Xamarin development services

Turing offers Silicon Valley-caliber Xamarin developers to top U.S companies and fast-growing startups. Build your Xamarin developers team with Turing and start building native mobile apps, iOS apps, Android apps, cross-platform mobile apps, and Enterprise applications.

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Xamarin development services offered by Turing developers


Cross-platform app development

Pre-vetted, experienced Turing Xamarin consultants build native apps in C#, defeating the complexity of coding in multiple languages. Xamarin’s cross-platform app development process ensures seamless native functionality across different OSs, including iOS, Android, Windows, etc.


Native mobile app development

Xamarin native apps are built with native UI, native API access, and native performance. These apps look and work as per the user's expectations with standard UI controls. Native API access ensures the full spectrum functionality of the platform and device. Further, the app performance is stimulated by organizing for native performance.


Mobile app features

Our Xamarin consultants will guide you in quickly constructing, connecting, and modifying native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and macOS. Xamarin’s excellent debugging, unit test, profiling, and UI test generation features can help developers to build the best quality mobile apps.


Xamarin desktop app development

Xamarin cross-platform development allows top Xamarin programmers to build apps on PC or Mac using Visual Studio, which offers a rich, customized experience.


Cross-Platform games

Xamarin app development includes cross-platform games development using Unity and Visual Studio for Mac. Our Xamarin consultants help you build customized, cross-platform games with rich graphics and user-friendly features.


Xamarin advanced technology

Our Xamarin consulting team utilizes the Xamarin framework and its supporting technologies to deliver versatile apps to run on iOS, Android, and Windows OSs. Turing Xamarin programmers build applications by relying on vast experience with native platforms and also ensure that apps are built following UI/UX guidelines.