Benefits of Hiring ASP.NET Developers

Know the benefits if you hire ASP.NET developer

If you’ve been wanting to hire ASP.NET developers for your organization, it’s no surprise. Market demands are ever-changing, and consequently, web development companies are focused on employing professionals skilled in cutting-edge technologies to build custom apps. To achieve this, there are two primary objectives:

  • A robust understanding of a company’s business to deploy suitable applications
  • Selecting ideal technology platforms to develop the required applications

When it comes to building custom applications, ASP.NET has quickly become a household name. Designed by Microsoft and its dedicated community, this open-source framework effortlessly combines Web API and MVC structure into a powerful tool, which helps developers create responsive and reliable websites. Thus, when you hire ASP.NET developers, they can build apps with minimal programming knowledge due to an easy-to-learn and intuitive syntax. However, there’s more to what these tech magicians can do and the benefits they bring to the table. Let’s dive in.

What do ASP.NET developers do?

Companies hire ASP dot net developers for their ability to produce code using various .NET languages, such as VB.NET and C#. But, these programmers also work on creating apps from scratch, offering user support, monitoring applications, and configuring existing systems. Other than superior expertise in software development, .NET devs also possess a keen eye for details, supreme problem-solving and coding skills, and a firm knowledge of SQL servers and ASP.NET framework.

Here’s what the typical roles and responsibilities of an ASP.NET developer look like:

  • Building top-tier applications and improving the functionality of the existing apps
  • Collaborating with front-end developers to build intuitive UI
  • Designing and creating application layers
  • Collaborating with internal team members to design, create, and maintain software
  • Writing functional code while keeping an eye out for bugs
  • Keeping up with the latest programming concepts, best practices, and terminologies
  • Writing scalable, clean code via .NET programming languages
  • Developing technical specifications, interfaces, and architecture
  • Building user interfaces and client displays
  • Creating and testing software prototypes
  • Assisting software professionals in managing project-related tasks

All in all, .NET programmers have multiple shoes to fill. In addition to discovering new methods to automate business procedures, you can also save a ton of money and time when you hire an ASP.NET developer.

Why hire ASP.NET developers?

Today, there is no shortage of web development technologies, with the likes of Python, Java, PHP, and Ruby frontrunning. However, .NET continues to be extremely popular and one of the most used frameworks. It houses ample features for developers to build applications, interfaces, and online software seamlessly. These technical aspects are its advantages, and when you hire ASP programmers, they double up on them. While creating a functional and efficient website is the finish line for onboarding ASP dot net developers, there are numerous benefits of recruiting one for your organization. Here are some of the main advantages:

Expertise and experience of ASP programmers for hire

Web application development heavily relies on expertise and experience. Companies pay for the work, and hence, must ensure that they receive the worth of it. Seasoned ASP.NET developers have the necessary skill set to complete assigned tasks. Their experience plays a critical role in designing, processing, and developing web applications using .NET, along with solving complex problems to streamline your business. Their expertise also equips them with increased productivity and efficiency, which helps these programmers lower their business expenses and generate profits easily. Certainly, when you hire ASP.NET developers, you can expect higher ROIs than before.

A more powerful performance

As mentioned before, ASP.NET is a powerhouse for web development and custom app building. That’s because of the diverse range of feature sets it possesses, including caching services, JIT compilation, and early binding. What’s more, it also has native optimization support that offers higher performance levels than what other frameworks can dish out. Hence, when you decide to hire an ASP.NET developer, you aren’t limited to JIT only, as you will also have AOT, which is extremely helpful for eliminating startup delays.

Hire ASP programmers to achieve customized development easily

ASP.NET’s very nature and built-in feature sets make it one of the most ideal frameworks for customized development. And while organizations are eagerly looking to capitalize on this, developing custom apps using .NET is easier said than done. That’s where hiring an adept ASPT.NET developer gets you the bang for your buck. Experienced .NET devs can build web applications based on your requirements. They possess the required skills to interpret your business ideas and create tangible applications via coding.

Build secure software and apps

Professional .NET developers have profound expertise with the fundamentals and various aspects of the .NET development and ecosystem, including its security features. Hence, when you hire ASP.NET developers, you can be sure of developing and deploying fully-functional, secure apps, websites, and numerous other software solutions.

Through various techniques such as URL sanitation, pre-app configuration, and windows authentication, an ASP.NET developer can create secure, safe applications for particular business models and any business requirements you may have. Moreover, when you hire an ASP.NET developer, they can also: -

  • Assess various permissions, like administrative privileges and user security configuration, to identify potential risks
  • Adjust the trust levels and framework security granted to assemblies based on the zone
  • Take security measures like URL Scan ISAPI filter, firewalls, packet filtering, etc., to heighten the security of web services and applications at multiple levels
  • Audit the security of ASP.NET apps, ASP.NET-connected apps, and various other web services and applications
  • Carry out HTTPBinding to secure applications’ service calls
  • Configure SQL database and server security, XML Digital Signature, and XML Encryption in services and applications
  • Use AntiXSS Library set to encode and encrypt data
  • Use robust authentication methods and authorization techniques like Forms authentication, Windows authentication, and Microsoft .NET Passport authentication, to provide protection against numerous security vulnerabilities within the .NET ecosystem.

In a nutshell, you can be sure of establishing a secure infrastructure where assets and applications can operate without any security compromises when you hire ASP.NET developers.

Get more work done in less time

Apart from its extremely robust nature, ASP.NET also houses an excellent feature: reusability of codes. This feature reduces the overall development time drastically, as it helps the programmers reuse codes instead of writing new ones, and it’s quite handy for both clients and developers. Ultimately, the combination of ASP.NET’s code reusability and the developer’s skills result in more work done in much less time.

What’s more, this decrease in development time also automatically translates to cost-effectiveness. Certain features of ASP.NET, along with its code reusability, allow developers to get their work done faster, which drives down the overall development expenses. Hence, if you’re looking for an affordable custom app and services development option, hire an ASP.NET developer!

Hire ASP programmers for robust cloud-based development support

Today, it’s more important than ever for businesses to create cloud-based applications, as it's now a norm, not a special feature. For large organizations, this is even more crucial, and hiring an ASP.NET developer is the best way to get it done seamlessly. These programmers can use the ASP.NET core to develop various web applications. IoT apps, mobile back-end, and more. Hence, if you hire ASP dot NET developers, you can get the ultimate solution for every single enterprise business need you might have.

Create dynamic web pages

While dynamic web pages are what most web development enterprises are after, meeting their robust market demand poses a gigantic challenge. However, having a skilled .NET developer will help you meet those demands. By combining languages like VB, HTML, C#, etc. with ASP.NET, developers can build.ASPX files to create data-driven dynamic web pages smoothly and quickly.

ASP.NET offers various advanced UI elements to create robust web pages without writing tons of code. Since the framework supports pre-compiled code and caching, developers can execute codes instantly as they’re already interpreted into the object code or machine language. This automatically results in better accessibility and faster loading times of web pages, which is why you need to hire ASP.NET developers if you want to keep up with your competitors creating powerful web pages.

Access expert ASP.NET solutions and services

According to this report by TechRepublic, .NET stands to be one of the favorite frameworks for JavaScript developers to work with. That’s because ASP.NET comes with a host of development tools and programming languages, including C# programming, VB.NET development, CMS, ASP.NET development, MVC framework, etc. Once you hire an ASP.NET developer well-versed with these, they can create scalable custom web services/applications, built around according to your specific business needs and model.

From developing secure web portals and complex .NET projects to powerful CRM solutions, you can get a lot done when you hire ASP.NET developers. They can help you build functional and eye-catching apps, web services, and websites, with quick turnaround times.

Improved website performance

Professional ASP.NET developers know how to write their own code from scratch. This eliminates the critical problem of presenting apps or websites littered with blinking cursors, blank web pages, bugs, and other customer turn-offs. However, this also radically optimizes a website’s speed and performance. Once you hire an ASP.NET developer, they’ll work towards adding necessary features and functionalities to ensure no unnecessary clutter or code exists in your development files. Removing these leads to a shorter time required for customers to access and download your website across various platforms and web browsers.

Six key things to keep in mind when you hire ASP programmers

  • The developer must be familiar with numerous databases and possess hands-on experience using cross-platform integration.
  • The developer must be skilled in various .NET technologies, such as SQL Server, ASP.NET framework, .NET stack and libraries, VB .NET development, and architectural/design patterns (for e.g., Model-View-Controller).
  • If you hire an ASP.NET developer, you must ensure that they have ample knowledge of at least one of the .NET languages, like Visual Basic.NET and C#, and HTML5/CSS3.
  • The .NET programmer must have a firm understanding of APIs and architectural styles, like REST and RPC.
  • The developer must also be familiar with CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, and client-side web development technologies.
  • Last but not the least, before you hire ASP dot net developers, make sure they possess strong communication skills to interpret .NET technicalities and complex codes into clear-cut, easily understandable features.

Hire the top ASP programmers with

So, we’ve established what ASP.NET programmers do and the many ways they can benefit your organization’s web development needs. What’s left is for you to go out there and hire ASP.NET developers, but that’s far from easy. While there’s no shortage of /NET developers, choosing one that fits your requirements like a glove can be a tedious task. On top of that, the Covid scenario is eliminating the concept of in-person interviews with every passing day. But, the solution to this isn’t as challenging to avail of, since brings you its Intelligent Talent Cloud to match you with the best remote .NET devs out there.

This AI-powered Talent Cloud allows you to find, vet, match and manage top talent from anywhere across the world. The best part? Turing does all the heavy lifting for you, by offering you a pool of pre-vetted, Silicon Valley-caliber remote developers with the right skill set to use ASP.NET to its fullest. To stick to its high benchmarks, Turing ensures all its developers pass their coding tests, screenings, and non-technical assessments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple factors go into hiring the best ASP.NET developers across the globe. It completely depends on the candidates you choose, their capabilities, and the complexity of their skill set. However, as per, the annual median salary of an ASP.NET developer is $108,461.

There are 6 common aspects one must focus on while interviewing ASP.NET developers:

  1. Technical expertise
  2. Personal and professional achievements of a candidate pertaining to the job
  3. A thorough understanding of the industry and the organization
  4. Clear fundamentals in development and programming
  5. SQL database skills
  6. Good communication skills

Some technologies that .NET developer must know are:

  1. Front-end technologies like JS Tools, HTML 5, CSS, etc.
  2. SQL and MySQL Databases
  3. IoC containers like Castle Windsor, Unity, etc.
  4. ORM - Entity frameworks and more.
  5. Web frameworks like ASP.NET APIs
  6. Languages like C#, Visual Basics, etc.
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