Turing.com review by full-stack developer from Brazil

"Turing helped me reach a new level in my career"

- Rob, Full-stack Developer from Brazil

Turing Developer Story by Rob

Rob, a full-stack developer, shared his Turing.com review and said that his quality of life has improved significantly since he joined Turing. He also added that he felt more productive and Turing helped him reach a new level in his career.

A top professional based in the densely populated city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rob realized that for him to be truly free, independent, and productive, he would need to transform his work environment radically.

Life before Turing jobs

Working in a crowded city can be highly taxing on exceptional talents like Rob. What particularly affected him was his regular chaotic commute to the office. "People need to get to their offices. And they can't help but face horrible traffic jams every single morning. Terrible, isn't it?" he recollects.

"Besides, it's hard to concentrate on work in those crowded offices," he adds further.

How did he learn about Turing US software jobs?

Rob started scanning the internet with his heart and mind set on finding remote work opportunities that help him optimize his work-life balance. His search eventually led him to a Turing ad on Instagram.

"I created an account, took some programming tests, and gave some interviews. Only two weeks later, I had a fantastic new job!" he exclaims.

How has his journey with Turing.com been so far?

The Brazil-based developer has quite a few interesting things to say about his experience with Turing. "One year ago, I was struggling to go to work, but now I can enjoy some time outside before starting my duties. I started working from home since I joined the organization last year. This dramatically improved my quality of life. It's unbelievable how much stuff I can do while people out there waste their time commuting, trying to get to their houses," Rob says.

"My morning begins with me taking a walk with my dog. Can you think of a better way to kick off your day? Neither can I," he says, smiling.

"With the time I save working from home, I can go to the gym and keep fit. I've never felt so productive before. Avoiding stressful traffic jams, eating better, exercising, all that keeps my brain in good shape," he mentions.

What's his take on Turing developers?

Rob seems to be enjoying his time at the organization. "Turing helped me reach a new level in my career. They've promised me a steady income, timely payments, and recognition among peers. On top of that, I get to work on a range of exciting projects with nice people who are exceptional international professionals," he says.

What's the final verdict?

"I always wanted to work for an American company. Where else could I work with and learn from the best? But getting an American working visa is not easy, though; that's probably the best thing about Turing. I don't need a visa because I can work from anywhere in the world. As they say, the future of work is truly remote," he signs off!

If you are a highly skilled engineer with expertise in any of these skills, Turing may be able to help you very quickly!

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