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Top Books on React JS Every Software Developer Should Read in 2023

Best React JS Books for Developers

The traditional approach of learning new things through textbooks is not going away anytime soon. Here, we will reveal some of the best React books that will assist you in honing your abilities for the widely used JavaScript library – React aka React JS.

These books will always come in handy, whether it's about Turing's results in machine code from back then, or Turing's AI-based assessment for software developers, relevant today.

React is a popular web framework for developing front-ends. React JS developers are in great demand, yet supply and demand are out of balance.

Books can provide a more comprehensive archive of knowledge and cover a broader range of topics from the very beginning to the advanced level of development.

Before talking about React books, let's go through the brief explanation of React JS.

Let's get started.

What is React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript library that is primarily used to create user interfaces.

JavaScript libraries are a set of codes that help to develop interactive websites by providing the necessary tools for developers.

It facilitates the creation of interactive UIs and has wide support from many industry leaders like Facebook (now Meta), Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, etc. A lot of these companies even created their framework based on React that includes all the necessary features for UI design.

React was released by Facebook (now Meta) in 2013 and the latest version is React 18 at the time of writing (in May 2022). You can use React to develop interactive web apps, websites, and mobile applications.

How to choose the best React book?

Choosing good books is a skill. To select the best React book, you must consider more than just quality: you must know exactly what you want to study, which might be confusing. So let's break it up into two scenarios according to your expertise. First determine your existing skill set.

If you are proficient with some of the elements in front-end development, you are ready to go on to publications, written exclusively for experienced engineers.

Books for advanced developers are often published by experienced or working professionals, i.e., web developers using JS on a daily basis.

If you are new to programming and want to start building interfaces using React JS library (with simple examples and code executions), go for the React books that include the fundamental functions and attributes explanations of JavaScript principles as well.

These books will provide a range of info, geared toward beginners in development.

Best React Books for Experienced Developers

React engineers have a huge impact on the success of software projects because of their ability to create intuitive UIs and great user experiences.

So, developers here we go, presenting to you the best React JS books for learning how to create magic on web pages:

React book: Learning React

If you want to learn how to create successful UIs using React JS, this is the book to read. The book demonstrates how to use this little JavaScript toolkit to design UIs that can elegantly present data changes on a wide-array of data-driven platforms without reboots.

This React book also demonstrates the latest ECMAScript features and how to work with functional programming.

You can learn about the effectiveness of React JS once you get acquainted with the process of constructing React components with this hands-on guide.

With this React book, you’ll be able to –

  • Discover important functional programming principles with JavaScript.
  • Understand how React operates in the browser.
  • Use React components, create application layout layers.

Best React Books Learning React by Alex Banks and Eve Porcello_2_11zon.webp

Best React Books: Learning React by Alex Banks and Eve Porcello

For advanced developers ✔️

React book: The Road to Learn React: Your Journey to Master Plain Yet Pragmatic React.JS

The Road to React guides the novice developer through one of JS language's most fundamental functions, which is the creation of a React component and explains how to return data to the user.

This React book begins with a very fresh approach to the development and React JS and works its way through the learning process. Every chapter expands on the learning of the previous chapter.

The Road to Learn React paves the way for React styling with ReactCSS Modules in ReacStyled Components.

With this React book, you’ll be able to –

  • Learn the foundations of React.
  • Dive into related subjects such as React with TypeScript, Testing, and Optimizations.
  • Create and deploy a React application.

Best React Books The Road to learn React by Robin Wieruch_3_11zon.webp

Best React Books: The Road to learn React by Robin Wieruch

Beginner Friendly ✔️

For advanced developers ✔️

React book: React in Action

React Book_8_11zon.webp

If you have hands-on experience in development, particularly front-end development, this React book is a must-read. It will teach you about the React library and how to use it to design interfaces.

Front-end developers can learn about the React framework and related technologies in React in Action.

This book helps developers build a website dynamic and cohesive, so that the user has a consistent experience with a wide range of practical examples using React components.

You will learn about ecosystems and tools. Your familiarity with HTML and other web-related concepts will be useful in supplementing your understanding of React.

With this React book, you’ll be able to –

  • Explore mobile device user interfaces.
  • Understand React Rendering data and data flow.
  • Learn about Third-party library integration with React Routing.

For advanced developers ✔️

React book: Full Stack React: The Complete Guide to ReactJS and Friends

This book expands the awareness of several frameworks and approaches to full-stack development. After going over the contents in this React book, you will be a confident developer.

All contributors are well-known writers and developers who have substantial expertise in various languages and frameworks.

The authors have combined great information with numerous real-world examples in this book. You'll learn all you need to know to work professionally and create strong, well-tested, and streamlined ReactJS apps. This is a definitive guide for optimizing the react web apps.

With this React book, you’ll be able to –

  • Understand the ReactJS tree structure in detail.
  • Use Webpack in conjunction with Create React App.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Flux and Redux.

Best React Books FullStack React_1_11zon.webp

Best React Books: FullStack React

Beginner Friendly ✔️

For advanced developers ✔️

React book: React Quickly: Painless Web Apps with React

This React book will show you how to use React (JavaScript library) along with GraphQL (a query language for your API) and JSX (JavaScript eXtension), so that you can build well-designed, high-performing applications in future.

The modern web app is a complicated beast. It has to be responsive, fast, and easy to maintain. It needs a whole lot of moving parts to work together. This react book teaches you the ideas you need to know through a variety of examples, tutorials, and a major primary project that is created throughout the book.

React book React Quickly_6_11zon.webp

With this React book, you’ll be able to –

  • Learn about the lifecycle events of React components.
  • Understand the effectiveness of JSX in your React JS projects.
  • Integrate React JS with Node, Express JS, MongoDB, and Mongoose.

Beginner Friendly ✔️

For advanced developers ✔️

React book: Learning React: A Hands-On Guide

React is the only library that has been extensively used and documented to create large, complex web applications. The book will teach you how to use React and Redux to build a variety of projects, starting with the fundamentals of both libraries.

This React book is one of the most recommended textbooks for both beginners and expert developers.

This book includes essentials of react development and core React concepts such as JSX, components, props, and state. It also throws light on how to optimize your React workflow using tools such as Node, Babel, web pack, and others.

React book Learning React_5_11zon.webp

With this React book, you’ll be able to –

  • Learn to Pass the data to children's components using props
  • Create dynamic interfaces and reusable components with Higher Order Components (HOC)
  • Pivot your way into modular code using advanced techniques such as Mixins.

Beginner Friendly ✔️

For advanced developers ✔️

React JS book: Learning React JavaScript Library From Scratch

This book will take you on a journey through React.JS features and components, with concise explanations and practical examples.

This React book does not require any prior knowledge of JavaScript, or programming for that matter to get started with React. It starts from scratch and uses practical examples to teach concepts like components, props, and state and event handling.

It’ll guide you through the process of setting up a development environment and learning Reactive programming from beginning to end.

React. Js Book Learning React JavaScript_9_11zon.webp

With this React book, you’ll be able to –

  • Apply the fundamental ideas of Reactive Programming.
  • Learn about Component Structure.
  • Understand React JS lifecycle methods.

Beginner Friendly ✔️

React book: React: Up & Running: Building Web Applications

This book will teach you how to create components (React's fundamental building blocks) and organize them into large-scale, maintainable programs

React: Up & Running demonstrates the development of a completely customized Whinepad software that allows users to review wines and record notes. You’ll be able to understand the concept of using bespoke React JS components alongside generic DOM components.

With this React book, you’ll be able to –

  • Design a data table component that can be edited, sorted, searched, and exported.
  • Learn the use of Flux to handle component communication.
  • Create a minimal, low-level build process that allows you to concentrate on React JS.

React book React Up & Running_7_11zon.webp

For advanced developers ✔️

React book: Conclusion

The job market has been booming for React developers. Demand is far outpacing the supply of qualified React developers. These React books can help you in learning how to build complex single-page applications with React using basic, as well as advanced techniques and patterns.

As this blog compiled the top React books to study from, Turing's Knowledge base includes a wealth of other learning material and insights for a variety of programming languages to assist you in growing your developer career.


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Frequently Asked Questions

React JS, being one of the most popular interface libraries on the market, is witnessing a surge in demand for developers operating react-based applications. So, learning React in 2022 is worthwhile as it is one of the most in-demand skills in the digital sector.

With the remarkable names in the industry as authors, this book is considered to provide you with the knowledge of every aspect of React with real-world prospects in UI developments. All the authors have compiled their expertise from various development ideologies to utilize the best react practices.

React enables page modification/transaction on responsive websites without the need for page reloads/refreshes. It is difficult to accomplish simple functions on web apps without React, and it is also difficult for users to navigate.

React.js Book, authored by Greg Sidelnikov is one of the best React books for beginners in programming. The book shines a light on the fundamentals of React JS with simple and easy-to-learn examples.

If you are familiar with JS coding practices, you won't have to worry about how long it will take to learn React. Knowing JavaScript will help you quickly learn React because React makes JavaScript programming more convenient for you.

However, if you are completely new to any syntax in any programming language, it might take from a few weeks to months to get your hands familiar with React.

React: Up & Running, React in Action, and Learning React by Alex Banks and Eve Porcello are some of the best React books for advanced developers looking to expand their skill set in JS interface frameworks. These react books include some of the finest real-world examples of web-application programming to learn from.

It depends on how in-depth you want to go with React JS; if you only want to learn how to implement React, an easily accessible online course or tutorial can assist. However, if you prefer to understand the principles of the React code stack, a textbook or an in-depth online course is recommended.

Nonetheless, begin with the React documentation on its official website, which is maintained by Meta, as it provides not only a basic overview but also the most recent developments in the framework.

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