10 Skills to Look For While Hiring Android Programmers in 2023

Skills to check for, before you hire Android programmers

The mobile market is growing rapidly; therefore, Android programmers are in high demand. With around 87% of the market share, Android is leading the smartphone market across the globe. From this, it is clear that to reach potential customers across the globe, you should find and hire Android programmers to develop an Android app.

These days, almost every business requires an online presence, mostly through a mobile app, as it’s the new, trendy thing! Android is one of the major players, with 73% of smartphones having an Android operating system.

To develop a successful android app, recruiters need to know how to choose a skilled and professional android programmer. These Android programmers should be well-versed in the latest technologies and possess the required skills to deliver an excellent app.

Businesses can really grow with the use of an Android app, as it provides them with a platform where the clients can be in touch with companies with just one tap and get to know the products better. The concept of using a mobile application for business, marketing, and sales, is one of the best options out there.

Customers also like stuff to be handy and seamless. As the trend of mobile applications is on a high, a lot of companies are looking for resources about how to hire Android programmers, and the required skill set a programmer should have. In this article, we’ll list down the criteria and skills recruiters need to evaluate before hiring an Android programmer.

Why hire an Android programmer?

Before looking through the skills, let’s know why companies need to hire an Android programmer? As you know, Android is dominating the smartphone world. With the invention of new technologies, such as AI-based apps and smart devices, and Alexa moving homes, there’s more reliance on Android applications.

Companies, in particular, needed to transform their processes and opt for the digital environment. Those who aren't working on digital presence and developing modern mobile applications will be forgotten first. Therefore, building mobile applications has become a basic necessity for most businesses.

The good news is that Android programmers can build, update and deploy Android applications. Here's what Android programmers can make:

  • E-commerce applications

  • Web-based applications

  • Cloud applications

  • Migration and up-gradation of existing applications

Android programmers help build solid mobile applications that drive brand awareness and retain customers in any industry, including healthcare, healthcare, banking, media/entertainment, and digital marketing.

Skills to check before hiring an Android programmer

Now let's get down to the skills. If you're planning on interviewing a candidate who's trying to fill a position as an Android programmer, or if you've already selected a few candidates, you must check if they have the required skills. These are some of the skills that every good Android programmer must possess:

Knowledge of programming languages and SDK

Android programmers must have proficient knowledge of fundamental tools and web technologies. They must know everything about Kotlin, Java, SDK, XML, and Firebase. Otherwise, they will not be able to build and deploy mobile applications. Here's a detailed summary of why each of these programming languages ​​is essential for all Android programmers

- Kotlin: Kotlin is the latest programming language for Android app development, and Android programmers need to have a good knowledge of Kotlin. Kotlin is ideal for developing Android apps as it brings all the benefits of modern language to the Android platform without introducing new restrictions. Kotlin is fully interoperable with Java so that you can use your existing Android libraries with your Kotlin applications.

- Java: Having extensive knowledge and experience with Java is one of the most basic requirements for Android programmers. To efficiently code a perfect app, developers need to know the complex Java structure and syntax. Developers need to have knowledge and experience in object-oriented programming (OOP) and the concepts. They also need to be aware of variables, lists, loops, and other programming concepts.

- XML: As you know, the core development of mobile apps is done via Java, but for other things and appearances, XML (Extensible Markup Language) is required. Appearance also plays a big role. XML provides the layout foundation for Android mobile apps. XML and its standards are used to encode some of the key parts of every app. It provides an interface for consistently processing information across multiple devices.

- SDK: Android programmers must have a good knowledge of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The basics (mainly layout and view processing, getting data from the web, user input, action bars, activities, and life cycles, storing dates and densities) must be very clear. The concept should be well understood by the developer. Developers should also have a good understanding and knowledge of documentation and communication. Before hiring an Android app programmer, it's important to make sure they're familiar with the SDK.

- Firebase: Firebase is a mobile platform that helps developers quickly develop high-quality apps and helps companies grow their user base and earn more money. Firebase provides several features to make the work of Android programmers easy. Firebase App Indexing API is also helpful to make the app visible in Google SERP.

If potential Android candidates haven't mastered these technologies, you should not hire them.

Knowledge of SQL and databases

The Android database used to store user data and applications is SQL. Therefore, if you are hiring an Android programmer, you need to confirm his / her understanding of the SQL database engine. To become an all-around Android application developer, developers must be familiar with the triggers, indexes, multiple tables, and views in a single disk file.

Android apps handle large amounts of data and need to interact with a database outside of the smartphone. Nowadays, Android programmers prefer using Firebase to store data in the cloud and make it accessible for cross-platform. Developers must also know how to work with an SQLite database if their users need to use the app offline.

Understanding of Android design

The unique app design is one of the key factors behind any app’s success. The design includes the overall look, UX, and feel of the Android application. Users don’t like to use an app that is filled with bugs. Rather they will prefer an android app with a seamless experience and some value addition technology.

When companies consider android programmers for hire, they must make sure that programmers possess a proper knowledge of the design requirements of the application.

Expertise with cross-platform solutions

With the growing smartphone market, users are divided based on the platform and OS. Tech giants such as Google and Apple are also trying to bridge the gap between platforms by releasing cross-platform applications and frameworks. Android programmers must be able to work on various cross-platform development frameworks.

Understanding of SDLC

Developers should understand the logic behind the development process and business decisions. It’ll help them recognize essential components and features, also give them time to plan the development process, and deliver an Android application solution that fully meets business requirements.

Material design principles

Google’s application didn't initially have consistent designs, unlike Apple. Recently, it has released some design guidelines known as Material Design. Android programmers should be well-versed with these design principles for building better UI/ UX.


APIs are used to integrate applications with third-party applications or services. For example, programmers can use these APIs to locate users, to search for local places, or as a map within the app.

Version control system

Git is an open-source software used for version control. Git lets programmers experiment with new and existing application features and coding techniques with confidence. They can work on new ideas for any project while maintaining previous working copy safe and secure. The moment project gets evolved in the wrong direction, they can restore the previous version using APIs.

As the world moves towards the mobile landscape, Android programmers can surely help businesses find an audience for their creations or bring great value to companies in need of Android applications.

Android testing

Users interact with the Android applications on different levels, from clicking a submit button to downloading information. Accordingly, programmers should be able to test a variety of use cases and interactions as they develop the app. The most popularly used testing libraries are Mockito, Junit, Expresso, and Robolectric.

Soft skills

Technical skills aren't the only skills needed to evaluate a developer's caliber. Android programmers also need to have some soft skills.

- Communication skills: When hiring a dedicated Android programmer, you need to make sure they have the required communication skills. Communicating development requirements to each other can be difficult, so your programmers should be able to clarify their point of view to others.

- Team player: Complex projects cannot be managed individually. Therefore, if you bring in some new Android programmers, make sure they are good team players. There are many events where startups fail due to a lack of coordination between team members. Therefore, this skill is very crucial.

- Problem-solving and creative thinking: Developing Android apps is not easy. It takes a lot of creative thinking to make them look engaging and unique. Therefore, hire an Android programmer who should be able to think creatively and solve issues while working on an application.

On top of these, hire Android programmers who have confidence in their work and assist team members in making critical decisions.

Wrapping up

Android applications are suitable for every company out there. Some of the main reasons are a large user base, easy accessibility, huge scalability, and a suite of easy-to-use development tools. All you need is a team of skilled and professional Android programmers. Use this guide to find and hire the right Android programmer for your dream application. The above factors may not be comprehensive, but they certainly cover some of the most important skills. If you start with clear requirements and fully agree with the project’s outcomes, the application will be successful.

Hiring the best Android programmers to make that possible is not as easy as it may seem. Companies must take the time to evaluate fundamental technical skills, soft skills, hiring terms, and budget. But evaluating all of these skills can be tedious and can be even more difficult if the recruiter lacks technical knowledge.

So, what's the answer? Is it possible to hire dedicated Android programmers easily while maintaining quality?

Yes, it is possible. With Turing, companies can hire remote Android programmers who have been pre-vetted for a Silicon Valley bar. We help companies to hire Android programmers after evaluating their coding, technical and soft skills. Turing allows businesses to quickly scale and build a team of the top Android programmers in just 3-5 days.


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Java is the most important skill for a android programmer.

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  4. User interface (UI) design
  5. Cross-platform development skills
  6. Cybersecurity skills
  7. Product management skills
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  2. Designing the product architecture
  3. Developing and coding
  4. Testing
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