How to Master Express JS Error Handling?

How to Master Express JS Error Handling


  • How to Master Express JS Error Handling?

    Liam Clegg

    Liam Clegg is a full-stack web developer from the UK with experience as a freelancer and writer in modern web techs such as React, NextJS, express and Postgress, and MongoDB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid using “Try-catch” above a limit, leverage error objects in rules, and utilize meaningful error code descriptions to avoid error handling in JS.

You can deal with errors in Express JS by putting the error handling logic in the distinct route handler functions.

The three types of errors are random errors, systematic errors, and negligent errors. Try using the try-catch-finally statement to handle the exceptions in Javascript.

For example, we know that any non-zero value when divided by zero always results in infinity and is an exception. Exception handling takes care of it in one go without any hustle.

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