A comprehensive guide to make a perfect Node.js developer resume

Have you ever struggled with staring at a blank page with zero ideas of how to write your resume? If yes, this guide will help you create the perfect resume for a Node.js developer.

A perfect resume is a key to new opportunities. It is even crucial to make an impeccable resume. If you do not have a resume that can convey your skills to the hiring manager, how would you land a job? You know the answer better to this question.

So, Turing brings you the guide to make a perfect Node.js developer resume, which hits on the pulse of the recruiters and helps you get one of the best Node.js developer jobs.

1. Stick to specific details

This practice should be followed from early while writing your Node.js developer resume. You should avoid using difficult vocabulary. A crisp and clear resume that highlights all the critical information gets the eye of the hiring manager. It would not take long for the recruiters to understand what value you may add to the organization.

This is very important to follow the KISS principle, i.e. Keep it Short and Simple. The organization is not going to hire you based on the length of the resume, but on the basis of your skills. So, instead of elongating your resume with irrelevant information, make it as concise as possible without skipping on important information. Also, use easy sentence structures in your resume.

2. Highlight your experience

Highlight your experience in the industry. As the number of years is increasing your seniority in the position should also increase. The same can be reflected through the work experience timeline. The recruiter will have a quick understanding of how you have evolved through your career.

3. Appropriate headline

Appropriate headline

Headlines play an essential role in your resume. It will give the most important information at the very first glance to the recruiter. There is no rocket science in writing an appropriate headline for your Node.js developer resume. If you are an experienced developer use this simple headline along with the job role you are applying for like, “8+ years experienced Node.js developer.” Apart from this if you want to highlight your skills or education in the headline then it would also be a great option.

4. Use certifications and education to make yourself credible

 Use certifications and education to make yourself credible

You should always include certifications to affirm your expertise in the particular set of skills. No certification in this world guarantees that you will get a job. The point of these certifications is to establish that you are knowledgeable of the required skill. Theoretical and practical knowledge are both different things. Even if you have certificates but no practical knowledge, you are not eligible to get a top remote Node.js developer job.

These are the certifications in which you should invest your time and energy:-

  • OpenJS Node.js Services Developer:- It is offered by OpenJs foundation which shows your competence in the backend technologies by creating RESTFUL Node.js servers and services.
  • OpenJS Node.js Application Developer:- It shows your competence in making the applications through Node.js with knowledge of the core APIs.

Along with your certifications, mention your educational background, the institutes you went to, grades secured, etc., in chronological order. This will help the recruiter to get to know you more.

5. Work experience timeline

Your work experience timeline is the best demonstration of the value you can add to the organization. This will help you to steer the conversation in your favour by intriguing the hiring manager. Write the job descriptions in bullet points with crisp and clear language. You must present the information briefly and that too in an engaging manner. If the information is very long the hiring manager will get bored and might lose interest in your candidature.

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6. Adding value to the organization

Portray yourself as an indispensable asset to the organization. This can be done by using your experience and skills in alignment with the current job requirements. Always try to tailor-make the resume according to the requirements of the job. Adding relevant skills in your resume would be beneficial in getting shortlisted when an employer searches for a person who knows Node.js along with some other front-end technologies.

7. Let the numbers speak in your resume

Let the numbers speak in your resume

Numbers can add a lot of value to your resume. Those help the recruiter to judge you based on figures and not on arbitrary claims. It builds the trust between you and the hiring manager because he has something solid on which he can weigh for you the current job. So, keep adding those numbers at relevant places in your resume. You can highlight the number of the people you led or add the value of the profit or the number of downloads of any application you built, in your resume.

8. Skills you need for the Node.js developer job

Skills you need for the Node.js developer job

There is a specific skill set that is needed for the Node.js developer jobs as with any other job in the market. So, you have to highlight the skills that are needed for the job to make a credible impression on the hiring manager.

This is the list of the primary and secondary skills which are most commonly needed in every Node.js jobs:

Primary Skills
- Knowledge of REST APIs.
- Expert knowledge in Node.JS frameworks such as Nest.js, Koa.js, Express.js, Feathers.IO, etc.
- Mid-level knowledge of front-end frameworks such as React or Angular.
- Knowledge of the Databases such as MySQL, CouchDB, etc., which helps in information retrieval.
- Mastery in JavaScript or CoffeeScript.

Secondary Skills
- Knowledge of OAuth and security parameters for web development.
- Strong understanding of the SOLID principles and GOF patterns.
- Knowledge of Agile Methodologies and best DevOps practices.

9. Format of the resume

There are three formats of the resume out of which you can use anyone to make your resume depending upon your situation and choice.

Chronological Resume:-
This format emphasizes your work experience rather than skill. It will show your work timeline in chronological order starting from the recent work experience first. This format is not good for people with career breaks or who are fresher in the field.

Functional Resume:-
In this format, much of the real estate of the resume is covered by your skills section. It will put more focus on your skills and categorize your work and projects on the basis of your skills. So, this is best suited for the people who have breaks in their career or in the starting of their career.

Combination Resume:-
This resume is best suited for all people with different career backgrounds because it gives equal space to both work experience and skills.

10. Video introduction for the job

You should add a video introduction for the recruiter, so, he can understand your story through a different medium. There is not a hard and fast rule for the Node.js developers on how they should make their introduction, but it should be like summing up your skills and work experience that will add value to the organization.

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