Guide to write a Python developer resume

If you don’t know how to write a resume or write it effectively, then this guide is made for you! Read along to know how you can make a perfect resume for yourself to get the job of your dreams.

Python development jobs are abundant in the market but can you even get a job without a proper Python developer resume? No, if your fundamental document is not strong enough to convince the recruiter, it will be hard to bag a job. So, to get an opportunity in any top Silicon Valley company, the initial step is to make a solid resume.

It is very important to write the resume effectively so that it can convey your worth to the hiring manager.

This guide by Turing will help you to make a solid resume so that you can land one of the best Python developer jobs.

1. Certifications

Certifications become an essential part of your resume because it helps you to show your competence in additional fields. They should be used in addition to your regular education section because there will always be some skills and fields that are out of the realm of traditional education.

So, invest your time in these certifications, which can help you to stand out from the crowd. These are not guarantors of your employment but verify your capabilities.

These are the most sort after certifications when you apply for Python developer jobs:-

  • PCEP:- It is offered by the Python Institute and it certifies an individual as an entry-level Python developer.
  • PCAP:- This exam is also offered by the Python institute and this certification ensures that you have advanced knowledge of Python programming and you can embark on the journey of becoming a full-fledged Python developer.
  • PCPP:- It is the most advanced level paper offered by the Python Institute, and has further two types of exams: PCPP1 and PCPP2. These exams certify you as a professional developer in the Python language. It also certifies your competence as a global-level developer who can contribute to the development of the language itself in the future, automate the processes, make a framework, etc.

All of these certifications can add a lot of weight to your resume.

2. Skills needed to become a Python developer

Skills needed to become a Python developer

There is a particular set of skills that are needed for the role of a python developer jobs apart from the expertise in the language itself. If you have this particular set of in-demand skills in your resume it will help you make your recruiter understand how you can bring versatility to the organization.

These are the skills you can learn and show in the resume:-

Primary skills

  • Expertise in core Python language
  • Knowledge of other languages like Javascript, CSS and HTML can also be helpful.
  • Knowledge of Flask and Django Frameworks
  • Data science-related skills:-
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Complete knowledge of the Python Libs and packages such as Scikit Learn, NumPy, etc., which are all related to data science.
  • Knowledge of the server-side templating languages such as Make, Jinja 2, etc.

Secondary skills

  • Knowledge of working of machine learning and intelligence
  • Deep learning
  • Understanding of multi-process architecture.
  • Designing skills

So some of these skills apart from the language itself can help you make a good impression on the recruiter.

3. Length of resume

There is not a hard and fast rule that your resume should be pages long to get a job. No one is going to give you a job based on the length of the resume. They will see how comfortable you are in the language and its related skills. If they hire you it will be based on how you can add value to their organization.

Use crisp and short sentence structures and always stick to the point while writing your resume.

4. Formatting of the resume

You can write your resume basically in three formats which you can decide on your own depending on your situation.

  • Chronological resume:- It is the resume in which you list out the work experience in chronological order.
  • Functional resume:- This resume put the emphasis on your skill sets more than the
  • Combination resume:- It is the combination of chronological and functional resume.

There is not a rule that you have to make your Python developer resume using these formats alone. You can get experimental but beware and do your labour of research.

5. Error-free language and grammar

Using error-free and grammatically correct English is one of the key points you have to keep in mind while writing your resume. It gives away a very bad impression if your resume has typos or grammatical errors.

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6. Work experience

Work experience

The work experience timeline is one of the most essential parts of your resume. Use this section to give a glimpse to the recruiter of what they can expect from you if they hire you for the job.

Always keep the job descriptions of the previous roles crisp and short. You should use action verbs in the description of your previous work experience to make a strong impression. The whole timeline should reflect your journey and tell a story of how your career has advanced during all the years.

7. Headline of your resume

Headlines are very important in the resume. It will give away important information right from the beginning in your resume. Writing a headline is very easy and it does not require much of the effort. You just need to reinstate the job role which you are applying for along with a key skill or an experience. For example, if you are applying for a Python developer job role, you can make a headline like, “7+ years experienced Python developer.”

8. Talk about your education

Talk about your education

Present your education which reflects that you have the technical knowledge and qualification for the job role. If you have the skill and work experience but you are not able to convey that you have the required knowledge or certification then your whole resume building process can go downhill. To provide your education and experience equally along with the skills.

9. Keywords to use in the resume

You should always use keywords in your resume to make it ATS friendly, i.e., application tracking software. This application tracking software parses resumes before sending it further for key insights, relevancy, etc. so having these keywords will make sure that your resume will go to the hiring manager.

So you can find those keywords in the job advertisement. It is very simple to find relevant keywords for your resume through the requirements section. You can simply reframe those requirements in your resume with the same wording.

10. Video introduction

A video introduction is very important because you are putting an extra step for your employment, which can be rewarded highly. You can sum up the whole experience and skills in a short video that can help your recruiter understand your skills in a better way.

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