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CI/CD Engineer

Experience20 years

Dmitry is a tech leader, cloud architect and site reliability engineer with over two decades of intense professional experience strictly adhering to DevOps methodology.

Expert in
  • CI/CD
  • DevOps
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Terraform
Also worked with
  • Optimization
  • Git
  • Linux


CI/CD Engineer

Experience3 years

Sai has 3+ years of experience in software development. He has worked on technologies such as CI/CD, MongoDB, Docker, Java, data extraction, etc.

Expert in
  • CI/CD
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • Java
  • data extraction
Also worked with
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Kubernetes
  • Data Science


CI/CD Engineer

Experience6 years

Rafael is a senior software engineer having 6+ years of experience. He is highly proficient in CI/CD Java, React.js, Spring, and JavaScript.

Expert in
  • CI/CD
  • Agile
  • OOP
  • Java 8
  • Docker
Also worked with
  • JUnit
  • Mockito
  • Unit Testing
  • Maven


CI/CD Engineer

Experience10 years

Kyle is an engineer/architect with 10+ years of experience. He has scaled two startups into successful ventures. His skill set involves architecting, designing complex solutions, and leading technical teams.

Expert in
  • CI/CD
  • C
  • SQL
  • .Net
  • ERP
Also worked with
  • MVCSQL Tuning
  • XML
  • Test Planning


CI/CD Engineer

Experience8 years

Rahul is a senior CI/CD engineer with 8+ years of experience in building quality apps and leading product teams.

Expert in
  • CI/CD
  • iOS Development
  • iOS - Swift
  • Objective-C
Also worked with
  • A/B Testing
  • MVVM
  • RxSwift

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Ultimate guide to hire CI/CD engineers
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How to hire a CI/CD engineer? Skills to look for, interview questions, and more.

CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) is imperative to streamline manual development by automating integration, releases, and software deployment. CI/CD lets security, operations, and development teams work seamlessly, cutting down on time-consuming and legacy approval processes, making CI/D developers highly sought-after professionals.

However, hiring high-quality CI/CD developers is challenging. Countless companies compete to hire from a limited talent pool of expert CI/CD developers, which means hiring them is both time-consuming and costly. Turing aims to make this easier by offering senior pre-vetted CI/CD developers in 4 days. Our AI-powered deep-vetting talent platform leverages global reach to provide talented developers with strong communication skills and technical expertise in analytics, automation, infrastructure as code (IaC), testing, and other core areas.
However, hiring high-quality CI/CD developers is challenging. Countless companies compete to hire from a limited talent pool of expert CI/CD developers, which means hiring them is both time-consuming and costly. Turing aims to make this easier by offering senior pre-vetted CI/CD developers in 4 days. Our AI-powered deep-vetting talent platform leverages global reach to provide talented developers with strong communication skills and technical expertise in analytics, automation, infrastructure as code (IaC), testing, and other core areas
Moreover, if you're a non-technical manager interested in learning more about the hiring process for a CI/CD engineer, we've put up an excellent resource for you.

What are the skills to look for while hiring a CI/CD engineer?

At a high level, CI/CD engineers should have the following skills in his/her arsenal:

1. Source code management expertise

Proficiency in Git and other relevant source code management tools is essential for CI/CD developers. They must be familiar with branching, resolving conflicts, merging, and understanding Git workflows. Having expertise in source code management and its tools allows CI/CD developers to manage code changes effortlessly, ensuring a collaborative development environment.

2. Understanding of build automation and continuous integration

Expert CI/CD developers are well-versed in using build automation tools like Travis CI, Jenkins, and CircelCI, using which they can customize and configure build pipelines for compiling, testing, and packaging applications automatically. Moreover, they must also be proficient in setting up and managing CI (continuous integration) processes. This includes automatically creating, testing, and verifying code changes whenever they are committed to repositories.

3. Proficiency in automated testing

When you hire CI/CD developers, check if they have a thorough understanding of automated testing frameworks, like JUnit, Selenium, NUnit, or Cypress. Expert CI/CD developers are proficient in writing and executing unit tests, end-to-end tests, and integration tests as part of a CI/CD pipeline.

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4. Competent in team building and communication strategies

This quality is a combination of the attributes you just read, plus the ability to build and retain credibility within teams and organizations. The attribute of being trusted and believed in is known as credibility. People are far more willing to buy into and support decisions when they have faith in the individuals leading the charge. Always, the goal is to reach an agreement on choices and to carry out strategies that benefit all stakeholders. For this reason, strong interpersonal and communication skills are really important.

5. Familiarity with version control systems

Without knowledge of code versioning technologies, software development is incomplete. Popular versioning technologies like Git let CI/CD engineers keep track of every step of the software development process. Any project can benefit from CI/CD engineers who are well-versed in working with such platforms. So don’t forget to test your CI/CD engineers for skills like Git, Apache, Mercurial, RCS, etc.

6. Knowledge of deployment automation and IaC

An expert CI/CD developer is adept at automation the CI/CD deployment process. They can configure and script deployment pipelines through tools like AWS CloudFormation, Docker, or Kubernetes. When hiring CI/CD developers, check their deployment automation expertise and if they are comfortable with orchestration and containerization concepts for scalable deployments. Moreover, proficiency in IaC (infrastructure as code) is imperative. Skilled CI/CD developers are well-versed in IaC tools like Terraform, using which they can define and manage infrastructure resources via code.

Create a hiring funnel

Creating a hiring funnel will provide you with numerous benefits, like assisting you in identifying the top skills and identifying a CI/CD engineer who will fit into your company's culture.

What Turing does for you

Candidate screening
Candidate screening

We will help you select the best talents and spot a CI/CD engineer/developer who will fit in your company culturally.

Test task
Test task

We verify if the candidate really wants to work at your company and is able to spend 5+ hours to prove it by rigorous tests. It helps us to see a developer's caliber.

Technical test
Technical test

Developers are asked CI/CD related questions and made to solve tricky problems. We use open questions. The goal is not only to test developers’ knowledge – we also want to find out their way of thinking.

Giving specific feedback
Giving specific feedback

We provide explicit feedback on both the test task and the technical test after we have checked the developer's expertise.

What you do


You can interview the shortlisted CI/CD developers to check if the candidate matches your requirements and is a good fit for your company.

Hired/Not hired
Hired/Not hired

Hire intelligently with developers sourced by software, vetted by software, matched by software & managed by software.

Top interview questions to hire CI/CD engineers.

Whether you're an IT recruiter or a project manager, you know that finding top developers is critical to the success of your project. Here are some sample interview questions to use when looking for a new CI/CD engineer to work on your online applications.

Test your candidate for the basics first so that he/she can adjust to questioning, and for that, this is an excellent question. Their answer may follow something like this:

  • DevOps is a culture that encourages collaboration between the development and operations teams. As a result, the software is continuously developed, tested, integrated, deployed, and monitored throughout its existence.
  • Agile is a software development process that emphasizes client feedback and iterative, incremental, small, and rapid software releases. It bridges the gap between the client and the developers.

If your application does not require to be broken down into microservices, you don't need Microservice Architecture. If not, then you need this. So discuss minor project details with the candidate and ask them to analyze whether you need microservices. Later, add your follow-up question to the previous question. Their answer may follow something like this:

Yes! Microservices, also known as Microservice Architecture, is an architectural approach in which an application is structured as a collection of small autonomous services based on a business domain.

Containerization is a virtualization approach that has emerged as a viable alternative to hypervisor-based virtualization. Docker, for example, offers a container virtualization platform that is a viable alternative to hypervisor-based setups.

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Here are some more CI/CD engineer interview questions that you can ask to assess a developer’s caliber.

  • How do you condense the previous N commits into a single one?
  • What is Git bisect, and how does it work? How can you utilize it to figure out where a (regression) bug came from?
  • What are the advantages of implementing version control?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the two-week no-risk trial period is to start working with the developers and include them in the team. If you are satisfied with the developers, you keep working with them and pay their salary including the first two weeks. But, if you are not satisfied during the trial period, then you won’t pay anything.

Turing offers top-quality, cost-effective, and highly productive CI/CD engineers who belong to the top 1% of the world's remote developers. All Turing CI/CD engineers are selected only after going through a series of rigorous tests where their skills are deeply vetted. Daily standups are mandatory for every Turing developer as they keep the developer and the customer in alignment with the discussed goal. All Turing remote CI/CD engineers work for at least 4 hours in your time zone for your convenience.

It's simple and easy. Get in touch with Turing, an AI-powered deep-vetting talent platform offering global talent for companies to hire. Within 4 days or less, you will find your pre-vetted CI/CD engineers who will be comfortable working according to your time.

Turing has created the first and only AI-powered deep-vetting talent platform to vet remote developers. Turing tests developers based on actual skills vs. self-reported experience from traditional resumes or job interviews. Every developer at Turing has to clear our tests for programming languages, data structures, algorithms, system designs, software specialization, frameworks, and more. Each Turing developer goes through our automated seniority assessment test comprising 57 calibrated questions in 5 areas — project impact, engineering excellence, communication, people, and direction.

With Turing, you can hire the best remote developers for 100+ skills such as React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, PHP, Vue, DevOps, Machine Learning, etc. Turing also offers developers based on tech stack and seniority.

The demand forCI/CD engineers is reaching peaks, considering the advancement in technology. Whether a well-established company or a startup, the search to hire proficient CI/CD engineers is on. If you are looking to hire a skilled CI/CD engineer, reach out to Turing, an AI-powered deep-vetting talent platform offering pre-vetted CI/CD engineers at an affordable price.

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