Top Reasons to Hire Salesforce Developer for a Project

Reasons to hire Salesforce developer for a project

Increasing productivity and efficiency are top priorities for businesses today. These factors have led many businesses to integrate their business processes with cloud-based applications. With Salesforce being one of the most trusted names in cloud computing and synchronization, many individuals and organizations will be interested to know that Salesforce provides businesses with an entirely new way of looking at their core business processes. Now to access Salesforce to the best of its potential, you need a Salesforce developer. But before jumping to why you should hire a Salesforce developer, you should know who these technical wizards are.

Who is a Salesforce developer?

Salesforce developers can build customized applications based on salesforce and integrate them with other systems. They are software geniuses who have mastered the art of designing and developing new apps for the Salesforce platform. A Salesforce developer will help a business by developing applications for them that can automate the daily tasks and increase efficiency by doing so. They can help a company understand the process more effectively, track issues, and gauge workflow more effectively. They have experience in expertise in making processes more efficient, professional, and as per the expectation of businesses.

They are adept at managing various aspects of the application lifecycle process and possess excellent delivery techniques, coding skills, and communication capabilities to fulfill the business requirements efficiently. Plus, they have full knowledge of Salesforce's out-of-the-box features and functionalities. They can communicate with clients to understand technical aspects of the project to develop better applications and resolve any issues if any arise.

According to a report by Hyperlink Infosystems, 3.3 million, new jobs are predicted to be created in the Salesforce economy in the year 2022. This is 1.4 million more than 1.9 million new jobs created in 2020. The same report also suggests that Salesforce will beat other technologies like Adobe, SAP, and Microsoft in the CRM market.

Salesforce Developers are in high demand, but the question is should you invest in them? There are many reasons why a company should hire a salesforce developer. This article outlines the top reasons to hire a salesforce developer for your business project.

Why should you hire a dedicated salesforce developer?

To create a Salesforce-powered project, you will need to build APIs, automate workflows, integrate third-party tools, maintain a high level of software code, security, and performance, which is not a simple process. You must hire Salesforce developers to accomplish these tasks effectively.

Hiring a Salesforce developer allows you to work with a Salesforce expert who has the advanced knowledge of programming and optimizing the cloud CRM. This can save your company both time and money while doing more in less time. Here are top reasons why you should hire Salesforce Developer for your project:

Reduce operational costs and increase returns

Hiring a Salesforce engineer is much cheaper than outsourcing or hiring a freelancer. Moreover, This also means that you get more work done in less time at lower costs. However, make sure to hire an experienced Salesforce developer as they understand the complexity of building powerful applications on this platform.

Hiring a Salesforce developer will also reduce risk variables in a project resulting in a lower cost of damages (If something goes south). A Salesforce developer will complement your other high-value investments in cloud technology and multiply your returns.

Better directed efforts

When you have an in-house Salesforce programmer, you can direct your team's effort on whatever your end goal or short-term target is. A salesforce developer helps you solve your CRM issues daily, and that not only improves your team's productivity but lets them focus their efforts on bigger problems.

You can rely on your new heir to take care of your cloud and integration needs while you can spend more time putting effort into improving your services and customer satisfaction.

Access to an expert

No developer is proficient in all the technologies. As your project needs different developers for back-end, front-end, android, and ios similarly, you need an expert to guide your team through salesforce. If you have ever got your hands on this complicated piece of technology, you would very well know it's not everyone's cup of tea to work on salesforce.

The Salesforce engineers come with years of experience and skills that would be immensely helpful in your project's lifecycle. With access to their expertise, you can unlock the full potential of cloud integration and salesforce. This would lead to an exponential growth of your project and its productivity.

Strengthen your internal resources

No two projects are alike in this industry. Agreed that the basic requirements may overlap for some of them, but you need a different approach and set of skills to handle different projects. Your business needs will fluctuate throughout the sales season. As internal resources are stretched to keep up with the day-to-day maintenance of Salesforce or the complexity of specific projects, reinforcements are the best course of action.

If you don't have a salesforce expert aboard, you may face long delays and inflated losses. So to strengthen your internal resources time by time, it's good to have a salesforce developer handy.

Leverage the technology

Some of the biggest tech ecosystems and high-performance organizations use Salesforce to generate more quality leads and pipeline Opportunities. By hiring a good salesforce developer, you’ll also likely have access to business consultants and Salesforce strategists to help you with the best tool to meet your development and integration requirements, like Mulesoft, Mobile SDK, or standard Apex code. Many tools such as Heroku may also help significantly decrease your development costs and timelines.

Enhance your strategies

Your organization's growth and expansion require you to make big & better decisions and to change your existing CRM system potentially. In this case, a Salesforce developer collaborates with your team at a strategic level and executes the required process to fit your business needs.

Several business organizations today use a salesforce developer to improve their growth and operations. In this way, investing in the best Salesforce talent will definitely pay off.

Personalization of functionality and features

There are many tools available for developing custom business applications for Salesforce. To develop a custom app, one needs to be familiar with Salesforce development tools, including Apex, APEX test execution, Code Editor, Lightning Platform and Ant Migration. You will also need to master the platform's programming language to create a functional app. A developer can build custom apps for Salesforce integration through the AppExchange Partner Program.

Having an in-house developer allows you and the rest of your team to create value in your respective core functionalities.

Optimal use of ‘AppExchange’

There are many tools available for developing custom business applications for Salesforce. To develop a custom app, one needs to be familiar with Salesforce development tools, including Apex, APEX test execution, Code Editor, Lightning Platform and Ant Migration. You will also need to master the platform's programming language to create a functional app. A developer can build custom apps for Salesforce integration through the AppExchange Partner Program.

Having an in-house developer allows you and the rest of your team to create value in your respective core functionalities.

Custom-made plugins and integrations

Salesforce is also known as an ocean of expandable functionalities. Some of these features are

  1. Execution of APEX triggers & APEX classes
  2. Report Customization
  3. Personalized page views
  4. Customizing page layouts
  5. Using collaboration tools
  6. Altering workflows
  7. Integrating social media links
  8. New interfaces for customers are being added for interactive feedbacks

Salesforce Developers can help you build personalized solutions tailored to your project and challenges only.

Keeping up with ever-advancing technology

Technology is constantly evolving. Every day, new advances are made. Up-to-date knowledge of the latest changes is imperative for modern-day developers to survive in this cutthroat industry.

Furthermore, they must make sure their projects utilize the latest features. Thus with an in-house Salesforce developer, you can relax knowing that you're getting the most recent and safest technology.

Instant solutions

When you hire a salesforce developer, you eliminate the delay factor. In simple words, if you don't have a dedicated developer and come across a salesforce-related technical challenge at some point in your SDLC, what are your options? Hire a consulting developer, wait for them to understand the project, and maybe come up with a good solution.

But if you had hired a developer in the first place, you could have avoided the losses of precious time as well as financial resources.

Takes responsibility for high-value tasks

A typical salesforce developer will take active responsibility for numerous tasks. Here is a lift for you to consider before hiring one.

  • Developing, configuring, and deploying a salesforce business application.

  • Develop Visualforce, APEX code, AppExchange pages, and Salesforce integration.

  • Define project goals and deadlines.

  • Check the application's reliability and functionality.

  • Organize user roles and access.

  • Develop customer workflows.

  • Construct an integrated CRM system.

The list of reasons why you need a salesforce engineer can go on, but these were the top few.

Bonus Tips

Now that you are convinced to hire a full-time developer, here are some bonus tips on hiring a dedicated salesforce developer.

Skills to look out for

The most essential skill for this profile is Problem Solving. While hiring a salesforce developer, this is one of the most important criteria to consider. Furthermore, the Salesforce developer needs to be well-versed in the developer platform. Here are the main skills you need to hire a Salesforce developer in detail.

  • Knowledge of Apex and Visualforce
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Integrating systems
  • History of designing customized objects, fields, page layouts, picklists, reports, dashboards, validations, and other elements
  • Web Services
  • Administration experience
  • Salesforce Certification

Where to find the best salesforce developers

  • Referrals

Let your employees or team members know that you are looking for a specific profile match. As these people are already well aware of your culture, systems, and most probably the project, they are likely to refer to someone who is a better fit than any random hire.

  • Networking Platforms

In today's world, everything is out on the internet. Networking sites such as Linkedin have thousands of ready-to-work developers. Here you can look up their profiles, check their experience and achievement and then approach them if you think they are a good fit for the job.

  • Job Platforms

Developers are very active on various job boards and are actively looking for a good opportunity. You can leverage this by advertising your openings here and thus receiving many applicants.

You can evaluate the CVs and move forward with hiring one of them based on your judgment.

If you wonder why hiring a sound salesforce engineer is so complicated, it is because nothing comes easy in this industry. But not to worry we have a one-stop solution for all your engineering needs!

Hire from the world's top 1% of Salesforce Developers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce developers are hired by organizations to ensure optimal standard Salesforce development and customization. Salesforce developers take care of all software development phases right from coding, unit testing, building applications, and creating and modifying existing applications

Every Salesforce developer must possess the following top skills:

  1. Fundamental object-oriented programming concepts
  2. Basic knowhow of C# and JavaScript
  3. MVC style of designing
  4. Data management, modeling
  5. Visualforce and Apex fundamentals
  6. Lightning framework
  7. Developer console
  8. Web services, SQL, Salesforce Object Query Language jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap

In Salesforce development, Apex is commonly used. Developers even use Visualforce to create interactive UI and often combine it with HTML. For Lightning components, JavaScript is amply used.

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