Terraform interview questions and answers in 2023

If you want to work as a successful Terraform developer for a top Silicon Valley firm or build a team of talented Terraform developers, you've come to the right spot. We've carefully compiled a list of Terraform developer interview questions for your Terraform interview to give you an idea of the kind of Terraform interview questions you can ask or be asked.

Last updated on Mar 21, 2023

Terraform is an AWS DevOps Competency member as well as an AWS Partner Network (APN) advanced technology partner. Similar to AWS Cloud Formation, Terraform is an "infrastructure as code" tool for creating, updating, and versioning your AWS infrastructure.

Whether you are a candidate actively looking for terraform interview preparation or a recruiter looking for Terraform developers, the following list of Terraform interview questions will be of great use for you.

Terraform developer interview questions and answers


What is IAC?

IAC (Infrastructure as Code) enables you to build, alter, and maintain your infrastructure using code rather than human processes. The configuration files are built based on the specifications of your infrastructure, and these settings can be modified and transmitted securely within an organization.


Name some Terraform commands.

The following are some of the most useful Terraform commands:

  • output - views Terraform outputs
  • apply - executes the Terraform code and creates objects
  • init - initializes the current directory
  • destroy - destroys what has been built by Terraform
  • graph - creates a DOT-formatted graph
  • strategy - a test to see what Terraform can do
  • refresh - refreshes the state file


Why is Terraform used for DevOps?

Terraform employs the HashiCorp Configuration Language, a JSON-like configuration language (HCL). HCL offers a simple vocabulary that allows DevOps teams to easily specify and enforce infrastructure configurations across different clouds and on-premises data centers.


Explain Terraform Cloud.

This is an important terraform interview question. Terraform Cloud is a platform that allows teams to utilize Terraform collaboratively, either on-demand or in response to various events. Unlike a general-purpose continuous integration solution, it is intimately connected with Terraform's operations and data. It features simple access to shared state and secret data, full policy controls for updating infrastructure and managing Terraform content, a private registry for sharing Terraform modules, and much more.


Throw some light on Private Module Registry.

A Private Module Registry is a Terraform Cloud feature that allows you to share Terraform modules throughout your organization. On the registry, you can impose restrictions or "sentinel policies" that describe how members of your organization can use the modules.


What are the version control systems that are supported by Terraform?

This is a Terraform interview question for experienced professionals. The supported version control systems are:

  • GitHub.com (OAuth)
  • GitHub.com
  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • Gitlab EE and CE
  • Gitlab.com
  • Azure DevOps Services
  • Azure DevOps Server
  • Bitbucket Server
  • GitHub Enterprise


What is a resource graph?

A resource graph is a graphical representation of the available resources. It enables the modification and creation of independent resources at the same time. Terraform creates a plan for the graph's configuration in order to generate plans and refresh the state. It rapidly and successfully creates a structure to assist us to recognise the disadvantages.


How many levels does Sentinel Enforcement have?

This is an important Terraform interview question. Sentinel has three levels of enforcement: advisory, soft mandatory, and hard required.

  • Advisory - Logged in but permitted to pass. When a user initiates a plan that violates the rules, advice is delivered.

  • Soft Mandatory - Unless an override is stated, the policy must be implemented. Overrides are only available to administrators.

  • Hard Mandatory - The policy must be implemented regardless of the consequences. Unless and until this policy is repealed, it cannot be overridden. Terraform's default enforcement level is this.


What is the latest Terraform Azure Provider factor?

The latest versions include new data resources and Azurem_batch_certificate that help with the management certificate. In networking, this resource is used to regulate the prefix. There is fixing of bugs, and azurerm_app_service has also been improved.


How will you upgrade plugins?

This is a Terraform interview question for experienced professionals. Run ‘terraform init’ with the ‘-upgrade’ option. This command recursively searches releases.hashicorp.com for newly approved provider versions. It also downloads provider versions that are accessible. “.terraform/plugins/_” is the automatic downloads directory.

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Wrapping up

The above list of Terraform interview questions will be an important part of your Terraform interview preparation. These Terraform interview questions will assist you in solving similar queries or generating new ones. A Terraform interview, on the other hand, would not consist solely of these technical Terraform interview questions. A Terraform interview may also include questions regarding a person's social and life abilities. This allows recruiters to determine whether the candidate can navigate through difficult situations while also helping their team workers. As a recruiter, finding someone who gets along with the rest of the team is critical.

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