Angular developer resume for 2024: 10 things to remember

Wondering how to write impactful resumes to secure Angular developer jobs with US-based companies? Check Turing’s guide to preparing efficient resumes for 2024.

Looking for new remote Angular developer job opportunities with top US companies? If you're planning to take your career to the next level, you would know the importance of having a great resume.

A well-written resume can make a lot of difference. It creates an immediate impact on the reader and showcases your skillset to portray you as a valuable professional. An impactful resume will take advantage of the short window of opportunity to impress the recruiter and increase your chances of getting the call.

So what would be the ideal approach of creating an efficient angular developer resume to land the best jobs?

This article is a small effort from Turing to help professionals break through the common barriers witnessed during the interview process. Follow this simple guide to prepare your Angular developer resume and secure the perfect job to take your career ahead.

1. Write an awesome bio

Wondering how to start preparing your Angular developer resume? Start with an insightful and relatable 'About Me'; keep this bio brief and crisp so that the reader will pay attention by creating a hook. Try to include your name and contact details to make it easier for the recruiter to connect with you.

Also when preparing resumes for Angular developer jobs, do not forget to use skill-based keywords. Include a few as you briefly discuss your professional experience in the bio.

2. Tell your story

Everybody loves to read stories and so do recruiters. One of the best ways to get recruiters interested in you the professional is to create a hook using instead your inspiring journey. So if you're looking to build an impactful Angular developer resume, it's better not to sound generic and take the often taken route.

3. Start with an awesome headline

Just like writing an impactful intro, starting the Angular developer resume with a great headline also makes a difference. Keep it short and simple by stating your designation along with years of experience to open your application. You can use this as an example ‘Senior Angular Developer with 6 years of experience’.

A smarter way of writing a headline would be a custom one. Try to edit headlines for each application; every company can have its own ideal applicant.

4. Select format of Angular developer resume

A big part of writing a resume is selecting the correct format. Every job role has its own primary goals which can be used to your advantage. Make your Angular developer resume skill-based using any of these two formats - reverse chronological or functional.

Reverse chronological format - Start your Angular developer resume with the latest job role then move to older positions.

Functional format - Start with your skills first instead of years of professional experience and then move on to your job roles.

5. Add a career timeline

Don’t think twice about including a career timeline in your resume. This helps the reader understand your professional journey and how you carved out your niche of expertise. This can work as the heart of your resume as you take the reader through a quick tour of your professional journey and technical prowess. Refer to instances or key contributions that helped you climb your way up the ladder.

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6. List your Angular developer skillset

Every job role has its own set of essential skills; some skills are primary prerequisites while some are new technologies related to the job role. Use this section to list your skills as an essential Angular developer and how they’ve helped you build your career.

When listing down your skills, try to include a couple of lines about how each helped your previous employers or clients achieve their business goals. You can also include interesting icons for each skill to make your Angular developer resume look more insightful and immersive.

Moreover, if you’re wondering how to approach this section, you can simply list down your skill-set or split it up into two sections - Primary and Secondary. This will highlight areas of specialization and help the recruiter to understand you efficiently for Angular developer jobs.

List your skills as an Angular developer down using the conventional format.

Or, you can always try this alternate and more insightful approach.

Your Angular developer resume should mention industry-standard skills clearly to convince recruiters faster. Here is a small list of skills that recruiters will look for when hunting Angular specialists.

Primary Skills (Technical)

  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • Node.JS
  • NoSQL
  • RxJS
  • HTML and CSS
  • TypeScript

Secondary Skills

  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual Editing
  • SQL
  • AWS, Azure, and related cloud services
  • Debugging

7. Include academic qualifications

To companies and recruiters, knowing a professional's academic qualifications is as important as their skill set. It may not always be the deciding factor but plays a big part in how it shaped you as a person. Mention the school, college, and university you attended along with the grades you secured. If you hold any other certifications, never be shy about including them as well.

Frame this in a way that helps the reader to understand your journey from being a student to a working professional.

8. Quantify your Angular developer skillset

In the world of business and services, numbers can make a huge difference. They not only increase your chances but also show that you are capable of quantifying qualitative work. Support your years of experience working with clients or companies and the skills you’ve used with numericals to make a better impact with your Angular developer resume.

Also, try to include your personal achievements and side projects in your Angular developer resume; such information adds value to the application and increases the chances of selection. Just keep in mind to keep your resume crisp and to the point.

9. Include keywords & grammatically correct

Every language is valuable but English is the language that connects the world. Also, if you’re looking to secure the best Angular developer jobs in the US, it is important to be good at the country’s primary language. When preparing your Angular developer resume make sure to be grammatically correct.

Apart from writing good grammar, you should also include skill-oriented keywords. This creates a positive impact on the reader and also efficiently hacks the algorithm of resume selection/sorting software to increase the chances of getting the interview call.

Here is a small list of keywords closely related to Angular developer job roles.

  • Developing
  • Programming
  • Creating
  • Designed
  • Testing
  • Executing
  • Update
  • Integration
  • Coding
  • Bootstrapping
  • Documenting

10. Add a short video intro

This is a pretty new approach but an effective one nonetheless. Along with your Angular developer resume attach a short video introducing yourself as a professional. Keep the video short by summing up your skills and professional experiences. A video can add a sense of intent and an urgency to go the extra mile to find success.

Identifying Programming Creating Diagnosing Testing Executing Maintaining Communicating Informing Consulting Innovating MongoDB Troubleshooting Designing Documenting Container React Nativ JavaScript Database

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To make a career as an Angular developer, your resume should mention skills like Angular, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.JS, NoSQL, RxJS, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS
TypeScript. It is also good to have more skills related to the role, especially proficiency with new technologies.

Angular developer jobs continue to stay in demand, even though there are new similar solutions available. Angular already has good market penetration in different industries making it a good long-term career choice.

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