6 Tips to Improve Your Tech Recruiting Strategy Backed by Industry Experts

6 Expert Tips to Improve Tech Recruitment Strategies

There is no doubt about the competition the world is seeing to hire the best software developers. The marketplace is fierce when it comes to hiring top talent, especially when we are hiring developers remotely. Software engineer recruiters face different complexities and challenges daily in hiring tech professionals who can live up to their name.

There are numerous options available to fill open positions around the world. It is no longer enough for software engineer recruiters to sit around and wait. A stack of applications is coming their way daily, and tech recruiters must deal with it. Every single one of those applications needs to be evaluated. Of course, the process is overwhelming.

Software engineer recruiters need to be proactive in their approach now. To get lucrative benefits from the candidates they hire, they must embrace the challenges and navigate through them effectively.

This article will focus on tips and strategies backed by industry experts to help you improve your tech recruiting strategies this year!

What does a good recruitment process look like?

A good recruitment strategy allows tech recruiters to find better, more qualified candidates efficiently and quickly. The overall process needs to be constantly evaluated and planned meticulously.

Recruitment strategies must be streamlined so that everyone in the organization, new or old, can access the right tools, resources, and information to recruit the best developers globally. For example, suppose managers are interviewing candidates; in that case, software engineer recruiters and hiring managers must make this process as simple as possible by providing them with resume copies, background information, and other resources on the candidate as needed.

How can your organization improve software engineer recruitment?

There is an apparent shortage of the right software engineering talent. It poses a great challenge for software engineer recruiters, especially those representing small organizations who want to hire the best software engineers with the right skills.

As the world progresses from the ruins of Covid-19, organizations need to brace themselves and move ahead in the recruitment game. Organizations must broaden their horizons to hire competent software developers. They must look beyond the geographical and demographic talent pools and hire globally. We are living in a remote-first world. Use it to your advantage early on!

Benefits of a good tech recruiting strategy

Investing time in creating and implementing effective tech recruitment strategies can benefit hiring managers and software engineer recruiters. Some of them are:

Low cost of hiring

As a software engineer recruiter, you need to start getting proactive regarding increasing your organization's overall performance and profitability. This increase can be done by proactively helping others in the organization by offering them the right resources, information, and workforce to fulfill their goals. You can benefit everyone financially by being proactive in your approach. This can drastically reduce the cost-per-hire.

Better candidates

You can access better, high-quality candidates when you enhance your hiring process by fast-tracking things. You will likely retain each candidate’s interest when you hire them quickly. Slower processes can leave some candidates disappointed. They can look forward to other, better opportunities. Stay ahead and be better prepared to tap better-qualified candidates for your team.

Enhanced productivity

Through the right hiring process, you can enhance the overall productivity of your entire workplace. Tech recruiters can effectively free up a lot of space for HR personnel to invest more time into training employees, old and new. If you are focusing on the overall development of the entire workforce, it helps you foster better employee engagement as well as enhance performance to bring in long-lasting results.

Tips to improve your tech recruiting strategy as per industry experts!

Look for software developers across geographical boundaries.

As a tech recruiter, you need to broaden your hiring horizons. You need to delve into international tech recruiting. You could outsource your team or employ them to work as a full-time employee.

The search for the right remote talent is currently raging. Attracting talented software developers is easier when you consider candidates from other countries. As per PWC, 83% of employers now say the shift to remote work has been successful for their company, compared to 73% in June 2020.

Building a global collaborative team can be an asset for your organization in the long run!

Start being strategic from the very beginning.

Understanding the importance of being strategic regarding software engineer recruitment is important. If your organization is growing rapidly, it becomes even more important! Premature growth is often a cause of failure for some businesses. Therefore, ensuring that you are strategic regarding growth and expansion is pretty important.

Your future growth and expansion will also include the right recruitment plan. As a software engineer recruiter, devise the right strategies to hire people from the beginning. Estimate the time, effort, money, and other resources you will spend recruiting software developers.

Strategize everything from the very beginning! Set aside a strategic plan to hire software developers to help you advance your dream projects. Recruiting efficient and qualified software developers is critical to the future efficiency of your business. Devise everything the right way from the start!

Tech stacks must be present in the job description.

Tech stacks are an essential part of a tech-based job description. As a software engineer recruiter, you would want your candidates to know the skills they must possess to get hired. Candidates want to know the technology or the tech stack they would be working on to ensure they are making the right decision, thereby saving you both time and money in hiring.

As per Stack Overflow, more than 51% of candidates are always looking forward to the languages, technologies, and frameworks they will be working on while they look for jobs. The best way to approach this would be to add the right tech stacks in the job description you post to hire developers. Make it as clear as you can.

Look for more than keywords in resumes.

While it does seem like a great idea to quickly screen resumes and look for the right keywords that matter to the profile you are hiring for, it isn’t! There is a high possibility that tech recruiters will not be able to find the right candidate this way. There are some candidates that you might miss out on some candidates because they did not add the right "keywords" to their resumes.

You would want to consider looking through what these candidates have achieved depending on your availability and time. They might not include the right keywords, but they might possess the right skills and talent to do great at the job.

To approach this problem correctly, software engineer recruiters can quickly call the applicants to screen them briefly. It will only take 3-5 minutes to screen them to know their experience and what they will bring to the table. Most companies choose this path, especially when dealing with a smaller applicant pool and looking to expand it.

Test them out!

Hiring can be an overwhelming experience for software engineer recruiters. Developers often complain about the inefficacy of a tech hiring process based on random tasks, quizzes, and questions that have nothing to do with the job they are being hired for.

Organizations continue to hire software developers using these older practices. To make software developer recruitment successful, ensure you test them out. Give them tests in the context of the job they are applying for. It might seem to stretch the hiring process, but it does provide companies with the actual talent that makes organizations prosperous in the future.

This is how technical recruiters can maximize the efficacy of pre-employment assessments for tech recruiting:

  • Test candidates based on their work samples
  • Test their standardized objectives through the coding tests.
  • Make tests relevant to the work they’ll be doing on the job.
  • Keep the tests short since time is everything!
  • Grade candidates with the right scores instead of simply passing them or failing them.

Enhance your interview process.

Your hiring process can be pretty exhausting if not done right. Your goal as a software engineer recruiter must be to make your hiring process stress-free. Start with your interview and make it more efficient. Here are a few ways to approach this issue:

  • Be descriptive about your hiring process in the job description itself.
  • Make sure you mention compensation in your JD because most candidates consider compensation figures before applying for a job.
  • Respond to candidates faster. Don’t take more than 48 hours to respond to them.
  • Remove all kinds of areas where you think you’re wasting time in hiring and interviewing.
  • Software engineer recruiters must ensure they fix down the right interview time and format beforehand to cut down on any sort of confusion.
  • Streamline your process by automating the application process and tracking system. Incorporate an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into your hiring process.
  • Respond effectively to as many questions as you can. If someone asks you for feedback, be sure to pass it along!
  • Share all information about the organization and its operations with everyone.
  • Measure a candidate’s performance with the right strategy. Be proactive in your approach to the software engineer recruitment process.

Final words

All in all, software engineer recruiters want their candidates to have a better experience with the organization's hiring process. Even if they don’t cut it, the interview process must leave something beneficial for them to grow. If you are not efficient and proactive with your interview process, you might risk losing a valuable candidate to your competitor. Moreover, encourage candidates who don’t get hired to come back in the future and apply again. However, it can be challenging to pick a strategy that suits your project and business requirements. offers an easy solution to this by offering you top talent without you having to go through the whole hiring process. Turing is a deep jobs platform that uses its AI-powered Talent Cloud to match you with pre-vetted Silicon Valley caliber remote talent with a 2-week, risk-free trial. Turing’s pool of 2 million+ developers assures that you have ample options at hand and quickly match with elite remote developers to scale up your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A software engineering recruiter is a person who is responsible for sourcing and hiring software engineering professionals to fill up any or all technical spots in an organization. These people are responsible for identifying potential candidates, filling relevant job positions, interviewing the right candidates, and keeping records of any applications that come through.

Recruiters can hire software developers through personal networks, job boards, social media, visiting and relying on recruitment agencies and job fairs, and attending professional conferences and networking events.

Some of the most important things recruiters are looking for in software engineers are-

  • Proficiency in programming languages.
  • Overall ability to translate different learnings to achieve better results and realistic solutions.
  • Efficiency.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Analytical and mathematical skills.
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