6 Simple Steps to Hire App Programmers

6 Simple steps to hire app programmers


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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost to hire application programmers depends entirely on the kind of solution you are choosing. As per Glassdoor, the average total pay for application programmers is $114,905, with annual average salary being $80,961.

There are multiple factors that impact the cost of application development:

  1. Features and functionalities to be added
  2. Application platforms you choose
  3. In-house/outsourced/freelance application development assistance

Here are some significant aspects you should be mindful of when hiring app programmers:

  1. Years of experience and expertise.
  2. Proficiency and specializations
  3. Successfully completed projects
  4. Achievements acquired
  5. Participations in developer meetups, hackathons, and conferences
  6. Code samples and coding tests
  7. Ability to work under pressure, with strict deadlines
  8. Communication skills
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