9 Essential Questions to Ask While Hiring a Front-End Developer in 2022

9 Essential Questions To Ask While Hiring a Front-End Developer

Front-end development conveys your brand objectives through interactive applications. This has led to high demand for expert front-end developers.

There's no denying the fact that companies first need to focus and consider the needs of the user and build visually appealing and highly engaging applications with easy navigation. After all, you are creating the product for users at the end. This is the reason why there has been a steady and consistent demand for hiring front-end developers among companies from various industries.

If you're looking to hire a front-end programmer but wondering how to accurately evaluate them in the interview. You've come to the right place. We have put together a list of interview questions with answers that can assist you in making the right decision.

Top 9 interview questions to ask when hiring a front-end developer

List some of the basic goals that a front-end developer should be mindful of.

It is one of the most basic questions to ask when you hire front-end engineers. It puts them into the right mindset and kick-starts the interview with confidence. What to look for in an ideal answer -

  • User-centric goals - performance, accessibility, device-agnosticism, etc.
  • Developer-centric goals - maintainability, readability, modularity, etc.

Sample answer -

“I make sure my web application is rendering accurately on different browsers and optimized for a seamless user experience. I also utilize the right tools to analyze and ensure the solution is highly accessible and scalable.”

What measures do you take to ensure your app design is highly engaging and user-friendly?

Front-end developers must have strong expertise in design principles and practices to win the customer's confidence to use your services or products. An application or website providing them with what they are looking for is important to build for your brand. What to look for in an ideal answer -

  • Hands-on experience with implementing usability, accessibility, and readability standards.
  • Capability to create a highly inclusive application accessible to all end users.
  • Ways that the candidate has implemented a balance between functional and aesthetic design in the previous projects.

Sample answer -

“Creating an engaging and user-friendly application is absolutely necessary. That's why I start the job with a focus and clarity of requirements and keep a few of the elements in mind, such as accessibility, app navigation, decluttered UI, readability, finger-friendly tap targets, etc. Furthermore, I make sure the solution has the right balance between the functional and aesthetic design.”

Talk me through one of the issues you faced while working on a front-end development project and how did you overcome it?

You want to understand what the applicant learned from the experience and you can do so by analyzing if the candidate has the ability to overcome difficult situations encountered. Basically, problem-solving skills and this question give you an insight into how the front-end developer takes charge of challenges faced during the development process. How should this answer sound -

  • The steps they took to solve the problem and the thought process that went into it.
  • What did they learn from the whole situation?

Sample answer -

“Whenever I face issues or challenges, I usually go through examples of how others have encountered the same problem and the steps they took to resolve it. I also talk to my colleagues/managers and use popular forums, in incase I need further help. Such research equips me with the knowledge to take the right course of action.”

What steps do you take to make sure the application is visually appealing?

One of the important factors that front-end web developers must have is the capability to balance aesthetic aspects with technical specifications of an application or web page. Not only should it look visually appealing but it should also maintain the functionalities required. That's why you must look for the following points in the front-end developer’s answer -

  • Example of different design elements that they use to attract users.
  • They take charge of the design process with a user-focused mindset.

Sample answer -

“To make sure I develop a visually appealing solution, I keep a user-focused mindset. So, I keep myself up to date with the latest trends and check on what are the design elements that the users love. I make sure to start the process by creating detailed user requirement specifications. This way I know what to use to make sure my application is user-friendly and engaging. “

How do you keep up with the latest technological trends?

You don't want your application to look outdated. That's why it is crucial for front-end developers to stay current with the latest trends and tools to create a highly sophisticated and modern application or website. How should this answer sound-

  • Example of the contribution made to the open-source or personal front-end projects.
  • Different platforms that the front-end developer goes to gather current information.

Sample answer -

“I have subscribed to various blogs, forums/communities, and magazines. These resources always keep me informed of new trends or tools.”

How do you optimize front-end performance?

It is a must-ask question when you hire dedicated front-end developers. After all, you don't want your users to face any glitches and malfunctions when they're using the application. How should this answer sound -

  • Understanding how to achieve user satisfaction and ensure consistency in quality user experience.
  • Example of best practices for optimizing front-end performance.

Sample answer -

“Front-end performance optimization is one of the crucial steps for a successful project. I make sure to fine-tune the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of the web application to improve the load speed and performance.”

Name a website or an application that according to you could do better with some changes. Mention why and what changes.

A front-end developer must have a strong understanding of front-end elements that many visitors have bemoaned over and over. These annoying elements can cause high abandonment rates, leading to low visitor-to-lead conversion rates. That's why you must look for the following points in the applicant's answer -

  • List of design elements that can cause increased bounce and conversion rates, like low load speed, excessive pop-up adverts, unnecessary pop-up sign-ups, poor optimization, navigation, etc.
  • Few examples of websites and applications that showcase bad front-end designs.

Sample answer -

“I find the website "X" annoying because of the unnecessary pop-ups and adverts that it showcases. Such a website only leads to losing out on your customers.“

Explain the difference between resetting and normalizing CSS?

This technical question evaluates the front-end developer on their basic understanding of CSS. What to look for in an ideal answer -

  • Clear definition of both the terms and their uses.
  • Which one would the candidate choose and why?

Sample answer -

“Resetting basically strips all default styling elements and allows you to have more control. On the other hand, instead of stripping all the styling elements, Normalizing keeps a set of styles that the developer thinks would look good. My personal preference is Normalizing as it allows you to have consistent styling without having to put an extra effort.”

What do you do to fix browser-specific style incompatibility?

Front-end developers must have hands-on experience with addressing browser-specific rendering problems. Since different browsers read, interpret, and handle the code differently, they need to ensure the application is adaptive to every browser. What to look for in an ideal answer -

  • Concepts like - HTML and CSS validation, layout compatibility, CSS resets, common JavaScript issues, a list of frameworks that support cross-browser compatibility, etc.

Sample answer -

“I make sure to inspect the elements of my application using the browser's dev tool. I make sure to be mindful of common concepts that can cause browser-specific style incompatibility in order to avoid them while developing.”


It is absolutely necessary to accurately evaluate the candidate's skills, experience, and personality to ensure, once onboarded, that the candidate will put the best foot forward. One of the best ways to gather helpful and critical insights about a potential colleague is by conducting one on one interviews. You can use technical front-end developer interview questions to accurately assess the applicant and avoid losing out on an experienced and skilled front-end developer.

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