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Unix Developer

Experience15 years

David has an experience of 15 years in software engineering. He is focused on creating highly efficient, optimized and structured software solutions to meet the business needs.

Expert in
  • C
  • Unix
  • Problem Solving
  • C++
  • Python
Also worked with
  • Data Engineering
  • Communication
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science


Unix Developer

Experience20 years

Tarun has a proven track record of working as a Lead Cloud Platform Engineer, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) on hybrid multi-cloud technologies (AWS/Azure/GCP).

Expert in
  • Unix
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • JavaScript
  • React
Also worked with
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL


Unix Developer

Experience6 years

Vaibhav is a detail-oriented professional with 6+ years of software engineering experience in large-scale distributed systems with a focus on Java and a strong understanding of OOP & data structures.

Expert in
  • Hibernate
  • Servlets
  • Spring
  • Unix
  • Oracle
Also worked with
  • J2EE
  • MVC
  • Java
  • JDBC


Unix Developer

Experience11 years

Valeriy is an iOS developer with 11+ years of experience. He has contributed to the Swift programming language used internally by Apple to build applications.

Expert in
  • Objective-C
  • Unix
  • Git
  • Software Development
  • Swift
Also worked with
  • iOS - Swift
  • Tech Lead
  • Xcode


Unix Developer

Experience10 years

Lanteri has more than 10 years of software development experience. He has built various scalable projects with expert skills in C++, Linux, Dart, React, Kotlin, CSS3, jQuery, and other technical tools.

Expert in
  • Unix
  • C++
  • Design Patterns
  • MVC
  • HTML
Also worked with
  • Git
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Office
  • SQL

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How to hire a Unix developer? Essential skill set, interview questions, and a lot more

Unix is a powerful and widely used operating system known for its stability, security, and versatility. It provides a robust environment for developers, offering a command-line interface, a vast array of tools, and a hierarchical file system. Unix's scalability and compatibility make it ideal for managing servers, running critical applications, and handling complex tasks, making Unix developers a valuable asset for businesses seeking reliable and efficient software solutions.

The demand for Unix developers has been rising over the last few years, making roping in the right talent all the more important. If you are also looking to bring in professionals who can drive processes and workflows, this guide should assist you with recruitment.

However, hiring the right Unix developer with adequate experience and knowledge is challenging and equally time-consuming. To ease the effort, Turing offers the best remote Unix developers pre-vetted to a high standard at half the price. If you are a non-technical manager and interested in learning more about the hiring process of a Unix developer, we've put up an excellent resource for you.

Skills to look for in a Unix developer?

At a high level, Unix developers should have the following skills in their arsenal:

1. Well-versed with basic directory architecture

When hiring Unix developers in 2022, always look for professionals who can move the development process forward. The basic Unix directory architecture comprises a tree-like structure (drawn as an inverted tree), with a single directory at the top, called root, from which subdirectories branch out. Finding an expert with in-depth knowledge of basic architecture directories will help kickstart your project.

2. Strong shell scripting skills

One of the essential skills of Unix developers in 2023 is the ability to write shell scripts. It is a computer program specifically designed to run on the Unix shell, a command-line interpreter.
Some of the common shell scripting languages are sh, bash, csh, Perl, TCL, Python, etc.
Therefore, if you are looking for a Unix developer, be sure to include experts with high shell scripting skills in your candidate list.

3. Knowledge of commands

Unix developers often face complex situations during the development process. Debugging persistent problems can be a daunting task and requires a strong understanding of various commands. If you're looking to hire a Unix developer for your development team, look for an expert with a proven track record in technical management. Comprehensive command knowledge is an essential requirement for all Unix developers to ensure that you implement the correct code that meets your business requirements.

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4. Troubleshooting and debugging skills

Applications are developed by combining different approaches, technologies, and thorough testing, but applications display errors and bugs from time to time. This is common, but identifying and resolving such errors requires technical understanding and investigative skills. Review the previous professional experience of the developer to see how well it fits your needs. So, if you're looking for a Unix developer, you can find an expert with excellent troubleshooting skills.

5. Knowledge of Unix versions

Unix runs on several distributions, with SunOS, Solaris, and ULTRIX being the most popular versions. Each version has its own set of commands that works in a unique approach requiring extensive distribution knowledge. Therefore, if you are hiring a Unix developer, look for someone who has experience working with multiple Unix versions to give you the flexibility as per the project requirements.

6. Strong interpersonal skills

One of the essential requirements in today's global market is effective communication skills. All team members must work together to meet project deadlines. Communication becomes more critical as the workspace gets remote; therefore, while hiring developers, especially remote Unix developers, look for someone who can communicate confidently.

Create a hiring funnel

Creating a hiring funnel will provide you with numerous benefits, like assisting you in identifying the top skills and identifying a Unix developer who will fit into your company's culture.

What Turing does for you

Candidates screening
Candidates screening

We will help you select the best talents and hire a Unix developer who will fit in your company culturally.

Test task
Test task

We verify if the candidate really wants to work at your company and is able to spend 5+ hours to prove it by rigorous tests. It helps us to see a developer's caliber.

Technical test
Technical test

Developers are asked Unix related questions and made to solve tricky problems. We use open questions. The goal is not only to test developers’ knowledge – we also want to find out their way of thinking.

Giving specific feedback
Giving specific feedback

We provide explicit feedback on both the test task and the technical test after we have checked the developer's expertise.

What you do


You can interview the shortlisted developers to check if the candidate matches your requirements and is a good fit for your company.


Hire intelligently with developers sourced by software, vetted by software, matched by software & managed by software.

Top interview questions to hire Unix developers.

Before selecting Unix developers to join your team, it is crucial to test their level of knowledge. We've developed a list of interview questions that can help you vet applicants and select the perfect developer for the job requirement.

The kernel is the central core of the Unix OS that controls computer resources by providing an interface to the memory, processes, I/O devices, and other hardware devices. The Unix kernel does not communicate directly with the user but instead initiates a separate interactive program call shell for each user when the user logs on to the system. See if the Unix developer can explain this concept with confidence.

Unix has its own set of components like other operating systems, including the kernel, shells, GUIs, system utilities, and apps.

Some of the most common features of Unix are:

  • Machine independent
  • Portability
  • Multi-user operations
  • Unix Shells
  • Hierarchical file system
  • Pipes and filters
  • Background processors
  • Utilities
  • Development tools

The single-user system is a personal computer with an operating system designed to be operated by one user at a time. These systems are becoming more and more popular due to the availability of inexpensive hardware and a wide range of software to perform various tasks.

Shell tasks can be listed as:
Program execution,
I/O redirection,
Filename and variable replacement,
Pipeline connection,
Environmental control, and
Integrated programming language.

There are plenty of different variants of Unix used by developers around the world. The more a developer can list, the wider one's knowledge base is. Here's a list of popular Unix versions.

  • SunOS
  • Solaris
  • SCO
  • AIX
  • HP/UX

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More bonus questions for interviewing Unix developers

  • What is the general structure of UNIX command syntax?
  • Elaborate on the use case and functionality of the command “rm –r *” in UNIX?
  • Specify the difference between absolute path and related path.
  • What is the FIFO?
  • Explain Super User.
  • What are the different file types available in UNIX?
  • What are the duties of the following commands: chmod, chown, chgrp?

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