How to Find Companies That Hire Remote Developers?

companies that hire remote developer

The creative minds behind computer programming are software engineers and developers. While some developers create and maintain the applications we use every day, others are in charge of creating the underlying systems that govern devices or networks.

While the terms developer and engineer are frequently used interchangeably, there may be significant distinctions in the profession itself. In general, developers are in charge of creating software, whereas engineers are in charge of the design, development, and testing processes.
Higher wages and work flexibility are two of the key benefits of a job in software development. With merely a bachelor's degree, a software engineer may expect to make just over $107,000 in 2019 as per the US bureau of labor statistics and employment in this industry is anticipated to expand 22 percent through 2029.

Flexible employment is well-suited to the software development business. Because 100 percent of the work can typically be done online, people seeking work in this field may discover a wide range of flexible software development positions, making long-term working from home possible.

We've compiled a list of the best remote companies to work for that frequently hire for remote software development positions. The jobs listed here are just a few work-from-home opportunities available for competent software developers.

Top companies that hire Remote Developers

You've probably heard of the buzzwords "digital nomad" and "remote jobs" floating around these days. If you're unfamiliar with the term, remote work is working from a location other than the office, which may be your home, a café, or just a coworking space.
Remote employees utilize digital technologies to manage jobs, execute projects, and communicate with their team rather than travel to the office and meet with team members face to face. There are several benefits to working remotely, including improved work-life balance, increased savings, and, in most circumstances, autonomous working hours.

So, without further ado, let's get to know the best remote companies to work for.

- Amazon

Amazon is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and the world's largest online retailer. Amazon offers books, e-books, music, movies, furniture, home products, fashion, technology, and more through its online marketplace.

Recent openings to hire remote development team

  • Software Development Manager
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Front End Developer

- CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike, founded in 2011, is a global supplier of cloud-delivered security solutions, threat intelligence, and next-generation endpoint protection. CrowdStrike works with some of the world's most powerful financial organizations, healthcare providers, and energy firms.

Recent openings to hire remote development team

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer – SecOps
  • Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

- Elastic

Elastic, a search company, creates self-managed and Software-as-a-Service solutions for real-time, scalable data usage in analytics, logging, searching, and security.

Recent openings to hire remote development team

  • Cloud – Principal Software Engineer
  • Application Search – Principal Software Engineer
  • Security Solutions – Senior Software Engineer

- GitHub

GitHub is a website for open-source code hosting, publication, and social networking for programmers. Code review, quality documentation, community management, code hosting, and project management are all services provided by GitHub. Since its inception in 2007, the firm has hosted over 66 million projects.

Recent openings to hire remote development team

  • Software Engineer – Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer – Authentication

- Oracle

Oracle, founded in 1977, is a cloud application and platform service provider that provides complete, fully integrated cloud applications, platforms, and designed techniques. Oracle, headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, is one of the world's leading software solutions firms.

Recent openings to hire remote development team

  • Senior Java Software Developer
  • Analytics Senior Software Developer
  • Data Scientist – Senior Software Engineer – Machine Learning

- Twilio

Twilio, founded in 2007, is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and cloud communications startup that allows customers to make and receive calls and messages using web service APIs. Twilio provides the integration of VoIP, messaging, and phone services into desktop, online, and mobile apps.

Recent openings to hire remote development team

  • Software Developer for Technical Content
  • Manager, Software Engineering
  • Software Engineer

- NTT Data

NTT DATA, a worldwide IT pioneer, specializes in system integration and networking system services for clients in more than a dozen industries, including the public sector, automotive, banking, consumer products, healthcare, insurance, education, energy, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale.

Recent openings to hire remote development team

  • Big Data and Java Full Stack Developer
  • COBOL Developer
  • .NET Technical Leads – Architects

What is the difference between fully remote, partially remote, and distributed companies?

Completely remote companies are exactly that: distant.

This does not imply that they are dispersed over the world. Indeed, many distant businesses choose to remain inside a given time zone, state, nation, or continent. There are no separate offices for employees to visit in these organizations.

Partially remote companies utilize a more hybrid strategy, with some people working remotely and some in the office. These businesses continue to operate with a remote-first philosophy, which means they act as if they are entirely remote.

Distributed businesses span the world and might be totally or partially remote. In general, these businesses will operate across many time zones. GitLab, Buffer, and Zapier are a few firms that have contributed to the increase of remote work (all of which are fully remote and distributed).

What makes remote companies so successful?

There's a lot that goes into running a successful remote business.

  • Great remote companies recognize and sympathize with the issues that remote workers confront. Many remote employees deal with loneliness, while few struggle with disconnecting from the team. Loneliness and the inability to disengage are prevalent issues for remote workers throughout the world. On the other hand, great remote companies recognize these obstacles and put systems in place as well as cultivate cultures that help decrease these struggles.
  • From anywhere globally, successful remote companies can establish a wonderful culture. Building genuine connections might be challenging when you aren't always out for coffee walks with employees or conversing around the lunch table. While it isn't the same, remote-first businesses understand how to keep people engaged and united. For example, some companies feature a #house-swaps-invbnb channel in addition to the usual fun and interest-focused Slack channels like #dog-lovers, #cat-lovers, and #wine-and-cheese club. That allows team members to exchange houses and travel to different destinations throughout the world. Isn't it amazing?
    Furthermore, their whole working culture revolves around employee pleasure. Some companies even have a Director of Employee Happiness on staff.
  • Successful remote companies’ welcome asynchronous communication. Asynchronous communication is communication that does not require a prompt response. This is an effective method of communicating with people. Asynchronous communication allows you to do the following:
  1. Spend less time in meetings that aren't required.
  2. Reclaim more deep focus time in your day
  3. Be more productive
  4. Collaborate with colleagues from all time zones

This isn't to say that asynchronous communication is the sole method you'll communicate with your team. It simply implies that when you communicate, you will do it with purpose.

Where can you find the best remote companies to work for?

Below is a list of top websites that hire for remote developer jobs.

- Turing

Turing's primary goal is to place developers in full-time, long-term positions. The purpose is to assist developers in establishing successful careers with some of the most successful and inventive U.S. firms, regardless of where they are globally. This, in turn, enables the world's greatest developers to work effortlessly on what they like while continuously growing their careers without sacrificing their flexibility.

  • There is also the largest remote work community with over 3M visits, the site is worth a daily check, but it's not like the larger remote employment sites where reloading every 10 minutes can bring up new positions—expect to see 1-5 jobs listed in your category here on a daily basis.
  • Professional remote and flexible employment in 50+ career categories, from entry-level to executive, part-time to full-time, are available in the United States and throughout the world. They offer assistance, information, and tools that can fetch your desired remote or flexible work.
  • If you're a developer, you've probably heard of many sites, but you might not know that they also have a job board. They offer high-paying jobs, not always to freshmen, but they bring a huge number of opportunities on a regular basis.
  • There is also a job-searching website that has thrown the traditional job-searching process on its head. You merely need to create a profile with your background and what you're looking for, and businesses will approach you.
  • Women in technology frequently feel as though they are in a man's world, but that is not the case with some websites, a largely tech-focused job board site exclusively built for women. Filter results by skills, categories, job type, and more. The remote job listings can be scant pickings at times, but there is a bit less competition here because it is aimed at a specific population.
  • There are sites that reach over 800,000 remote employees each month. Job postings on their site are distributed by email or through their live job feeds on Twitter and Facebook. It is an effortless way to find work. Simply refine your searches by recruiters, position level (junior or senior), technology or non-technology, and industry types, such as Design, Marketing, and Management, among others.

Contact Turing to find remote jobs

For many years to come, remote work will play a significant part in the future of employment. Staying updated on organizations recruiting for work-from-home positions might assist you in finding the exact remote company you're searching for. presently has openings for experienced developers in Fortune 500 firms, tech unicorns, and fast-growing startups in the United States. There are several professions, tech stacks, and career paths that developers may discover on Turing recruits remote engineers from across the world for 15+ job categories, including front-end, back-end, full-stack, database, mobile, DevOps, and AI/ML developers, depending on tech positions, talents, and seniority.


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If you work as a developer, you've likely heard of a lot of websites, but you may not be aware that some of them also feature a job board. They don't always give high-paying positions to freshman, but they consistently bring a tonne of opportunity.

Due to the poor "remote work" filters on most job sites, applicants need to spend a lot of time sorting through freelance work and other opportunities that may not be the best fit. All of that, though, has changed during the last few years. The remote job boards handle the filtering for you and only list positions that are available remotely.

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