10 Best Artificial Intelligence-Based Android Apps in 2024

10 Best Artificial Intelligence-Based Android Apps in 2022

The pace of mobile application development has witnessed many ups and downs since the beginning. From an arcade-based ‘Snake’ game in 1997 to smart, data-driven, and artificial intelligence apps for Android like - Google Assistant and Siri, mobile apps have evolved significantly.

AI-based Android applications serve different purposes for a wide range of stakeholders. For example - from a global business to a simple Android phone user, every stakeholder in this range has a different purpose for using AI-based mobile applications. Enterprises are looking to integrate AI into their business or applications for multiple purposes, such as - better customer service, interactivity, and 24x7 support, among others.

AI-based Android applications can now be seen in different domains like - healthcare, hospitality, gaming, health and wellness, fitness, and many others. That is why enterprises and businesses are investing heavily in it. In this article, we will discuss some game-changing, widely used artificial intelligence apps for Android.

Let’s dive in!

Google Assistant

It is an Artificial Intelligence-based personal assistant for Android devices. Google Assistant allows you to use your applications hands-free. It has features to control your home appliances as well but with a different setup. Thus, Google Assistant can help you use your phone easily and manage and operate your electrical home appliances.

The only thing you are supposed to do is to say, “Ok, Google!” and you are good to go.

Features -

  • Setting agendas and routines for meetings, schedules, etc.
  • Setting reminders and notes for important tasks, events, etc.
  • Managing messages and communication. For instance, asking Google Assistant to type messages or texts.
  • Using phone functions and settings. For example, saving the contacts.
  • Getting help with travel planning, checking flight schedules, finding itineraries, etc.
  • Read news and get information on current events.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is an artificial intelligence-based voice assistant service. The advanced voice assistant helps you do several tasks like - playing music, weather updates, reminders, and organizing things on your smart devices, among others. In addition, the integration of Alexa with the internet of things (IoT) can help in home automation. For example - controlling your electronic devices like - bulbs, fans, etc.

Features -

  • Play music from your favorite music apps, radio stations, etc.
  • Get alarms, timers, etc., in place.
  • Help you get answers to most of the queries.
  • Customized real-world global news.
  • Control some of the smart home appliances.
  • Home automation and security.
  • Access to different phone features over voice.


It is one of the best AI-based chatbot companion apps. Replika helps you in building a compassionate AI-based virtual friend. The app helps people to find a human-like friend to have a sound discussion or conversation on a wide range of topics.

Features -

  • Can talk about your interests, life, and day in general.
  • Answer text messages or communicate with people through voice-over actions.
  • Augmented reality features to have a real person-like experience.
  • Measures and tracks the quality of conversations for better outcomes.
  • It can tell you thoughts, quotes, jokes, memes, etc.

If you're interested in taking technology even further, you might consider exploring how to develop AI-based chatbots for various applications.


FaceApp is one of the best AI apps for Android phones. It helps users in editing their pictures. For example - you can turn your selfie into a modeling portrait, better facial features, etc. FaceApp gives you everything you need to create social media-worthy edits for free.

Face App helps you beautify photos using a fantastic set of AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools. It gives you a seamless and photorealistic edit in a single tap. It is so easy to use that you will never have to spend hours photoshopping again.

Features -

  • Add perfection to your selfies with various impression filters like beard, mustache, lipstick, etc.
  • Gender Swap
  • It allows you to share your FaceApp edits directly to your favorite social media accounts without hassle.
  • Different language support.


Cortana is an artificial intelligence-based application developed by Microsoft. Cortana works on the same line as Google Assistant, which means it can also do tasks like - playing music, alarm setting, calling, reminders, news, web search, etc.


  • Calendar and schedule assistance.
  • Meeting help like - scheduling, notification, etc.
  • Make lists and set reminders and alarms.
  • Get definitions, quick answers, voice-over searches for queries, etc.
  • Get live weather updates and notifications.
  • Real-time news updates from across the globe.


ELSA stands for English Language Speech Assistant, which helps users learn the English language. In addition, it helps in improving pronunciation, working on speech, etc.

The functioning is based on artificial intelligence, which keeps track of your progress, analyzes your improvement over time, etc. Based on this data, it generates a progress report for every individual.

Features -

  • It’s an AI-based system that monitors your fluency, pronunciation, word stress, and listening skills.
  • It has the potential to help you in preparation for some international-level English fluency tests—for example - IELTS and TOEFL.
  • It can help reduce the cost of English language training by 20-30%.


Socratic is a Google AI-based educational application. It was built to support courses like - Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, and many more. Socratic gets you illustrated explanations of important concepts in each subject with help from teachers.

Socratic’s text and speech recognition feature helps fetch the most relevant learning resources for you. All these features make Socratic one of Android’s best artificial intelligence apps.

Features -

  • Scan and search feature.
  • Speech recognition.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Intelligent AI optimizes the results based on queries.
  • It has features like - YouTube, Q&A, discussions, etc.

Swiftkey Keyboard

Microsoft SwiftKey is an intelligent AI-based keyboard that comprehends your writing style, so you can type quicker, faster, and better.

You can use your personalized keyboard to type and send emojis, GIFs, and stickers. The Microsoft SwiftKey swipe keyboard is always learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing, including slang, nicknames, typing pattern, frequently used words, and emoji.

Features -

  • Stunning word predictions based on artificial intelligence.
  • You can sync it across multiple devices.
  • Built-in clipboard for ease of access.
  • Swipe and gestures-based keyboard features.
  • Flexible layout and design.
  • You can change the long press duration.
  • Multiple language support.

Data Bot

It is an AI-based mini pocket robot that works as a personal assistant for you. You can engage with it by asking questions, talking, and having discussions, among many other things.

Features -

  • Multi-language support.
  • Learns from experiences.
  • You can customize it as per the voice, behavior, etc.

Siftr Magic

This app appears to be built for photo lovers. Siftr Magic has features that help you detect junk photos and suggest better images and repetitions. So, if you are a snap lover, go get it now.

Features -

  • Feature point localization and detection.
  • Detection and deletion of spam photos.

Wrapping up

Artificial intelligence has come too far to give what we have today in the Google Play store. Numerous other AI apps for Android are building their ground slowly, but with the developments in the world of AI, we will soon be able to see a revolution in the AI apps for Android.

AI-based applications should be your next goal if you are an innovative business and want to grow by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Now, the question is, from where can you get some expert professionals for all these AI and ML-based roles? If that’s the case, then do not worry. Turing can help you hire AI engineers pre-vetted for a Silicon Valley bar in just 3-5 days without extra effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AI applications are primarily smart applications based on edge-cutting AI techniques like - machine learning, deep learning, image processing, image recognition, etc.

There is no particular metric, but based on the utility and number of users, Google Assistant is clearly a front runner in this race. It assists you with a hands-free mode. This virtual voice assistant can help you anytime and anywhere to perform tasks like controlling your smart home appliances, scheduling meetings, messaging, etc.

It certainly depends on your technology and factors like resources, type of AI solution, location, etc. But according to Make An App Like, the average artificial intelligence app costs between $50,000 and $150,000 in the USA.

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