Benefits of Hiring ASP.NET Developers

Know the benefits if you hire ASP.NET developer


  • Benefits of Hiring ASP.NET Developers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple factors go into hiring the best ASP.NET developers across the globe. It completely depends on the candidates you choose, their capabilities, and the complexity of their skill set. However, as per, the annual median salary of an ASP.NET developer is $108,461.

There are 6 common aspects one must focus on while interviewing ASP.NET developers:

  1. Technical expertise
  2. Personal and professional achievements of a candidate pertaining to the job
  3. A thorough understanding of the industry and the organization
  4. Clear fundamentals in development and programming
  5. SQL database skills
  6. Good communication skills

Some technologies that .NET developer must know are:

  1. Front-end technologies like JS Tools, HTML 5, CSS, etc.
  2. SQL and MySQL Databases
  3. IoC containers like Castle Windsor, Unity, etc.
  4. ORM - Entity frameworks and more.
  5. Web frameworks like ASP.NET APIs
  6. Languages like C#, Visual Basics, etc.
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