Build the perfect MERN developer resume for 2024

Are you looking for advice about building a professional resume for a job as a MERN developer in the United States? Turing has created a guide to help you make the perfect resume for 2024.

Do you want to work as a remote MERN developer for a renowned US company? Then you already know how critical it is to have a solid resume to thrive in your field. In your job search, a well-written resume might make all the difference. It makes a fantastic initial impression on the reader and highlights your professional qualifications. A strong MERN developer resume can help you maximize your time to impress the technical recruiter and boost your chances of landing your dream jobs.

So, how can you write a strong MERN developer resume that will help you land the best MERN developer jobs?

This article is a step-by-step guide written by Turing experts to help developers create a cutting-edge MERN developer resume. Follow this in-depth guide to create a MERN developer resume to help you grow your profession.

1. Make a fantastic bio

Make a fantastic bio

You don't know where to start when it comes to writing a MERN developer resume? Begin with an engaging 'About Me' section; keep this bio brief and to the point to create a hook that will lure the reader into reading. Add your name and contact information to make it easier for the recruiter to contact you.

Don't forget to include skill-based keywords In your MERN developer resume. When you summarize your professional experience in your bio, just add a few keywords.

2. Tell them about your great story

Like the rest of us, recruiters like reading stories. One of the most effective ways to pique recruiters' interest in you as a MERN developer is to use your unique journey as a hook. Avoid using the conventional way of writing a MERN developer resume if you want to make an impact with your resume.

3. Start with a strong headline

It certainly makes a difference when you begin the MERN developer resume with a catchy title and a strong introduction. Make it concise and straightforward by specifying your years of experience in the title, such as 'Senior MERN developer with 6-years of experience'.

A more customized headline is a better option. Make the headlines of each application as unique as possible, as each organization has its own definition of the ideal candidate for their job role.

4. Choose a format for your MERN developer resume

Choosing a suitable resume format is an important step in the process. Every professional role has a set of critical targets to achieve. Choosing the right format can do wonders for you if you highlight your strengths in your MERN developer resume. So, you can present your resume in either a reverse chronological or functional format.

If you choose to use a reverse-chronological format, start with your most recent position and add other positions in the reverse order.

On the other hand, if you choose a functional format, begin with your skills rather than your years of experience and proceed to your job responsibilities in functional order.

5. Include a career timeline in your resume

You need to include a career timeline in your MERN developer resume. The reader will better understand your career path and how you became a specialist in your industry. This can be the focus of your resume, providing a concise overview of your professional background and technical skills—mention specific events or significant achievements that benefited your career.

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6. Make a list of the MERN developer skills you possess

Make a list of the MERN developer skills you possess

Every job requires a unique set of skills; some are required, while others help you stand out from the crowd. In your resume, list your critical MERN developer skills and explain how they've helped you achieve your career goals.

When describing your skills, provide a few sentences about how each helped your previous employers or clients make the right business decisions. You can also make your MERN developer resume more dynamic and pleasant by using fun icons for each skill.

If you're unsure how to add this section, simply list your skills or categorize them into primary and secondary categories. This will draw attention to your areas of experience and make it easier for a recruiter to evaluate your capabilities for MERN developer jobs.

Your MERN developer resume should include industry-standard skills to convince recruiters about your skills. Recruiters search for the following skills while looking for MERN developers.

Primary skills (technical)

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • MVC
  • SASS
  • LESS
  • Java script
  • ES6
  • JQuery
  • AJAX
  • JSON
  • XML
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose

Secondary skills (design and web performance-related)

  • UI/UX design
  • Visual editing
  • GIT/Version control
  • Wireframing
  • Debugging

7. Include details about your educational history

Include details about your educational history

Besides a professional's skill set, recruiters need to know about your academic qualifications. Although it may not always be the determining factor, it has a significant impact on how you've been shaped as a person. Your school, college, or university, as well as your grades, should be mentioned. You can also list any additional certifications you have.

This should be written so that the reader can follow your journey from student to professional life.

8. Add numbers to your MERN developer skills

Add numbers to your MERN developer skills

Numbers are significant in the business sector. They increase your chances by showcasing your ability to quantify qualitative work. To make a stronger impact using your MERN developer resume, emphasize your years of experience working with clients or organizations, as well as your numerical skills.

Mention your accomplishments and side projects in your application; this information adds value to the resume and increases your chances of being recruited further. Also, keep in mind that your resume should be short and to the point.

9. Include keywords and double-check for grammatical errors

Even though each language has its unique significance, English is the most widely spoken language on the planet. You should be fluent in English if you want to secure the best MERN developer jobs in the United States. Also, check for grammatical errors in your MERN developer resume.

You should incorporate skill-oriented keywords in addition to good grammar. This has a pleasant influence on the reader, and it enables resume sorting software to capture your resume for more opportunities.

Here's a small list of terms related to MERN development that you can use in your MERN developer resume.

Developing Programming Creating Designed Testing Executing Update Integration Coding Bootstrapping Documenting

10. Incorporate a brief video introduction

This is a novel and successful strategy. Include a brief video introducing yourself as a professional in your MERN developer resume. In less than a minute, summarize your professional skills and experiences. A video might create a sense of urgency to go above and beyond to get recruiters' attention.

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Working as a remote MERN developer for top US and Silicon Valley organizations will pay you significantly more than working for local companies. A competitive salary is always a plus when working for a remote company.

HTML5, CSS3, MVC, SASS, LESS, Object-Oriented Javascript, ES6, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, and XML are essential skills that a MERN developer should have. To become a MERN developer, you need a thorough understanding of the Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM Functions, Node ecosystem, NPM, Grunt, Gulp, Maven, Bower, and MongoDB, as well as Mongoose.

MERN Stack is likely to be widely utilized in the coming years, as more and more apps have JavaScript built-in. It is the most popular language as it can be used on both the front-end and back-end, eliminating the requirement for context switching.

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