Cloud consulting services

Turing offers Silicon Valley-caliber cloud engineers to top U.S companies and fast-growing startups. Build your cloud engineers team with Turing to design, implement, migrate, or maintain cloud applications, processes, or computing systems for your business.

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Cloud consulting services offered by Turing developers


Cloud strategy services

Build your cloud consultants team to perform cloud readiness assessment, cloud architecture audit, cloud roadmap, and strategy. The best selected Turing cloud engineers offer multi-cloud strategy and cloud fitment analysis.


Application development services

Your in-house cloud engineers team helps you in developing, customizing, and migrating applications, while producing an efficient roadmap for infrastructure management.


Maintenance and security services

The proficient cloud consultants team ensures continuous monitoring, performance optimization, data protection, security, and risk assessment. They share software improvement plans through infrastructure optimization for better performance and cost savings. They also customize disaster recovery plans for application protection and remote management of all backups.


Cloud migration services

Build your own cloud engineers team with Turing and make cloud migration effortless. Our engineers perform a SWOT analysis, readiness assessment, cloud-to-cloud movement, validation, and performance testing to ensure migration of workloads without any hassle.


Monitoring services

Build your cloud engineers team with talented and experienced remote cloud experts from across the globe to get the most efficient cloud-based application monitoring, personalized parameters, and checks, and set up customized alerts.


Cloud modernization & infrastructure management

Turing cloud consultants provide cloud data center design, development, implementation ideas, and operation management guidelines. They carry on cloud adoption in microservices-based architecture to modernize cloud infrastructure and application deployment process by building an agile, cloud-native platform.