Top 10 Laravel interview questions and answers for 2023

If you want to work as a successful Laravel developer for a top Silicon Valley firm or build a team of talented Laravel developers, you've come to the right spot. We've carefully compiled a list of Laravel developer interview questions for your Laravel interview to give you an idea of the kind of Laravel interview questions you can ask or be asked.

Last updated on Jan 18, 2023

Laravel is an open-source PHP web application framework. It's a well-documented, expressive, and simple-to-understand framework. Laravel is very developer-friendly and can assist both novices and advanced users. As you gain experience as a developer, you'll be able to delve deeper into Laravel's features and provide more complex and enterprise-level solutions. There is a high demand for Laravel developers like you, but equally high is the level of Laravel interview questions. So, it is advisable to glance over some Laravel interview questions before heading for the interview.

Whether you are a candidate actively looking for Laravel jobs or a recruiter looking for Laravel developers, the following list of Laravel interview questions will be of great use for you.

Laravel interview questions and answers


What are Laravel events?
This is one of the most common Laravel job interview questions. An event is a happening or incident that the program detects and handles. A Laravel event provides a straightforward observer pattern implementation, allowing you to subscribe to and listen for events in your application. Here are some examples of events in Laravel: - A new user has joined the site - A new comment has been added - Login/logout of users - A new product has been added


What do you know about the Laravel query builder?
You will often come across this Laravel framework interview question. The database query builder in Laravel provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and running database queries. It can be used in your application to perform most database operations and works with all supported database systems. To protect your application from SQL injection attacks, the Laravel query builder employs PDO parameter binding. The strings passed as bindings do not need to be cleaned. Some QB features: - Chunking - Joins - Unions - Where - Ordering, Grouping, Limit, & Offset - Aggregates - Selects - Raw Expressions


What's New in Laravel 8?
Laravel 8.0, launched on the 8th of September, 2020, includes a slew of new features, including Laravel Jetstream, model directory, migration squashing, rate-limiting improvements, model factory classes, time testing helpers, dynamic blade components, and much more. New Features in Laravel 8 are: - Time Testing Helpers - Rate Limiting Improvements - Model Factory Classes - Models Directory - Migration Squashing - Laravel Jetstream - Dynamic Blade Components


What is Laravel Middleware?
This is one of the most asked Laravel job interview questions. In Laravel, middleware acts as a bridge between the request and the response. It provides a mechanism for investigating HTTP requests that come into your application. For example, in Laravel, middleware ensures that the user of your specific application is authenticated. If they discover that the user is not authenticated, they will redirect the user to the application's primary login page.


What is database migration?
Database migration is similar to database version control in that it allows the team to modify and share the application's database schema. Database migrations are used in conjunction with Laravel's schema builder, which is used to create the application's database schema.


What are service providers?
This is a commonly asked Laravel framework interview question. Service providers are the center for bootstrapping or configuring your Laravel applications. Laravel's core services are all bootstrapped via service providers. Developers use service providers to monitor class dependencies and conduct dependency injection.


What available databases does Laravel support?
Laravel supports the following available databases: - PostgreSQL - MySQL - SQL Server - SQLite


Can Laravel be used for Full Stack Development (Frontend + Backend)?
Laravel is the best choice for creating progressive, scalable full-stack web applications. Full-stack web applications can have a backend written in Laravel and a frontend built with blade files or SPAs built with Vue.js, which is included by default. However, you can also use it simply to provide rest APIs to an SPA application. As a result, Laravel can be used to create full-stack applications and just backend APIs.


What is dependency Injection?
It is common to come across this Laravel framework interview question. The Laravel Service Container, also known as the IoC, resolves all dependencies in all controllers. As a result, any dependency in controller methods or constructors can be type-hinted. The dependencies in methods will be resolved and injected into the method; this injection of resolved classes is referred to as dependency injection.


What is the use of dd() in Laravel?
It is a helper function that is used to dump the contents of a variable to the browser and halt further script execution. It is an abbreviation for Dump and Die.

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Wrapping up

The above list of Laravel interview questions will be an essential part of your Laravel interview preparation. These Laravel interview questions will assist you in solving similar queries or generating new ones. However, a Laravel interview would not consist solely of these technical Laravel interview questions. A Laravel interview may also include questions regarding a person's social and life abilities. These questions allow the recruiter to determine the things to consider while hiring a Laravel developer. As a recruiter, finding someone who gets along with the rest of the team is critical.

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