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15 Best SQL Developer IDE & Tools for Increasing Productivity

Best SQL Developer IDE & Tools

As a database developer, you probably already know about SQL editor tools and SQL integrated development environment (IDE) which help you manage databases at the top level. But did you know that there are a host of popular SQL IDE tools that can boost your productivity?

Here’s a curated list of the top selections along with their key functionalities and usability. Analyze them well and choose the ones that best fit your requirement.

Let’s get started!

Benefits of SQL tools in database development

Some of the benefits of SQL tools are:

5 Benefits of SQL tools in database development.webp

The best SQL IDE tools to enhance productivity

Though not exhaustive, this list highlights the top SQL IDE tools to use.


Adminer tool logo.webp

Adminer is a popular tool for handling content in databases. It provides great assistance for MySQL features, security, easier user interfaces, and the best performance. Although it had some errors and bugs in the past, it has greatly improved.


TablePlus software logo.webp

TablePlus is SQL software that offers lightweight SQL editing functionalities. It is one of the best SQL IDE tools as it simplifies database management for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. It contains a cluster of awesome features which includes inline editing and filters for faster navigation.

An interesting aspect of TablePlus is that it updates weekly to ensure you use the latest features. The code review and safe mode features also let you check your code along with the history of changes before you implement them.


DBeaver tool logo.webp

As a database developer, you know SQL statements that help you start backups and ad-hoc querying along with troubleshooting tactics. DBeaver is one of the top SQL developer tools for simplifying these tasks.

You can use the SQL IDE tool across multiple platforms. It supports almost all databases like MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and YugabyteDB. What gives DBeaver an edge is that it is open-source, whereas most of its competitors are not.

Toad for SQL Server

Toad for SQL Server logo.webp

Toad for SQL Server is an SQL developer tool that is primarily meant to increase the productivity and management of several databases. It has highly customizable user interface components that facilitate database interaction, workflow management, security management, report generation, server synchronization, and more. The tool simplifies the coding procedure, thereby reducing the T-SQL learning curve.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express logo.webp

Trusted by many database developers, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE) is a preferred SQL query tool. Thanks to its many features, it is widely used by business environments. Some of its advantages include a variety of add-in options, easy installation and use, cost-free nature, and advanced user experience.


RazorSQL tool logo.webp

RazorSQL is one of the best SQL tools with an efficient IDE and administration capabilities. It has a database browser through which you can monitor the elements of a database, tables, schemas, and functions.

This SQL tool supports more than 20 different programming languages, including SQL, PHP, XML, Java, etc. It can be operated in macOS, Windows, and Linux. Although not free, you get a free 30-day trial.


HeidiSQL logo.webp

HeidiSQL is an open-source SQL editor that simplifies popular database management systems like MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. It makes database management easier through superior synchronization and query-building features.

You can easily find and sort any data with this SQL practice software and graphical user interface support. Note that you can only use the tool on Windows. You can create triggers, plan events, import/export databases, etc.

SQuirrel SQL

SQuirrel SQL tool logo.webp

SQuirrel SQL has a simple and effective graphical user interface that supports all types of relational databases. It is among the best SQL IDE tools as it helps you access multiple databases.

The copy-paste support feature across multiple platforms is useful and makes database migration easier. Being convenient to use, the tool is favored by hundreds of developers.


SQLiteStudio tool logo.webp

SQLiteStudio is one of the best free SQL tools with a simple SQL editor and a database administration feature that helps maintain the status of your database. It is equipped with SQLite3 and SQLite2 features within a single graphical user interface which can be implemented in a variety of operating systems.

The portability and zero-configuration database engine are loved by developers. All that is needed is to download it and start performing high-level database management.

Datapine SQL Editor

Datapine SQL Editor logo.webp

This is one of the top SQL developer tools that enables decision-makers to generate reports quickly and determine insights effectively - both of which increase productivity at a high level. The presence of a data visualization tool is an added advantage.

You can easily translate any data according to your convenience and make it readable for everyone. The SaaS-based tool lets you use it anywhere since it comes with SQL code generation and an SQL query box.

MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench logo.webp

The next top SQL tool on our list is MySQL Workbench which contains a lot of valuable features. With it, you can generate and manage databases and create a complex ER model. You can even manage complicated documentation processes and assign management tasks easily - something that is usually time-consuming.


KeepTool scrathchpad logo.webp

KeepTool has an outstanding SQL Scratchpad that helps you create new SQL files and tabs easily. Some of its key features include data modeling, database maintenance using PL/SQL logic, examining old databases, and debugging PL/SQL performance data analysis, among others.

Aqua Data Studio

Aqua Data Studio tool logo.webp

Aqua Data Studio has a cluster of development and management functionalities along with an IDE where you can effortlessly maintain tabs on databases.

With the help of this SQL software, you can manage queries, analyze data, develop SQL, and more. Its ability to use relational, NoSQL, and cloud databases make it an excellent option for increasing the productivity of database management.

Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer tool logo.webp

Next on our list of top SQL editor tools which helps database users and administrators manage databases with minimum effort is Oracle SQL Developer. It is one of the best free SQL editors that offers end-to-end development of any SQL module.

It has an amazing worksheet where you can run scripts and queries. If you are a database administrator, this tool can help you with a user-friendly graphical interface.


Postico tool logo.webp

Postico was developed exclusively for Mac devices. A few of its notable features include database design, PostgreSQL utilization, editing and querying functionalities, and maintaining routine databases easily. The tool also makes sure that data is kept safe.

Final words

And there we have the complete list of the top 15 SQL IDE tools from Start managing your web page and database with these amazing choices. We are interested to answer your questions regarding the best SQL tools that a software developer must know!


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Frequently Asked Questions

The best free IDEs for SQL are Adminer, TablePlus, DBeaver, Toad for SQL Server, and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

No, SQL is a scripting language that does not require a compiler to run. It only needs an interpreter that translates the codes.

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) help in the transformation of data in all phases of database development. This is applicable to SQL Server relational databases, Azure SQL databases, Analysis Services (AS) data models, Integration Services (IS) packages, and Reporting Services (RS) reports.

Yes, VS Code can be used for SQL. It supports extensions, Azure SQL Database, an Azure SQL Managed Instance, and a database in Azure Synapse Analytics.

Yes, SQL has a well-equipped IDE that is fully integrated with a script editor with amazing functionalities. Some of the most popular SQL IDEs are Adminer, DBeaver, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express, RazorSQL, and SQuirrel.

There are several types of SQL tools:

  • Adminer
  • DBeaver
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio -Express
  • RazorSQL
  • SQuirrel SQL
  • Datapine SQL Editor
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Oracle SQL Developer.
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