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Ember.js Developer

Experience10 years

Samuel has 10+ years of experience as a software engineer. He has also worked in managerial positions while leading and managing multiple projects.

Expert in
  • Ember.js
  • Laravel
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python
Also worked with
  • Vue.js
  • jQuery
  • Git
  • Photoshop


Ember.js Developer

Experience20 years

Prateep is a software engineer with 20 years of experience in web development. He is highly skilled in technologies such as Ruby, Ember.js, HTML, Git, MongoDB, etc.

Expert in
  • Ember.js
  • Ruby
  • Unix
  • HTML
  • Open Source
Also worked with
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Bootstrap
  • Arduino


Ember.js Developer

Experience30 years

Chris has 30+ years of experience in the software industry. He has worked as a CTO at 4 different startups. He is an innovative thinker trying to empower as many people as he can.

Expert in
  • Ember.js
  • Swift
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Android
Also worked with
  • Spring
  • J2EE
  • Perl
  • Subversion
  • Hibernate


Ember.js Developer

Experience7 years

Mohshinsha has 7 years of experience in mobile application development. He has expertise in technologies such as Git, Gitflow, Ember.js, iOS-Swift, etc.

Expert in
  • Ember.js
  • Swift
  • Gitflow
  • GitHub
  • Git
Also worked with
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • iOS - Swift


Ember.js Developer

Experience10 years

Bruno has 10 years of experience in Software development and project management. He has expertise in Ember.js, DevOps, Git workflows, daily meetings, Kubernetes, containers, multi-cloud, deployments, etc.

Expert in
  • Ember.js
  • JavaScript
  • MVC
  • Web Services
  • LAMP
Also worked with
  • Docker
  • PHP
  • DevOps
  • jQuery
  • Kubernetes

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Finding it hard to hire a perfect Ember.js developer that fits your project requirements? This hiring guide can help you recruit the best software talent.

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Ultimate guide to hire Ember.js developers
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Engineering Manager of a NYSE-listed, Fortune 500 healthcare company

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Director of engineering of a US-based, multimillion-dollar finance company
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How to hire Ember.js developers? Skills to look for, interview questions, and more

Ember.js offers a strong data layer that can seamlessly integrate with Java resources. Its object model can help to represent underlying data and also facilitate key-value observations. Given such benefits, Ember.js developers are often highly sought-after.

Having said that, hiring expert Ember.js developers is a challenging task. Countless companies compete to hire from the limited talent pool, making it quite costly and time-consuming to hire remote Ember.js developers.

Turing aims to simplify this process with our AI-powered talent cloud that leverages global reach to source top Ember.js developers in 4 days. We select developers after testing their expertise in communication skills and technical areas like Ember CLI, front-end development, Ember testing, performance optimization, and JavaScript.

Skills to look for in an Ember.js developer?

Hiring a proficient developer takes more than just scanning through stacks of applications. At a high level, Ember.js developers should have the following skills in their arsenal:

1. Expertise in web development

When looking for new Ember.js developers, always try to hire professionals with experience in web development activities. Handling complex web and app development tasks are a part of the daily responsibilities of Ember.js specialists. Expert Ember.js developers are well-versed in JavaScript concepts like OOP, closures, and prototypal inheritance, Ember templates, routing, data binding, etc.

2. Strong knowledge of front-end development

An Ember.js developer with strong knowledge of front-end resources can actively add value to existing teams. From configuring front-end services to designing user interfaces, the right talent can be responsible for rapid development. Skilled Ember.js developers possess a strong understanding of HTML and CSS, Handlebars to create reusable and dynamic components, CSS frameworks, and applying styles to Ember templates and components.

3. Ember CLI proficiency

A skilled Ember.js developer must possess an in-depth knowledge of the Ember Command Line Interface (CLI), which is key to efficiently scaffolding and managing Ember.js projects. When hiring Ember.js developers, check their proficiency in using Ember CLI commands to generate routes, components, models, and other project aspects.

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4. Understanding of Ember.js add-ons

Highly-skilled Ember.js developers are often familiar with Ember.js add-ons. The ecosystem of these add-ons enhances the functionality of Ember.js and offers additional integrations and features. Hence, when you hire Ember.js developers, assess their expertise in leveraging and integrating popular Ember.js add-ons such as ember-cli-sass, ember-power-select, ember-test-selectors, ember-intl, and liquid-fire.

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5. Knowledge of JavaScript & jQuery

When considering the essential skills of Ember.js developers, JavaScript and jQuery are a must. These act as two pillars of Ember.js-based projects making them all the more important. Go through the resumes of applicants thoroughly to understand their level of expertise with these technologies to ensure to select the right talent.

6. Experience in Ember testing

Since testing is a key part of Ember.js development, you must hire Ember.js developers with experience in Ember testing. Expert Ember.js developers are often proficient in writing and running tests through the Ember Testing framework. This involves integration tests, acceptance tests, and unit tests to ensure the application's reliability and stability.

7. Performance optimization skills

Skilled Ember.js developers are also experienced in optimizing the performance of their Ember applications. For this, they must be familiar with relevant techniques like code splitting, lazy loading, data fetching, and asset optimization, which helps them to ensure efficient and quick Ember.js applications.

Create a hiring funnel

Knowing the requirements and hiring the right talent are completely different aspects. The best approach to making the right technical hiring is by using a hiring funnel to easily identify and shortlist the right applicants.

What Turing does for you

Candidate screening
Candidate screening

We will help you select the best talents and spot a skilled developer who will fit in your company culturally.

Test task
Test task

We verify if the candidate really wants to work at your company and is able to spend 5+ hours to prove it by rigorous tests. It helps us to see a developer's caliber.

Technical test
Technical test

Developers are asked SKILL related questions and made to solve tricky problems. We use open questions. The goal is not only to test developers’ knowledge – we also want to find out their way of thinking.

Giving specific feedback
Giving specific feedback

We provide explicit feedback on both the test task and the technical test after we have checked the developer's expertise.

What you do


You can interview the shortlisted developers to check if the candidate matches your requirements and is a good fit for your company.


Hire intelligently with developers sourced by software, vetted by software, matched by software & managed by software.

Top 10 Ember.js developer interview questions

While conducting interviews to hire Ember.js developers, it is important to vet their level of knowledge. To gain a deep understanding of an applicant, you can utilize this list of questions to test their abilities.

Controllers are used for carrying out two separate functions. It helps to decorate models returned by the route. And, it can also keep a track of actions performed by the users.

Unlike traditional web apps, Ember.js-based applications download all necessary resources to run the application. This helps in minimizing loading speed and server response time. See if the developer goes for a deeper explanation to showcase his/her knowledge.

Ember.js apps are developed keeping MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure in mind. See if the developer provides an even more detailed explanation which should speak for his/her level of knowledge.

In Ember.js, routers act as the connecting point between a browser's address bar and applications. It translates the address into the route where the request lands after translation. Route is also responsible for deciding what data should be provided to the template.

Ember-data is a library that retrieves records from different servers, stores them, updates them in the browser, and also saves them again in the servers.

Adapters are used to raise queries to the backend and each adapter is made of particular back ends. REST adapters work with JSON APIs where LSAdapters operate with local storage.

There are a number of different template components used in Ember.js.

  • Partial
  • View
  • Render
  • Yield
  • Outler

Serializer is used for turning raw JSON payloads returned from the server to a record object.

To create an Ember handlebars template, one needs to use codes like Call Ember.Handlebars.Compile(). This returns a function that can be used by ember.view for rendering.

Namespace.Class is used for defining objects containing other objects or methods like apps or frameworks.

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Here are some more Ember.js developer interview questions that you can ask to assess a developer’s caliber.

  • What is the purpose of using Ember.SortabkeMixin?
  • What is the process of creating instances in Ember.js?
  • When does Ember.TrackedArray come in handy?
  • Explain what are Enumerables in Ember.js?
  • What is the process of adding data using fixtures into an application?
  • What is the process of defining a new Ember class?
  • What are the various ways of defining and inserting a view?
  • What is an application template?
  • What is a controller in Ember.js?
  • How does Ember.js work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the two-week no-risk trial period is to start working with the developers and include them in the team. If you are satisfied with the developers, you keep working with them and pay their salary including the first two weeks. But, if you are not satisfied during the trial period, then you won’t pay anything.

Turing offers top-quality, cost-effective, and highly productive Ember.js developers who belong to the top 1% of the world's remote developers. All Turing Ember.js developers are selected only after going through a series of rigorous tests where their skills are deeply vetted. Daily standups are mandatory for every Turing developer as they keep the developer and the customer in alignment with the discussed goal. All Turing remote Ember.js developers work for at least 4 hours in your time zone for your convenience.

Hiring Ember.js developers is not a hassle anymore. Turing will get you the best talent who contributes to the growth of your company. Find the best pre-vetted Ember.js developers from across the globe within a duration of 4 days at a budget price with Turing.

Turing has created the first and only AI-powered deep-vetting talent platform to vet remote developers. Turing tests developers based on actual skills vs. self-reported experience from traditional resumes or job interviews. Every developer at Turing has to clear our tests for programming languages, data structures, algorithms, system designs, software specialization, frameworks, and more. Each Turing developer goes through our automated seniority assessment test comprising 57 calibrated questions in 5 areas — project impact, engineering excellence, communication, people, and direction.

Definitely yes, the role is pretty demanding amongst companies. They are responsible for developing complex mobile and web front-end applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Hire the Top tech lead managers from across the world with Turing's service that will find pre-vetted remote Ember.js developers within 4 days.

EmberJS is currently being used by various companies, including LinkedIn, Accenture, OYOROOMS, and more. If you are planning to scale your Ember.js engineering team, try Turing. It makes hiring easy for companies by offering vetted remote Ember.js developers for a Silicon Valley bar at half the price.

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