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Tired of traditional recruiting to hire software developers?

More thorough than traditional interviews, we test for both popular and niche skills, data structures, algorithms, systems design, software specializations, and frameworks.

Spend less time hiring developers and more time building and delivering on your priority projects—with effortless onboarding, performance, and management support.


Why hire developers with Turing?

Turing combines thousands of machine learning data signals across resumes, coding tests, other assessments, and more to create deep talent profiles. When you hire remote developers through us, we use these profiles to match the right professionals to your job requirements.

  1. 20,000 ML data signals
  2. 5+ hours of tests and interviews
  3. AI-optimized job matching and pricing

Build software faster with our AI-powered teams

Scale with as much support as you need. Our AI-vetted professionals can easily slot into your existing team structure or operate in parallel with the necessary project managers, team leads, and provided by us.

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Enhancing technical proficiency assessments by 40%

Learn how we built our AI-powered source, vetting, and matching platform for successful job candidate identification, lead scoring, supply and demand forecasting, and marketing spend optimization.

Scale at the intersection of AI and human knowledge

Turing's expertise in technical professional vetting and matching makes us the most efficient way to hire high-quality remote developers.

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Our professionals align on a 4-hour minimum overlap with your workday

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Hire vetted remote developers and other professionals, often at half the cost

100+ skills available

Hire for React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, DevOps, ML, Data Engineers, and more.

Expert communication skills

We select excellent communicators who can proactively take ownership of task objectives without micromanagement.

Easy updates and administration

Get clear visibility into your hired talent's work with automatic time tracking and virtual daily stand-ups.

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Scale your software development team on demand

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Scale your software development team on demand

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about hiring vetted remote engineering talent and teams.

What are the advantages of hiring remote developers and teams?

Hiring remote developers and teams offers numerous benefits, including access to a global talent network, cost savings on office space and resources, increased productivity through flexible work hours, and the ability to quickly scale your development team as needed. Additionally, remote hiring allows you to close skill gaps efficiently, ensuring your projects progress without delays.

What kind of talent does Turing provide?

Turing provides a wide range of technical professionals from the largest AI-vetted talent network, including developers, engineers, project managers, team leads, and specialists in over 100 skills. This includes expertise in React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, DevOps, machine learning, and data engineering, among others.

What other services does Turing offer?

Turing uses proprietary AI to help companies in several capacities beyond hiring on-demand technical professionals. For LLM companies and research organizations, we offer services to train and enhance LLM reasoning and coding capabilities through expert model training and the generation of high-quality, proprietary human data for SFT, RLHF, and DPO. For enterprise companies, Turing assists in building and strategically implementing GenAI technologies within business operations to bolster customer success, internal productivity, and market share.

Why should I choose Turing for hiring remote software talent?

Choosing Turing means embracing a highly efficient, AI-powered approach to hiring quality remote developers and teams. Turing's unique process tests for a wide range of skills, leverages over 20,000 machine learning data signals to create deep talent profiles, and ensures a 2-week free trial for a risk-free experience. This streamlined process, combined with price optimization and support for a diverse skill set, makes Turing an ideal choice for scaling your software development team on demand.

How much time does it take to hire a remote developer?

The process of hiring a remote developer with Turing is swift and straightforward, typically allowing clients to access Turing's talent network, match with professionals, and start onboarding within 4 days or less, on average. With Turing, you can significantly expedite the hiring process and have developers start working on your projects promptly, with a free 2-week trial to ensure fit and satisfaction.