirements. You should state clear end goals and the key priorities you want to achieve. You can either hire Xamarin developers to manage your project independently or extend your in-house capacity.

2. Choose the best hiring resource

There are various potential hiring resources available across the market to scale your hiring process. Check the referrals from your professional circle, contact candidates through freelance marketplaces, or go for a team augmentation services model. Mostly talent or outsourcing companies can be one of the surest means to explore flexible hiring and pricing.

3. Screen resumes and shortlist developers

After deciding your end goals and a hiring resource, you need to channel efforts to verify the resumes and shortlist candidates that accurately suit the project expectations. Note carefully that they offer necessary benefits, satisfy the criteria and understand the roles and responsibilities.

4. Examine work experience and project portfolio

To effectively hire Xamarin developers, check their overall industry expertise and project portfolio. Evaluate the previous work samples and analyze the knowledge of existing or ongoing projects. Check whether there are similarities or some prior experience of working on a similar project as yours. Look for user ratings, feedback on the candidate’s live projects and pick the best developer.

5. Discuss project requirements

The next step to hire Xamarin developers is to discuss your project requirements with the chosen individual or team. This discussion should be centered around a two-way interaction in person or through a virtual meeting. Give full details of your app idea with the developers and ensure they understand the methodologies like Agile, Scrum, XP, Lean, Waterfall, etc.

6. Choose a suitable employment model

You can hire Xamarin developers in a part-time or full-time engagement depending on the project roadmap and overall budget. Hire dedicated Xamarin developers on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis based on the size and expected duration of your project, thereby pick a payment model that suits the deliverables.

7. Onboarding

After completing the specified steps to hire Xamarin developers, the final puzzle piece is to offer all essential resources, infrastructure, and knowledge transfer sessions through a straightforward, secure onboarding process.

How can Turing Help?

Partnering with Turing will help you hire the best Xamarin developers and start your app development project right away. As an intelligent talent cloud and deep-jobs platform, Turing is driven by the best software developers and product engineers who focus on offering services to meet the evolving demands and market trends. From custom web/mobile development, support or maintenance, UI/UX development, migration and app updates, our experts will tend to your requirements in the best possible way.

With our industry-leading platform and technical competency, we provide the best services to hire dedicated Xamarin developers that help you generate a greater ROI. development process is backed by the best industry standards and security measures. We continuously strive to offer quality software development services with the help of our highly rated experts.

Here’re some cool features to look forward to from

  • Hands-on expertise from world-class developers in building complex Xamarin apps
  • Reliable engagement models and proven methodologies
  • Sound engineering with source code protection and end-to-end confidentiality assurance
  • Hassle-free hiring process that gives access to global talent within 3-5 days at half the cost
  • Future-ready products and services on-demand
  • Efficient support and complete assistance for triggering issues

In conclusion, selecting Xamarin for your app development will not only give you a rewarding edge but also unlock unique digital experiences. Companies globally are using the technology to enjoy faster time-to-market and reduced development costs. You can also hire Xamarin developers and launch projects that will provide maximum satisfaction for stakeholders. You only have to ensure to align with the right talent sourcing company that can assist you in developing innovative solutions and fulfilling your unique business needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Xamarin developers should know programming languages like Java, Kotlin & Swift to build applications. Moreover, they must be able to build mockups and identify different components for development.

The ideal candidate should be proficient in Xamarin and clearly understand its documentation to be able to fully utilize it. They must also be well-experienced in cross-platform development, with the ability to use Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.iOS for creating reusable UI.

Furthermore, an ideal Xamarin developer must know how to utilize libraries to create native features for all end-to-end development.

Xamarin development comes with many benefits, like: a. Enables developers to easily code with C#, offering a native UI feel to the finished app. b. Supports app code sharing with different platforms. c. Supports API Integration d. Affordable rapid mobile app development is supported.

C# is the major programming language used for Xmarin development.

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