Here’s How to Manage Remote Developers across Different Time Zones

Here’s how to manage remote developers across different time zones


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Scheduling team meets for employees across different time zones can indeed be challenging. However, there are some ways to do it efficiently. You can start by checking if and when your team members’ work schedules/hours overlap to figure out an ideal time to set the meeting. You can also rotate meeting times to provide everyone with an equal opportunity for the least and most convenient times to fit together.

Furthermore, you can try to rotate the recurring meeting timings (rotating meeting times every week) to offer more flexibility to employees from varying time zones. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to get an ideal time. In such cases, the next best option is to simply record the meeting and share the recording link with the concerned employees.

Setting agendas and asking questions in advance is another great way to involve those who enter the meeting late or can’t attend due to differing time zones. Simple ask for talking points or questions when sending the notification for the meeting agenda, and discuss them at the start of your meeting.

Ans. Running a remote workplace can get challenging, especially if your team consists of members from various time zones. Here are a few tips to help you manage such employees better: use tools like Slack, World Clock Meeting Planner, and Every Time Zone for effective time zone management. Encourage flexible timings and work hours, and allow both synchronous and asynchronous meetings. Another key pointer to manage employees across multiple time zones is to establish clear expectations on operating anonymously.

Ans. While you cannot change timezones for individual team chats in Microsoft Teams, here’s how you can change your time settings in Teams: login to Microsoft Office 365 on your web browser and tap on the settings icon after logging in. Click on the ‘Change Your Language’ link and you will enter the ‘Settings and Privacy’ dialog. Click on the ‘Time Zone’ option to expand it and click on ‘Change Time Zone’. Here, you can enter the preferred time zone.

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