How Can You Easily Hire Remote Indian Developers from USA in 2023?

How Can You Easily Hire Remote Indian Developers From USA in 2022?

Planning to hire Indian software developers in 2023 while sitting in the US? If you’re one of those companies that are looking to hire the best offshore Indian developers for your project, then this article is for you. Here we will explain to you how you can easily hire experienced Indian software engineers in a matter of days.

Why should you hire remote developers from India?

There's no denying the fact that the technology sector is booming and is very much in demand. However, corresponding to this growth, there's an acute shortage of skilled developers which ultimately fuels the IT sector's desire to hire the best talent on their team.

This cutthroat competition has led to a ruthless talent war where companies need to re-strategize their employee retention plans by offering higher salaries and multiple hikes. This is where start-ups and SMEs lose the talent war, as they cannot afford to pay such high salaries and perks if they want to profit as a business. This is the reason why many companies prefer to hire software developers from a different city or even country where the cost of living is low. One such country that is preferred by a number of companies including Silicon Valley giants, is India.

India alone produces over 1 million engineering graduates annually, churned from over 3500 IT institutes in India. This is the highest number not only in terms of engineering graduates but also in terms of engineering education institutes and infrastructure in the world. For several years now, India has established itself as the most conventional and preferred destination for hiring remote developers.

Before making any decision, it is important to first learn the advantages that your business can get by hiring remote developers from India. Let’s go through them one-by-one -

1. Highly cost-effective -

Hiring from India is highly cost-effective, as the living cost in the country is comparatively low. Furthermore, you also save on several other expenditures like office space and supplies for the physical infrastructure.

Here's why hiring remote developers from India is cost-effective -

  • Indian developers are less expensive
  • Reduced operating costs and infrastructure cost
  • Less recruitment cost

2. Big talent pool -

India has a strong focus on STEM, particularly in the engineering sector. The country produces the highest number of engineering graduates every year. Consequently, it's no surprise that India has such a big pool of thriving developers. This means you can easily find a suitable remote software developer for your project.

3. Good communication skills -

There's no denying the fact that there's a bias towards English in the job market. A software developer with good English communication skills is highly desirable and preferred by most companies. The reason behind such biases is that English is the most widely used global language. And companies require a common language to ensure effortless and effective collaboration among team members.

4. Befitting timezone -

Another prominent advantage of hiring remote developers from India is the favorable time zone. The approximate difference between India and US East Coast is 9.5 hours, and the difference from the West Coast is 12.5 hours. Which is perfectly suitable for round-the-clock development and post-development support. Moreover, you can well-strategize the time zone differences in order to overlap gaps to collaborate and communicate requirements and even hold meetings to track progress and get feedback.

How to hire software developers remotely from India?

You’ve decided to hire remote software developers from India, but how do you get started? Where do you actually find competent developers in India?

To ease your remote hiring process, consider the following steps to ensure you hire the right candidate.

1. Define your requirements -

The first and foremost thing to do before hiring remote developers from India is to set your business goals and objectives. Accordingly, define your requirements for the project. A clear roadmap of project requirements can lead you to depict the qualifications, experience, and skills that a particular candidate should have when you hire remote developers from India.

2. Create a detailed job description -

When you create a job description, simply summarizing the essential job functions of the role won't do. A clear and detailed job description is imperative to attract and keep the best talent. Always be transparent about all aspects of the position, like responsibilities along with the compensation, benefits, and other perks.

3. Vet the required skills thoroughly -

Hiring a remote developer is hard enough. But if you've made a wrong decision and have onboarded a candidate who's not suitable for the job, then it can have a negative impact on productivity and damage employee morale. That's why it is extremely important to vet the skills of the job applicant. You can do so by preparing a coding test or making use of platforms like HackerRank which can do the test for you. Ensure you have thoroughly evaluated the software developer's technical and soft skills.

4. Conduct thorough remote interviews -

It is a source of accurate information that allows you to check if the candidate has the right experience, skills, and professional background. That's why make sure the interview process is well-structured and heavily concentrated on areas that concern the company's growth.

Can U.S. companies hire easily from India?

Yes! A U.S. company can just as easily hire remote software developers from India. In fact, most U.S. companies ranked India as the most preferred and favored spot to outsource software developers. However, before you make any decisions, it is vital to first research thoroughly. Select how you’re gonna hire Indian software developers, and which platforms would be most suitable for a successful output.

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That’s why try Turing when hiring remote developers from India, as it certainly saves valuable time and resources and enables you to build your dream engineering team in a matter of days.

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With most companies worldwide looking out for Indian developers, hiring offshore Indian developers costs around $19–$40 per hour.

The first step in approaching a developer on LinkedIn is to review their profile and have an initial conversation if they suit your needs and requirements. Followed by which other talks can take place that may lead to virtual meets.

Yes, contacting candidates on GitHub has become a popular option among hiring managers by searching skill-specific keywords.

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