Swift Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

If you want to work as a successful Swift developer for a top Silicon Valley firm or build a team of talented Swift developers, you've come to the right spot. We've carefully compiled a list of Swift developer interview questions for your Swift interview to give you an idea of the kind of Swift interview questions you can ask or be asked.

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

Swift, an intuitive and high-level compiled programming language, was designed to enhance the development experience by complementing Apple's Objective-C library and Cocoa framework. It has revolutionized the landscape of mobile and desktop app development, seamlessly powering apps across Apple platforms including watchOS, macOS, iOS, and tvOS.

Although relatively new, Swift has become hugely popular and has created a demand for talented developers. Whether you're a job seeker preparing for a Swift developer job or are a recruiter seeking talent, our curated list of Swift interview questions can serve as a valuable resource.

Basic Swift interview questions and answers


What is Swift primarily used for in programming?

Swift is primarily used for developing applications across Apple's ecosystem including iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It's a versatile programming language for creating a wide range of applications, from mobile apps to desktop software.


Explain the difference between 'let' and 'var' in Swift.

'let' is used to declare constants, which means the value assigned to it cannot be changed once set. 'var', on the other hand, is used to declare variables, allowing their values to be changed after the assignment.


How do you write single-line and multi-line comments in Swift?

Single-line comments are written using //, while multi-line comments are enclosed within /* */.


Define type inference in Swift.

Type inference is a feature where the Swift compiler automatically determines the data type of a variable or constant based on its initial value. This reduces the need to explicitly specify types.


Compare 'print' and 'debugPrint' in Swift.

'print' is used to output variables and messages to the console for debugging purposes. 'debugPrint' offers similar functionality but provides additional debugging information like quotes around strings and escape characters.


Differentiate 'if let' from 'guard' statements.

'if let' unwraps an optional value within a conditional block and executes the block if the unwrapping is successful. 'guard' also unwraps optionals, but it's used within functions to exit early if unwrapping fails.


Perform basic arithmetic operations using Swift.

let addition = 5 + 3 let subtraction = 10 - 4 let multiplication = 6 * 2 let division = 12 / 3.


What is a tuple in Swift? Provide an example.

A tuple is a group of multiple values of different or the same types combined into a single compound value.


let person = ("John", 30)


What are the fundamental data types available in Swift?

Swift's fundamental data types include Int, Float, Double, Bool, String, and Character.


How does Swift handle memory management?

Swift uses Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) to manage memory. ARC tracks and manages references to objects, automatically deallocating objects when they're no longer needed.

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Wrapping up

This guide on Swift interview questions and answers aims to give significant insights into the world of Swift development to both job applicants and hiring managers. They can serve as the foundation for evaluating your Swift development technical competency and problem-solving abilities.

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