DevOps VS Developers: What Should You Choose for Your Project Development?

DevOps VS Developers: What Should You Choose for Your Project Development?


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    Huzefa Chawre

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Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps engineers perform a wide range of functions that streamline the software development process. They introduce mechanisms, tools, and protocols for automating the software deployment process and ensuring maximum efficiency in software development.

No. DevOps role is different from the software developers. While there are some overlapping functions, DevOps relates to overseeing the entire software development process, whereas the developer is responsible for the core development of the software.

DevOps involves a wide array of skills, including software development tools & platforms, programming, automation, testing, collaboration, communication, networking, and cybersecurity.

Yes, a developer can switch to DevOps by learning essential skills such as version control, agile methodology, CI/CD pipelines, containers, and proficiency in numerous programming languages.

According to Builtin, the average salary for a DevOps engineer ranges between $130k and $140k. On the other hand, the average salary for software developers ranges between $84k and $140k, as per US News.

If you have a software development project then you would need software developers to scale your project as per your specifications. Beyond that, if you have huge resources and complex infrastructure impacting the productivity of your business, then hiring DevOps engineers would be beneficial for you.

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