Top 10 .NET interview questions and answers for 2023

You've come to the perfect place if you want to work as a successful .NET developer for a top Silicon Valley organization or build a team of talented .NET developers. For your .NET interview, we've carefully created a list of .NET developer interview questions to give you an idea of the kind of .NET interview questions you can ask or be asked.

Last updated on Mar 22, 2023

The .NET framework is a Microsoft software framework that runs primarily on Windows and can be used to create, publish, and run applications that use .NET technologies, such as desktop and web applications.

Whether you're a candidate trying to prepare for a .NET interview or a recruiter looking for .NET developers, the list of these .NET interview questions below will come in handy.

.NET interview questions and answers


Describe Microsoft Intermediate Language in detail.

This is one of the most important .NET core interview questions. MSIL is an abbreviation for Microsoft Intermediate Language, which includes instructions for calling methods, maintaining memory, storing and initializing data, and managing errors, among other things.

MSIL delivers platform-independent instructions generated by a language-specific compiler from source code. According to the specifications, the JIT compiler translates MSIL to machine code.


How would you describe an assembly?

An assembly is a file generated by the compiler that comprises a set of types and resources designed to work collectively to provide a meaningful unit of operation. A built and logical unit of code is also referred to as assembly.

Executable (.exe) and dynamic link library (.dll) files are used to implement assemblies.


What exactly is a CTS?

CTS is short for Common Type System. It follows defined rules that dictate how a data type should be declared and used in program code. It's used to list all of the data types that will be used in the application.

We can create our own classes and functions by following the guidelines in the CTS. It enables other computer languages to make use of the data type specified in one.


How is ASP.NET different from ASP?

This is one of the most important .NET core interview questions. Both ASP.NET and ASP(Active Server Pages) are distinct programming languages. Let's have a look at their differences:

  • ASP.NET employs.NET languages such as C# and VB.NET, which are converted to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MICL) (MSIL). ASP makes use of VBScript. While ASP code is being performed, it is being interpreted.
  • ASP.NET is Microsoft's server-side technology for generating dynamic web apps, while ASP is Microsoft's server-side tech for developing a website.
  • ASP.NET is completely object-oriented, whereas ASP is only partially so.
  • ASP.NET offers full XML support for convenient data sharing, whereas ASP has no built-in XML support.
  • ASP.NET uses the ADO.NET technology to connect to and operate with databases. ASP uses the ADO technology.


Are there different types of constructors in C#? If yes, what are they?

You will often come across this .NET interview question. They are:

  • Default Constructor- It is a constructor that has no parameter
  • Parameterized constructor- This constructor has at least 1 parameter.It has the ability to set different values for each instance of the class.
  • Copy Constructor- It creates an object by copying variables from a different object. Its primary function is to set the values of a new instance to those of an existing instance.
  • Static Constructor- A static constructor is used to initialize static fields or data in a class and is only executed once.
  • Private Constructor- This constructor is created with a private specifier. Other classes cannot derive from this class, nor can an instance of this class be created.


What is CAS?

Code access security (CAS) is a component of a security paradigm that prohibits unauthorized access to resources. It also allows users to set the code's permissions. Common language runtime then executes the code according to the permissions.

One can use only managed code with CAS. If CAS is used in an assembly, it is considered somewhat trusted. Each time an assembly attempts to access the resources, it undergoes inspections.


What is a delegate in .NET?

A delegate is analogous to a function pointer in other programming languages, such as C or C++. The user can encapsulate the reference to a method in a delegate object with a delegate. A program can then be handed a delegate object, which will call the specified method. You can even use a delegate method to generate additional effects in a class.


What are an EXE and a DLL?

Assembly executable modules are EXEs and DLLs.

EXE is a type of executable file that runs the program for which it was created. When we create an application, we create an EXE file. As a result, the assemblies are immediately loaded when we start an EXE. On the other hand, we cannot share an EXE with other programs.

DLL is an abbreviation for Dynamic Link Library, and it is a library that includes code that must be hidden. This library contains all of the code. A single application can hold several DLLs, which can be used with other programs and apps.


Differentiate between an int and an Int32 value.

You will often encounter this .NET interview question as this is tricky because there is no difference between int and Int32. In the C# programming language, int is an alias for Int32, which is a type offered by the.NET framework.


What is passport authentication?

During passport authentication, the application examines the passport authentication cookie first, and if the cookie is not found, the application redirects to the passport sign on-page. The Passport service then verifies the user's credentials on the sign-in page, stores them on the client machine if they're legitimate, and redirects the user to the index file.

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Wrapping up

The collection of.NET interview questions provided here will help you prepare for your.NET interview. These.NET interview questions will help you solve similar problems or come up with fresh ones. In contrast, these technical.NET interview questions would not be the main focus of a.NET interview. During a.NET interview, the recruiters may ask questions about a candidate’s social and personal talents. Recruiters do this to discover if the candidate can persevere in challenging circumstances while helping their peers. It is vital for the recruiters to find talented individuals who are also team players.

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