What Goes Behind Writing a Flawless CSS Code?

What Goes Behind Writing a Flawless CSS Code


  • What Goes Behind Writing a Flawless CSS Code?

    Srishti Chaudhary

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Frequently Asked Questions

To organize your CSS code, here are some great tips to start with.

  1. Use CSS files for individual pages.
  2. Utilize a CSS pre-processor.
  3. Break down your large CSS codes as per atomic design.
  4. Say no class-itis as much as possible.

The best approach to writing, including CSS files, is an external Style Sheet (using HTML "<>" Tag) that is used to link the element. This is the best method to maintain and reuse the CSS file across different pages with ease and efficiency.

As compared to external and embedded CSS, inline CSS holds higher priority. Important > Inline >id nesting > id > class nesting > class > tag nesting > tag is the order of priority in CSS.

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