Top 10 Strategies for Leading through Uncertainty

Top 10 Strategies For Leading Through Uncertainty


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Frequently Asked Questions

Leaders should adopt ‘commanding' and 'pacesetting’ leadership styles to target the risk mitigation process at times of uncertainty, like having brainstorming sessions to discuss a quicker solution, setting up a risk management board, among other things.

Strong and definitive leadership is critical during uncertain times. The tough times, where there is lot of uncertainty, can weigh heavily on organizations, and can impact the morale of the team within an organization. During such times, leading with clarity and from the front is very important for not only navigating through uncertainty but also for re-emphasizing team members’ belief in the leadership.

The three ways to face uncertainty in organizations are:

  1. Working towards building a culture that conditions employees to handle multiple challenges
  2. Concentrating guidance on more significant issues
  3. Being consistent with performance calibration meetings

Leadership during uncertainty is taking firm steps with full conviction of overseeing the organization through tough times. It includes being decisive in the face of adversity and choosing the best course of action. The leaders must show flexibility, adapt to the changing scenarios, embrace the uncertain times with concrete decision-making, and avoid the temptation to come to quick conclusions.

Here are some smarter approaches that can assist you - look out for new opportunities, retain and invest in human capital, adapt agile operations, believe in your workforce, etc.

Organizational leaders need to consider the different courses of action and their outcomes before choosing a convincing strategy in an uncertain environment. They should consult with different stakeholders, and then move ahead with a concrete plan to sail the ship in troubled times. The leaders should take all possible steps to buffer the organization from setbacks, and move ahead with clarity.

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