Android vs. iOS App Development - A Quick Analysis

iOS vs Android app development


  • Android vs. iOS App Development - A Quick Analysis

    Subhasish Dutta

    Subhasish is a science graduate but a passionate writer and wordsmith who writes website content, blogs, articles, and social media content on technologies, the equity market, traveling, and other domains. He has worked with Affnosys and FTI Technologies as a content writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple iOS developers use Swift, which requires less code and is easier to learn and master, whereas Android developers use Java and Kotlin, which are more complex and time-consuming.

iOS apps generate more revenue than Android apps. Even with less than 15 percent market share, iOS apps generate more revenue because iPhone is more popular in high-income regions like Japan and the United States.

Android leads in global market share among mobile operating systems, while iOS is more popular among users in the USA, Japan, and Australia. The demand for skilled Android and iOS developers is high as almost every business is developing mobile applications; however, it mostly depends on geography. iOS developers are in high demand in countries USA and Japan, while Android developers are in demand in countries with low income.

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