Top Ten Books on Docker Every Software Developer Should Read

Top Ten Books on Docker for Software Developer


  • Top Ten Books on Docker Every Software Developer Should Read

    Thulie V

    Thulie is a technical writer, data scientist, and Python programmer, who is well-versed at writing informative, easy-to-understand, and engaging technical articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Docker Book: Containerization is the new virtualization by James Turnbull is one of the best books for any beginner looking to understand Docker.

Yes, you can run Docker on Windows 10.

Docker in Action, Second Edition, by Jeff Nickoloff, Docker Deep Dive by Nigel Poulton, Docker in Practice, Second Edition, by Ian Miell and Aidan Hobson Sayers, and Docker: Up & Running by Kаrl Mаtthiаs аnd Seаn Р. Kаne are some of the best Docker books worth reading for both beginner and advanced developers.

Yes, Docker is very relevant. It is the future of virtualization and many companies such as Netflix, Spotify, and PayPal are adopting the containerization system.

Docker works as a client-server architecture which includes Docker host, Docker client, and Docker registry.

Anyone can learn Docker but knowledge of basic programming, Windows operating systems concepts, and Linux can be advantageous.

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