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Power BI Developer

Experience6 years

Victor is a software developer with 6+ years of experience developing enterprise solutions for high-volume businesses that operate on the web, mobile, and desktop platforms. He has experience in developing softwares for the financial servicing and Telecommunication industries.

Expert in
  • Power BI
  • C#
  • CSS
  • HTML
Also worked with
  • MS SQL Server
  • Web API
  • JavaScript
  • Git


Power BI Developer

Experience12 years

Chakib is a front-end developer and technical leader with more than 12 years of progressive experience in transforming businesses into more value-driven, innovative & profitable organizations by empowering diverse teams, as well as taking full ownership of end-to-end business activities.

Expert in
  • Power BI
  • HTTP
  • UI Development
  • Unit Testing
  • JavaScript
Also worked with
  • JSON
  • HTML5
  • MVC
  • Azure


Power BI Developer

Experience4 years

Anil is a data scientist with 4+ years of experience in building predictive models and automation scripts, data mining, and analyzing data to provide critical insights. He is highly skilled in technologies such as Python, Numpy, Power BI, SQL, Machine Learning, etc.

Expert in
  • Power BI
  • Windows
  • GitHub
  • Python
  • Numpy
Also worked with
  • Scikit-Learn
  • Pandas
  • Decision Trees


Power BI Developer

Experience12 years

Ahmed is a software engineer with 12+ years of intensive experience guiding the progress of analysis, design, development, and testing of multiple applications through all stages of development cycles, as well as instructional experience with end-users and students.

Expert in
  • Power BI
  • Problem Solving
  • C#
  • T-SQL
  • MS SQL Server
Also worked with
  • .NET
  • Troubleshooting
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
Power BI developer


Power BI Developer

Experience2 years

Pragya is a passionate data analyst with significant experience working in startups and fast-moving teams with fixed deadlines.

Expert in
  • Power BI
  • Data Analysis
  • Python
  • Azure
  • Pandas
Also worked with
  • Matplotlib
  • Plotly
  • EDA
  • Tensorflow
  • SQL

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Ultimate guide to hire Power BI developers

Worried about the hassles of hiring a Power BI developer? Check this guide to know about skills to look for, interview questions, and more!

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Ultimate guide to hire Power BI developers
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Engineering Manager of a NYSE-listed, Fortune 500 healthcare company

We're super excited about Turing as we will scrap our existing lengthy interview process and lean on Turing's vetting to build up teams on demand.

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Director of engineering of a US-based, multimillion-dollar finance company
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How to hire Power BI developers? Skills to look for, interview questions, and more

Microsoft Power BI has revolutionized the world of data-driven applications. Offering endless options for developing custom tools for specific requirements, it has emerged as the frontrunner among data analytics professionals. If you're tasked to hire Power BI developers for a new project or expansion, try to invest time in understanding expectations from the role. Vet the applicant as per organizational goals to ensure finding the right talent. But technical hiring can be tough, especially when hiring for new roles.

To help make the process of finding and hiring Power BI developers smooth, we have developed this guide. Check out the entire list of skills and interview questions for hiring new talent.

Skills to look for in a Power BI developer

Hiring a proficient developer takes more than just scanning through stacks of applications. At a high level, Power BI developers should have the following skills in their arsenal:

1. Experience working with Power BI tools

To be considered a valuable Power BI developer, one must possess expertise in using Power BI tools and systems. Power BI developers are mostly tasked to work with large data sets and develop easy-to-comprehend visualizations. Such requirements make utilizing different Power BI tools imperative to success.

When reviewing applications for Power BI developer positions, look through resumes for mentions of experience. See if it mentions knowledge of Tableau, SAP, or any other Power BI tools.

2. Strong knowledge of Power BI stack

Large-scale organizations use a variety of Microsoft products and services for multiple requirements. These are implemented mostly for data warehousing and management, analytics, reporting, and business intelligence. For which the need to hire Power BI developers with previous experience using such tools becomes essential.

Try to consider Power BI developers with experience using Microsoft BI stacks like:

  • Power Pivot
  • SSRS
  • SSIS
  • SSAS

3. Strong data analysis capabilities

Data analytics is a primary skill that every Power BI developer must possess. Power BI assists in developing a bigger picture and understanding of the organizational requirements. So when you're looking to hire Power BI developers, try to find professionals who are experts at developing data visualizations.

Power BI is a data-driven tool to help businesses operate with the high work culture. It allows teams to work using charts, reports, and also dashboards.

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4. Knowledge of software development

A Power BI developer does not need to be a master software developer but needs to have a basic idea. Power BI experts need to possess a functional level of software development for developing custom solutions.

When looking for new Power BI developers to expand your team, look for professionals with a strong technical background and software architecture.

5. Experience in data specific roles

Professionals with at least a few years of experience in data-specific roles can be of great help. Such a position enables developers to work and gain knowledge about utilizing existing BI tools. For which, finding professionals with skills like data management, modeling and warehousing, SQL querying, and business intelligence becomes essential.

Spend time understanding organizational requirements and filter out applicants not based on skill sets.

6. Efficient communication skills

Today, in the world of technology, communication has emerged as one of the primary skills. Collaboration is the way ahead which requires constant interaction and innovation with fellow developers. The importance of interpersonal communication has increased since the entire tech world went remote.

So, whenever you're hiring Power BI developers or for any similar role, it is highly recommended to find people who can communicate with ease and confidence. Look for people who want to be part of conversations and willingly contribute to development cycles.

Create a hiring funnel

Hiring for technical roles can be a tough task, especially if you're hiring for a role for the first time. But working with a hiring funnel can make the process a lot easier. It will help to analyze skill sets and experience levels and ensure you hire Power BI developers for your organization.

What Turing does for you

Candidate screening
Candidate screening

We will help you select the best talents and spot a Power BI developer who will fit in your company culturally.

Test task
Test task

We verify if the candidate really wants to work at your company and is able to spend 5+ hours to prove it by rigorous tests. It helps us to see a developer's caliber.

Technical test
Technical test

Developers are asked Power BI related questions and made to solve tricky problems. We use open questions. The goal is not only to test developers’ knowledge – we also want to find out their way of thinking.

Giving specific feedback
Giving specific feedback

We provide explicit feedback on both the test task and the technical test after we have checked the developer's expertise.

What you do


You can interview the shortlisted developers to check if the candidate matches your requirements and is a good fit for your company.


Hire intelligently with developers sourced by software, vetted by software, matched by software & managed by software.

Top 10 Power BI developer interview questions

Testing the depth of knowledge and experience of Power BI developers while recruiting is a common approach. If you're looking for questions that help you to vet developers, here's a list of questions that should help you identify the best candidates.

Microsoft self-service BI offers two different parts - Excel BI tools and Power BI tools.

Power BI can connect with a wide variety of data resources which can be grouped under three different groups - Files, Content Packs, and Connectors. Experienced developers should be able to explain and mention every source under the groups.

There are different types of building blocks used in Power BI, namely:

  • Visualizations
  • Datasets
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Tiles

Power BI developers have the option of utilizing a variety of options to filter data, reports, and visualizations. Some filter types include likes of - visual level and page level

DAX or Data Analysis Existing are used for making basic calculations in power pivot. It uses column values for calculations but cannot modify or add data.

These two are the only functions that allow you to modify the filter context of measures or tables. It is used for:

  • Adding to existing filter context
  • Override files context
  • Remove existing context

Excel BI offers a number of different add-ins including the likes of - Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map.

Power Pivot data models are made up of data types, columns, and table relations. These are developed for storing data for organizational requirements.

There are two different destinations for output a developer can get from Power Query:

  • Load to tables in worksheet
  • Load to Excel data models

Query parameters are used for providing users of local Power BI desktop reports for specifying necessary values.

  • Parameter section can be utilized by query and calculations
  • PBIC files can be exported as templates
  • Templates contain everything in PBIX except the data

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Here are some more Power BI developer interview questions that you can ask to assess a developer’s caliber.

  • What is a Power Map?
  • Name some common Power Query/Editor transforms
  • What are the requirements for using a table in Power Map?
  • Is it possible to refresh Power BI reports once uploaded to the cloud?
  • What is a data management gateway?
  • How is data security implemented in Power BI?
  • What is the Power BI publisher for Excel?
  • What is the process of integrating SSRS in Power BI?
  • Mention a few advantages of variables in DAX

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