Your One-Stop Guide to Hire Dedicated Magento Developers

Guide to hire dedicated Magento developer

Thinking of taking your business online or planning to have a new one? You need to hire a dedicated Magento developer for that. Be it taking your physical e-commerce store online or building a brand new one, we think about Magento developers. Suppose your store is up and running. It is not easy to maintain the store on its own, you need a Magento developer. But is it that easy to hire one? The answer is no. If you have a decent understanding of the hiring process, it becomes a little easier. Hiring is an art, you need to have the knowledge to become an artist. We have drafted a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide that will help you understand what to look for in a Magento developer? What mistakes to avoid? Go on, read it and understand how to hire an ideal Magento developer.

Magento is an open-source platform used by developers to create fabulous applications. Developers use this platform to build e-commerce applications for clients or companies. A Magneto developer is not only responsible for the development of the application but also looks after the maintenance afterward. Therefore, the demand for hiring a Magento eCommerce developer is ever increasing. When the supply is more and demand is less, it creates a gap. Thus the gap generated needs to be filled with the best Magneto developer available in the market.

Finding the right Magento developers can be a daunting task. It is a one-platform that covers all your e-commerce needs. Thus, multiple factors come into play when looking for a Magento web developer. But how do you do that? Well, here is a comprehensive guide that covers every single detail you need to know about hiring one.

Why are Magento developers in demand?

Now we know why we need a Magento developer. Let’s go through some stats to understand the rise in the supply side.

  • As mentioned in, Magento tops the list (#1) with 42 merchants in the internet retailer list.
  • Magento layout is currently used by 400,000 business owners.
  • It is used by giants like Adidas, Walmart, and many more.
  • 7th Most popular in the CMS category.
  • More than 2,50,000 companies are using Magento for their business (live dynamic websites) right now.

That’s the reason why many big companies like Nike, Samsung, Lenovo are enjoying the perks of Magento. Hence, there's always a need for Magento developers by giants and medium-sized companies. If you’re into the same e-commerce sector, you must consider hiring one for your business. After you’ve made up your mind about hiring a Magento certified developer. You need to know to have an understanding of certain things. We have assembled this guide, so you won't need to go anywhere else for your knowledge.

Step by step guide to hiring Magento developers

Essential Skills of a dedicated Magento developer:

Skills are a very important part of a developer. So every company must make sure that their developer has everything they need for the expansion of the company. Here is a list of required skills every company must keep in mind before getting a Magento developer on board:

Programming Languages:

Sufficient knowledge and understanding of programming languages is a must for a developer. It is the first and basic step required for web and application development. The developer should also have a good command of languages like Python, JavaScript, C++, Java, and some others. For Magento developers, it is necessary to acquire good command over PHP. You can make a note of that while hiring your next developer.


Always hire a Magento certified developer. A valid certification is another important thing you need to ask your developer before hiring them. The developer should have cleared Magento 2 certification that is required to deploy a Magento eCommerce store. Magento certification creates a difference between developers and helps you make an informed decision. After all, you can not hire just anyone for your company.

Magneto 2:

Trust us when we say it makes managing things a lot easier for the developer. From medium to large businesses, every business requires it to build their shopping cart solution. It boasts many different functions that give organizations an edge over others. It is used for content management, layout, and features of the eCommerce business store.

CMS Development:

Another important skill you must look out for in an expert Magento developer is CMS development. They should be able to meet all the requirements of the project. They must have good knowledge of:

  • Magento website development
  • Magento theme development
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Shopping cart development

Ecommerce integration knowledge:

It is the most in-demand skill required by most e-commerce companies. It increases revenue and profit by significant numbers. Its features target customers in a precise manner and also look after the customer service expenses. Therefore, you must look for a developer who has sound knowledge of e-commerce integration.

Knowledge of Magento theme integration:

An expert should know about developing custom CMS themes. They should be able to customize it to meet the requirements of the company. The need for custom CMS software has created a demand for Magento theme developers. Hence, you must choose someone who has a decent understanding of custom theme integration.

Knowledge of JavaScript:

JavaScript is an important programming language that is required in almost every development area. The knowledge of frameworks defines the developer’s capability to add functions as modules that you can use in your business.

Database technologies:

Understanding of database technologies is required from an expert Magento developer. It helps in storing data that helps customers in providing them the data they’ve been looking for in the e-commerce site.

Problem-solving skills:

It is a must-have skill that you must look for in any developer. A Magento developer should be able to clear any problems/ roadblocks and produce the desired results for the company. So you must have understood by now this is an important skill in a developer. In addition to sound technical knowledge, the ideal developer must also possess non-technical skills to generate desired results. You must hire the one who has a mix of both. The next step is to select the right Magento developer for your company.

Types of developers

Before continuing with the hiring process, you must be sure about what type of developer you’re looking for. Whether it’s a back-end developer you need or a full-stack developer as their expertise are different. Take a look at the below categories and select the type you want to add to your team.

Back-end developer:

This is the most technical aspect of any app development process. All the server-side logic, database management, and complex coding is done by the back-end Magento developer. Therefore, a back-end developer must possess strong technical knowledge to do all the back-end work.

Front-end developer:

They are responsible for the interface of the website. A front-end developer looks after all the interface that is visible to the users. If you’re looking for a front-end Magento developer, you must evaluate their knowledge of HTML, Magento CMS, APIs, CMS, and PHP.

Full-Stack developer:

A full-end developer is someone who can handle both responsibilities with ease. They can take up development as well as designing tasks. If you’re looking for someone who can develop the app from scratch then choose a full-stack Magento developer for your organization.

How to select the right Magento developer for your organization?

Reviews: Reviews and ratings are something that every business must consider before hiring one. It gives a brief idea about their profile and working knowledge.

References: You can also verify their credentials with their previous employers and clients. Speaking to their previous employers will give you an idea about their abilities.

Portfolio: An impressive portfolio is another important thing you should consider while hiring a Magento developer. A portfolio entails the details about the projects, skillset and experience. In short, it gives you information about their abilities and background and the work they’ve done so far.

Talk about the project: All the details must be conveyed to the developer in a clear and concise manner. This is important because you won’t get the desired result if you miss out on any important information. So explain all your project requirements in advance.

Timeline: Another crucial aspect that you must discuss with the developer is the timeline. The length of the project and on what date you should complete the deliverables. If the Magento developer agrees with the timeline, you can go ahead with their application. Otherwise, it’s better to look for another developer.

Creativity: The more creative the application, the more users will visit the website. It’s a simple rule that applies everywhere. So if you’re looking for a full-stack Magento developer, you should consider this point. To bring something extraordinary out of a normal is an art and can’t be achieved easily. Therefore, developers who can stir things up and get a beautiful website design should be your priority. An ideal candidate should keep themselves updated with the latest trends. You can also check their creativity and innovation by giving them a test project.

Test project: What better way to test the creativity of a developer than with a test. A sample test will tell you whether the developer is the right fit for the project or not. Explain the requirements to your developers and give them a coding test. It will tell you about their skill set and abilities.

Hiring: While hiring a Magento developer, you should take help from an experienced professional within your company. An experienced Magento developer can ask relevant questions to the candidate and make the decision accordingly. If you don’t have a professional around, you can get in touch with companies that can help you get the best talent for your business by taking away the unnecessary hiring pain from you.

Communication skills: Along with technical skills, non-technical skills play an equally important role. A Magento developer must have good communication skills to understand and communicate with the team.

In a nutshell…

After going through the complete guide, you must have got an idea that hiring a pro-Magento developer is not an easy task. However, if you follow the above steps, you may hire the right talent for your company. There is another way you can find the right talent for your business with the help of platforms like Turing.

Turing is a data-science-driven deep jobs platform helping companies spin up their engineering teams in the cloud at the push of a button. With Turing's Intelligent Talent Cloud, companies can hire pre-vetted, Silicon Valley-caliber remote Magento developers in 3-5 days.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Magento uses the PHP programming language and runs on the MySQL relational database.

Certified Magento developers can be hired from more than one source like career websites, job boards, and communities like Turing.

Magento developers can be hired online by following the steps below,

  1. Assessing required technical skills like the basics of Magento
  2. Checking for relevant certifications
  3. Test knowledge of JavaScript and other relevant programming languages
  4. Look out for interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
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