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Best TypeScript Developer Tools for Increasing Productivity

TypeScript  Developer Tools for Increasing Productivity

One of the best open-source programming languages, TypeScript is the superset of JavaScript and it adds static typing to the language. You can develop a large number of applications and it transcompiles the programs to JavaScript. It comprises a variety of web frameworks that can be employed in Angular and small projects as well. In this blog, we have discussed some of the best TypeScript developer tools that will increase productivity.

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TypeScript static code analysis tools simplify JavaScript codes thereby making them easier to debug and read. Being an augmented JavaScript language, it is easier for JavaScript developers to learn TypeScript, making it more suitable for front-end development. Here are a few amazing features of TypeScript.

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The best TypeScript tools to increase productivity

Now that you are aware of the benefits of TypeScript in web development. In this section, you will get more about the best TypeScript tools available today.

TypeScript tool #1: TypeScript God

  1. This is one of the best TypeScript static analysis tools that run live demos of the script.

  2. It provides ultimate tooling support for TypeScript in VS code and also adds plenty of features to the pre-existing ones in VS code.

  3. It makes use of code snippets to generate block comments.

  4. You can generate and write readable, cleaner, and faster codes.

TypeScript Tool #2: TypeScript Toolbox

  1. This is one of the best TypeScript code analysis tools that improve the built-in extensions that come with VS code.

  2. You can include and optimize imports and also auto-generate getters, constructors, and setters.

TypeScript Tool #3: TypeScript Importer

  1. This TypeScript CLI tool automatically finds TypeScript definitions in workspace files.

  2. It provides symbols as completion to complete the code completion process.

  3. TypeScript Importer saves your time, thereby facilitating automation and productivity.

TypeScript Tool #4: Code Spell Checker

  1. This tool helps to check the spelling of your code before you execute it.

  2. English US and English GB languages are supported by these TypeScript static analysis tools. In addition, add-on dictionaries are also available.

  3. Since it helps in spotting errors within the code, you can create your productivity of development.

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TypeScript Tool #5: Kite Autocomplete

  1. Kite Autocomplete is an AI-powered TypeScript CLI tool that helps you write code faster and shows the right information at the right time.

  2. Apart from TypeScript, this tool supports several popular programming languages including JavaScript.

  3. It also has a desktop app and an autocomplete plugin if you need to search for Python and VS code.

  4. Instant documentation and Kite advanced function signatures, save your valuable coding time.

TypeScript Tool #6: ESLint

  1. You can monitor linting errors in the editor itself and so TypeScript static analysis tools like ESLint can help you integrate ESLint and VS code.

  2. These cleaner coding techniques make the script easier to read thereby increasing productivity and reducing time.

TypeScript Tool #7: JavaScript & TypeScript Nightly

  1. JavaScript & TypeScript Nightly ensures the TypeScript codebase stays healthy always thereby apparently fixing the errors.

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TypeScript Tool #8: MoveTS

  1. MoveTS is a simple and self-explanatory tool where you can move your TypeScript files and folders wherever you want within the workspace.

  2. You can also update relative import paths and transfer your files with minimal effort.

TypeScript Tool #9: Snippets

  1. Rather than being used as a TypeScript code analysis tool, Snippets are templates that implement repetitive codes like loops or conditional statements.

  2. Snippets improves VS coding experience and adds a slew of import and export triggers, method triggers, and class helpers.

  3. This tool helps in saving time and boosting productivity.

TypeScript Tool #10: Ponicode

  1. If you want to create, change, and visualize your unit tests, TypeScript static analysis tools like Ponicode can help you.

  2. Ponicode assists in unit testing and saves your time.

  3. It ensures that the code is tested before implementation.

  4. The Ponicode is known for its code quality, and you can enjoy it to increase your productivity.

Final words

That’s the complete list of the top 10 best TypeScript tools from We will be happy to answer your questions regarding TypeScript tools that any software developer must know! So, what are you waiting for? Start developing your webpage with these amazing tools.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TypeScript is a popular tool in a developer’s software development toolkit. Many JavaScript-based projects make use of this tool to create efficient software.

Microsoft developed TypeScript Power Tool, which is a program where the software installer includes 7 files and is usually about 4.69 MB.

Yes, TypeScript is a build tool. Build tools help in automating the transformation and bundling of your program together in a single file.

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