Data Engineering vs. Data Science Explained

data engineering vs data science


  • Data Engineering vs. Data Science Explained

    Gospel Bassey

    Gospel Bassey is a creative technical writer who harnesses the power of words to break down complex concepts into simple terms. He has developed content in various technology fields, such as Blockchain Technology, Information Technology, and Data Science, to mention a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both areas are of utmost importance to any given organization. However, data engineers seem to have the edge over data scientists when it comes to relative importance, because tools cannot perform the work of a data engineer.

Data engineers do not necessarily code but a basic understanding of some programming languages like Python is necessary.

When it comes to learning, data science is easier than data engineering because of available tools that make it easier to learn.

Data engineers can become data scientists or vice versa but such individuals have to acquire the necessary skills first.

Yes. To be both a data scientist and data engineer, one has to be trained as a Machine Learning engineer. Machine Learning Engineers are people who are skilled at both data science and data engineering.

According to several data, data scientists earn more than data engineers.

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