How to write the perfect UI designer resume for 2024

Want to apply and get hired for the best UI designer jobs but aren't sure if your resume is good enough? outlines the dos and don'ts of writing a great UI designer resume to assist you in landing your dream UI designer job.

If you are a talented UI designer looking for work in the top Silicon Valley and US software companies, you understand the importance of having a remarkable resume.

A well-written resume draws hiring managers' and employers' attention to your qualifications. It is the first point of contact for recruiters, through which they will view and evaluate you. And we all want to make a good first impression. Isn't that right?

So, how do you create an impactful UI designer resume if you don't already have one?

This article is an attempt by the Turing team to assist you in developing a strong UI designer resume and obtaining the best remote UI designer jobs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a stellar UI designer resume.

1. Start with relevant information

Start with relevant information

When creating your UI designer resume, make sure you target the right people. The best way to start is to include an 'about me' section right after your name, email address, and phone number in large letters. Make it super convenient and profitable for recruiting professionals to contact you for an interview in seconds.

Remember to include the relevant keywords and UI designer’s most important skills, as well as a brief description of any relevant UI designer projects you have previously worked on. This will help your UI designer resume stand out among a slew of other candidates and increase your chances of getting an interview.

2. Treat your UI designer resume as a story

Your UI designer resume tells a brief story about you and your professional achievements. Stories take us on a journey and tell us things in such a way that they pique our interest. So, when creating your UI designer resume, remember to think of it as a story you're writing about yourself. Create a UI designer resume that tells your story to potential employers and recruiters in the best way possible.

3. Open with an impressive headline

Before going into the specifics of your job experience and academic background, make sure you have a resume headline that clearly states your title and years of experience. For instance, a UI designer with 5-years of experience at a top MNC.

The headline will serve as the central element of your UI designer resume.

4. Opt for a good format and structure for your UI developer resume

The reverse chronological order is the most common and widely used format for writing a resume, in which you begin with your most recent work experience and work your way through all of your previous roles. However, if you want to focus on showcasing your skills and tech stack, you can use the functional format. If there have been gaps in work experience, use the functional format.

You can also choose a hybrid resume, which is a combination of chronological and functional elements in which you highlight your most relevant skills and incredible work achievements.

5. Give a detailed work timeline as a UI designer

The work timeline is central to your resume. Mention your major accomplishments in previous companies and how they shaped your career. Describe how your work saved the company time and increased revenue. These are critical considerations that will never be missed.

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6. Feature your UI designer skills

Feature your UI designer skills

This section will include the skills in which you thrive. Demonstrate your core strengths in each of the skills you'll mention. Display them point by point and combine icons to capture recruiters' attention. Write a few lines about how your expertise in a particular skill helped your previous organizations find a business solution. Dividing your skill sets into primary and secondary skills will help hiring managers get a good idea of your strong points as well as your areas of knowledge.

If you have the following UI designer skills on your resume, you will be able to land a good UI designer job:

Primary skills (technical)

  • Visual design software
  • UX writing
  • Agile
  • Information Architecture
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JQuery

Secondary skills

  • Wireframing
  • UI Prototyping
  • User flow
  • Interactivity and animation

7. Talk about your educational background

Talk about your educational background

Mention your educational background, the institutes you attended, the grades you received, the other certifications you hold, and so on in a table format. Through these details, your recruiter can quickly review your educational history and know more about you.

8. Use numbers to quantify your skills and give more in-depth information about your work

Use numbers to quantify your skills and give more in-depth information about your work

Providing solid numbers to prospective employers can make a big difference and increase your chances of getting hired. You should include a number in your UI designer resume if you can answer the questions "How much?" or "How many?". Remember to mention all of your accomplishments and accolades. If your side project demonstrates your abilities, use it as a selling point. Also, make sure your resume is clear and concise.

Your resume should not be more than two pages long. Learn how to select and present the most important information on your resume so that recruiters can easily scan it.

9. Optimize your resume with good grammar and keywords

Use proper grammar, spelling, and relevant keywords to create an effective UI designer resume. To land the best UI development jobs in US companies, you must be fluent in English. Include UI-related keywords in your resume. Having these items on your resume will make you appear professional to recruiters. Even if you are the best candidate, a single mistake on your resume can cause recruiters to reject you.

Here are some skills-related keywords you can include in your resume:

Developing Programming Creating Diagnosing Testing Executing Update Frameworks Designing Deploying Conceptualize Coding Documenting Debugging

10. Sum up your resume in a brief video clip

This may seem like an extra step, but recording a brief video of about a minute or two highlighting your skills, experience, accomplishments, and credentials will give you an advantage over hundreds of competitors.

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From offering curation to product management and everything in between will be shaped by future UI design. Furthermore, UI Design will play an important role in providing a seamless multi-platform user experience, allowing customers to feel more connected to a brand or business. Hence, the future of UI designer jobs is bright and secure.

A UI designer requires specialized training in all areas to deliver quality products and services because the position combines elements of coding, psychology, and motion graphics. A bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Web Development, Graphic Design, or a closely related field is required.

UI design can be a rewarding career with numerous opportunities and a competitive salary. There are numerous advantages to working as a UI Designer. You'll be working with shape and color, typography and layout, photos, and illustrations as a UI Designer. But you'll also be working on the technical, problem-solving side of things as you work to make your designs work seamlessly. Because websites, apps, and software are now everywhere, UI Designers have a significant impact on the visual style of the digital space.

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