Important Rust interview questions and answers

You've come to the perfect place if you want to work as a successful Rust Developer for a top Silicon Valley organization or build a team of talented Rust devs. We’ve collected a list of rust interview questions for your Rust interview to give you an idea of the types of Rust interview questions you can ask or be asked.

Last updated on Mar 21, 2023

Whether you're a candidate trying to prepare for a Rust developer job or a recruiter looking for Rust developers, the collection of rust developer interview questions below will come in handy.

Rust interview questions and answers


How to declare global variables in Rust?

For compile-time computed global constants, you can use the const keyword in Rust. Compile-time constants are currently limited in Rust; however, primitives can be defined via const declarations.


How do I write a GUI application in Rust?

There are a number of ways to write GUI applications in Rust. Some of them are:

  • Cocoa
  • ImGui
  • GTK
  • gyscos
  • IUP


How is Rust’s Garbage Collection done?

This Rust interview question is tricky because some people believe that Rust has no garbage collector. However, a static garbage collector is used in Rust. It operates on the premise of automated memory management, which means it recycles any memory that is no longer in use. At first impression, Rust resembles C, particularly in terms of referring and dereferencing. It does, however, take a unique approach to memory management. A single reference owns each memory segment. From the developer's perspective, one variable always owns the data. If this variable is no longer available and out of scope, the ownership is transferred to another variable, or the memory is released.


Is it possible to create an operating system entirely in Rust?

Yes, you can write a whole operating system in Rust. Rust is now employed as the primary programming language in several recently launched operating systems. Developers are using rust to create a wide range of new software applications, including game engines, operating systems, file systems, browser components, and virtual reality simulation engines.


Could you describe some of Rust's most important features?

Some of Rust’s most important features are:

Abstraction at no cost- In Rust, we can build abstractions without compromising the code's runtime performance. It increases the clarity and quality of the code without sacrificing runtime efficiency.

Error messaging- When compared to GCC, error messages in C++ programming are vastly improved. Rust takes it a step further in terms of clarity. In the program, error messages are presented with (formatting, colors) and also propose misspellings.

Move semantics- When a source object is a temporary object, Rust provides this functionality that allows a copy action to be replaced by a move operation.

Threads without data races- A data race occurs when two or more threads access the same memory address at the same time. Because of the ownership mechanism, Rust supports threads without data races. Only the owners of separate objects are transmitted to various threads via the ownership mechanism, and two threads can never own the same variable with write access.

Guaranteed memory safety- Rust ensured memory safety by employing the concept of ownership. Ownership is a compromise between C's memory control and Java's garbage collection. Memory space in Rust programs is owned by variables and temporarily borrowed by other variables. Rust may now offer memory safety at compile time without relying on the garbage collector.


Does Rust include move constructors?

No, in Rust, all kinds' values are moved via memcpy. Everything that does not have a copy function Object() { [native code] } or does not implement the copy trait is moved.


What is Cargo?

It's a build system and package manager explicitly designed for Rust users to handle their projects. The Cargo system handles three tasks for users: creating code, downloading libraries, and rebuilding libraries.


Is Rust safe in comparison to C and C++?

The most significant advantage of Rust over C is its emphasis on writing safe code. Rust allows programmers to write unsafe code, but it prefers to use safe code by default. Because memory management and pointer arithmetic are required in C applications, Rust does not require any of these from start to finish.


What's the connection between Rust and the reusable codes it generates?

Rust allows programmers to organize their code in a way that encourages reuse. By making it simple to organize the many structures, functions, and even other modules accessible in Rust, which users can use privately or make public.


Explain the significance of unwrap() everywhere function?

This function is used to deal with errors that occur when an option's volume is extracted. It's also great for quick prototypes that don't have any flaws.

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Wrapping up

The list of Rust developer interview questions provided here will help you prepare for your Rust developer interview. These Rust developer interview questions will help you solve similar problems or come up with new ones. In contrast, these technical Rust developer interview questions would not be the main focus of a Rust developer interview. An interview with a Rust developer may also contain inquiries about a person's social and life skills. This helps the recruiter to see if the person can persevere in difficult situations while also helping their peers. As a recruiter, finding someone who gets along with the rest of the team is critical.

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