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Eight Python Interview Questions Hiring Managers Love Asking Developers

By April 5, 2022 4 min read

Python jobs are highly popular among the developer community. According to statistics, Python is third on the list of programming languages as per developer activity. But to move further in the hiring process and land their dream job, candidates must prepare for the Python interview questions and answer them well. 

This blog post shares a list of popular Python coding interview questions that hiring managers love to ask developers. Let’s get started. 

Python interview questions: Why Python over other languages?

This question is popular among hiring managers because it helps them gauge if a candidate is genuinely interested in the language or not. Compared to other languages, Python allows developers to write programs in fewer lines. Python’s other notable features include dynamic semantics, code prototype, and an extensive library. The language is compatible with several platforms like Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

You can answer this question by listing Python’s advantages over other languages. This way, the hiring manager will know that you are thorough with the language. 

What are the different applications that Python can create?

Python interview questions

What are the different applications that Python can create?

This is yet another popular Python interview question. Python supports several programs, websites, mobile applications, graphic design applications, and computational applications. The language also supports enterprise development and GUI-based operating systems. 

Candidates who have experience building applications using Python should be able to explain the development process they follow. Hiring managers pay close attention to the details of different stages to understand how comfortable a candidate is with application development. 

What are namespaces in Python?

In Python, namespace refers to the name given to a particular object. Objects can be either variables or functions. Namespaces in Python are given keys and values to locate objects quickly. There are four types of namespaces in Python. Candidates must be familiar with all of them to answer this question correctly.

Hiring managers ask this particular Python interview question to understand if a candidate is familiar with the intricacies of the language. 

Is indentation necessary in Python?

Coding is instrumental in mastering Python. Indentation helps specify code within classes, functions, loops, etc. Indentation is necessary to execute error-free code and is used to maintain and organize code blocks. 

Candidates who correctly answer this question often score brownie points. And so, candidates should master Python interview questions about indentation to improve their hiring chances. 

What is Pandas?

Pandas is an open-source library essential for data analysis in Python. The library facilitates easy analysis of different types of data sets. Pandas provides expressive, fast, and flexible data structures with this feature. 

Candidates who have a good grasp of Pandas can solve complex business problems arising from unstructured data.

Pro tip: During the interview, candidates can show how they can easily organize big data sets to make a good impression on hiring managers. 

What are literals in Python?

Python interview questions

What are literals in Python?

Python coding interview questions about literals feature in most interviews. In Python, literals are notations representing a fixed value in source code. Python has five different types of literals: string literals, character literal, numeric literal, boolean literal, and literal collections. 

Pro Tip: Define different types of literals with examples. This way, the hiring manager will know that you are well-versed with literals. 

What is the difference between lists and tuples?

Lists and tuples are sequences of data types used to store objects and values. Most of the code scripts in Python involve data structures consisting of lists and tuples. Lists and tuples play a significant role in making the code short and flexible. 

Remember, any mistake in constructing lists or tuples can derail the coding for that project. Candidates must be well-prepared for such Python coding interview questions. They should be able to state the key differences between lists and tuples. 

Which Python web framework do you prefer and why? 

Python offers a range of choices for web frameworks like Flask, Django, Pyramid, Falcon, Pecan, Diesel, Bottle, and Tornado, among others. After testing them out, developers must pick one of these web frameworks to master. 

Hiring managers prefer candidates who can give strong reasons for choosing a particular Python web framework over the rest. Candidates should be able to explain at length the advantages of the selected Python web framework to justify their choice.

So why are these Python interview questions important?

The above interview questions can help developers showcase their passion for Python while elaborating on the technical aspects of the language.

Along with preparing for these questions, developers must research the latest developments in Python to increase their hiring chances. They should also practice examples and skills that hiring managers can ask them to demonstrate.  

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8 Python Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask Developers
Article Name
8 Python Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask Developers
Python jobs are very popular within the developer community. This blog post shares 8 Python interview questions that hiring managers love to ask developers.


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