Interested in Knowing the Cost of Hiring an ASP.NET Developer? Read this

Interested in Knowing the Cost of Hiring an ASP.NET Developer? Read this

Have you ever wondered, what works behind the scenes at Slack, MasterCard, Alibaba Travels, HBO, GoDaddy, CNN, Kaggle, and Deloitte, among others?

YES! Congratulations you guessed that right. It’s ASP.NET.

It is not only the organizations or businesses that enjoy working with ASP.NET but also the techies, software developers, programming enthusiasts, and students. According to Stack Overflow’s notable Developer Survey, 2021 - over 70% of the developer community who have previously worked with ASP.NET have an intended interest to keep on working with it. That’s why in today’s dynamic world and ever-changing technologies ASP.NET is still omnipresent. As per a study by enlyft - around 1,226,454 companies have accepted to use of the ASP.NET web framework.

Therefore, now is a good time to hire ASP.NET developers. In this article, we will discuss some secret recipes for the same. Additionally, we will also include - the cost of hiring ASP.NET developers.

ASP.NET know-how

ASP.NET is not a new technology but despite everything, it is still across the board today. This is a popular web development framework for building dynamic, interactive, and responsive web applications running on the .NET platform. ASP.NET web framework functions on cross platforms such as - Windows, macOS, and Linux. With the .NET framework, you can create numerous applications. Some of the popular categories are - Inventory and warehouse apps

  1. Accounting systems
  2. CRM platforms to sites
  3. XML web services
  4. Dynamic mobile apps

Usually, this framework is associated with a principle of the 3S -

  1. Scalability
  2. Security
  3. Stability

That's probably why most businesses prefer .NET for their software products spanning across different domains.

How to hire an ASP.NET developer?

Are you looking to hire a skillful ASP.NET developer to take care of your next project or product? That too with an optimum cost? If your answer is yes, you are in a right place.

With such a huge market of options, hiring the best ASP.NET developer that can help you create a prominent software app and ensure a high ROI, might be a formidable task.

So, let’s discuss some of the steps which can help you in hiring an ASP.NET developer. You can integrate these steps into your interview process without incurring any monetary costs or expenses:

Back to the basics

The candidate must have an understanding of the ASP.NET web framework with some practical experience. An ideal candidate must possess basic knowledge of:

  • ASP.NET web application development
  • Basic understanding of frameworks
  • Know-how of the product development process
  • Some front-end web development skills are always a big plus

Thus, if a candidate shows a significant amount of expertise in each of them, go with them.

Experience holds the key

This step is crucial and can take out the most from your budget. An experienced ASP.NET developer brings diverse and value-added skills to the team, including the ability to handle tough situations, among many others. That’s why it costs much to hire them.

The technical know-how of databases

In addition to the knowledge of programming, a candidate must also have a good amount of experience in SQL databases. The more advanced knowledge of SQL databases is directly proportional to its usefulness to the ASP.NET developer.

In general, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and MySQL are most commonly used in sync with the .NET framework.

The essence of soft skills

Soft skills are gradually becoming one of the most desired skills in the industry. The importance of these skills can be inherited from this insightful statement made by industry experts - “Good technical skills can get you a place in the industry, but only soft skills can take your career growth higher.”

Some of the crucial soft skills to keep an eye on while hiring an ASP.NET developer are:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Learning attitude

Therefore, while budgeting the cost to hire ASP.NET developers all these crucial metrics should be kept in mind.

Cost of hiring ASP.NET developers

Since we have explored all the - skill sets required and metrics, among others. Now you can try to analyze the cost based on these. For example - if you are looking for the cost of hiring an intermediate-level ASP.NET developer, then the focus should be on:

  1. Skillset and technical expertise.
  2. Previous salary range of the candidate.
  3. Current salary span in the industry.
  4. Experience level of the candidate.
  5. Cost of living. For example - hiring in the bay area can cost more than in the rest of the USA.
  6. Time differentiation. For instance, international timings can attract higher costs.

So, based on these, the cost of hiring ASP.NET developers in the USA would be $75k to $115k (as per the Glassdoor insights). Likewise, you can also analyze the cost for other regions and levels.

It is worth noting that these rates might vary based on individuals, geographic locations, and platforms. But this gives an approximate range of costs that will be incurred for hiring ASP.NET developers.

If you are looking to hire highly experienced ASP.NET developers with high levels of expertise at reasonable rates then Turing is one of the best platforms to help you find the right developers at half the cost.

Tips for hiring the industry's best ASP.NET developers

The cost of hiring an ASP.NET developer depends on several independent factors. Here are some of the top tips by the industry experts:

Get a list of comprehensive questions

Discuss with your developers and different teams the issues they face, or the technical things a candidate should know based on their experience. In addition to that, scroll through the different forums and portals to know more about trendy ASP.NET questions.

Mine out the best questionnaire

Now, out of all those questions that you or your team have collected, mine the best questions based on:

  • Current trends in technology
  • The demand of your internal team
  • Suggestions from your internal team

Please, avoid one size fits all approach

This will help in crafting the questions according to the profile and the skills of a developer. Because you can not judge a candidate’s skills and expertise based on what they do not know. So, we would suggest please avoid one size fits all approach.

Once you follow all these steps, you get a candidate who matches your organization’s mission and vision in the most cost-effective way. Meanwhile, do not forget to test their soft skills as mentioned above.

Closing points

No doubt, hiring professional ASP.NET developers needs a lot of effort, time, and monetary expenses. But still, employers do not get the candidate they are actively looking for. Therefore, to ease things up has come up with a unique AI-based Intelligent Cloud System system that can surely help your organization in getting the best-suited ASP.NET developers for your dream team.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today to give it a head start.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the three things to be mindful of when hiring ASP.NET developers -

  • Analyze the candidate’s tech skills
  • Match their expertise with the organization's requirements
  • Keep an eye out for soft skills

Yes, ASP.NET is still very much in demand as one of the most widely used web frameworks in the industry. Top companies such as Amazon and Microsoft are still investing significant resources in ASP.NET and it continues to drive the growth in the web industry.

The most cost-effective to hire an ASP.NET developer would be partnering and delegating your hiring requirements to a third-party service provider, for example- Working with such companies enables you to hire from a wide and pre-vetted talent pool, allowing you to access the world’s best developers with just a few clicks.

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