Top Software Developer Skills to Learn This Year for Tech Jobs

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Here Are the Top Software Developer Skills to Learn in 2023!

By May 17, 2022 6 min read

What are the top software developer skills to learn in 2023? The best software developers have a repository of technical skills that distinguish them from others. These professionals are thorough in programming languages, can tap into databases, and understand algorithms, operating systems, debugging, and much more! 

Today, the best companies want to hire skilled software developers to help their development processes. And thus, you need to expand and update your technical knowledge and experience to become a highly sought-after software developer

In this post, you’ll find the top software developer skills to learn in 2023. These skills will help you stand out among other developers, land your dream job, and supercharge your software development career! 

Is software development a good career in 2023?

Software developer skills to learn in 2022

Is software development a good career in 2023?

Yes, absolutely! According to several tech hiring surveys, software developers are more in demand in 2023 than in 2022. Also, there is a substantial increase in the number of software developers that recruiters want to hire.

Companies hired more software developers in 2022

For instance, the tech hiring survey showed that 35 percent of employers plan to hire about 50 developers in 2022. Also, the percentage of recruiters aiming to hire between 201-500 developers is at least two times the percentage in 2021. And surprisingly, there is a 50 percent increase in the number of recruiters planning to hire over 500 professionals.

The tech hiring report also revealed that software developers are demanding more compensation for jobs. And hence, the majority of surveyed employers would have a larger budget for software developers in 2022. 

Companies want to hire developers for AI, ML, web development, DevOps, etc. 

Most software developers said they were interested in machine learning, artificial intelligence, game development, and web development. In addition to these, hiring managers said they were also looking to hire in areas like DevOps, cloud computing, and database software.

Employers are looking to hire developers skilled in JavaScript, Python, Java, C, C++, and more! 

In terms of coding languages, hiring managers want to employ software developers proficient in JavaScript, Python, Java, C, C++, C#, etc. Interestingly, less popular programming languages like Clojure and Scala are also in high demand by recruiters in 2023.

What are the top software developer skills to learn in 2023?

Based on the current trend in the tech industry, below is a list of top software developer skills to learn in 2023 with examples.

Software development skills to learn in 2023: Programming languages

To excel in software development in 2023 and earn more money, you must be proficient in at least one coding language. However, before you start learning a programming language, ask yourself some critical questions like:

  • What software development skills am I interested in?
  • What programming languages are recruiters hiring for?
  • Where can I get the resources to learn the coding language I choose?

Here are the best programming languages to learn in 2023 and their applications:


JavaScript helps develop interactive web applications. A typical example of a system you can build with JavaScript is a webpage that shows certain information when a user clicks a button.


Google developed Go (or Golang) in 2007 for its web applications and APIs. Go has a modern and straightforward structure and syntax, making it desirable for large IT companies. Most data scientists prefer ‘Go’ because of its performance and agility.

Having expertise in one or more programming languages can get you off to a good start in learning Go.


Ruby is a fully object-oriented coding language helpful for text processing, scripting, and prototyping new software. Also, Ruby’s straightforward syntax makes it easy to learn for many developers.

With Ruby, developers can build massive frameworks and software. And it’s no wonder why top companies like Starbucks, Twitch, Tumblr, etc., use Ruby for their development processes.


Kotlin is a must-learn programming language if you want to explore Android development. Google uses Kotlin for nearly all its Android development processes.

Kotlin developers are among the most compensated programmers in the world. Kotlin is an in-demand programming language and a go-to if you want to focus on Android development.


The R language features in almost every development process. It’s nearly impossible to dive into machine learning, big data, and data analytics without using R.

The language is good to learn because of its relevance to creating machine learning algorithms and AI solutions.


Swift is Apple’s programming language, mainly for iOS, macOS, and Linux. The language’s syntax is reasonably related to Java and C#.

The language is helpful across different device types, including watches, smartphones, TVs, tablets, computers, etc.


Python is great for several software development tasks. Software developers can use Python to write an entire program. Besides, its simple structure and syntax make it an easy coding language to learn.

Python is a hot favorite amongst developers due to its large number of libraries and frameworks. With surplus libraries and frameworks, developers can complete tasks faster and more efficiently.


C++ programming language can boost the hardware capabilities of complex software systems, such as games and medical equipment software.


Java allows developers to create applications across computer systems. Like C++, Java is also useful for creating high-quality video games. However, this language comes with lesser complexities than C++.

Software development skills to learn in 2023: Databases

Companies keep vital records in databases, and they need developers who can help them write codes to ensure the safety, integrity, and security of their records. Software developers may need to learn SQL or other relational and non-relational database systems to boost proficiency in handling databases.

Software development skills to learn in 2023: Algorithms and data structures

Algorithms are processes to complete tasks. On the other hand, data structures help store information in a database. It’s crucial for software developers to know various algorithms and data structure combinations to grow in their engineering careers. 

Here’s why: When writing code for a database, developers need to use different combinations of algorithms and data structures to optimize it. 

Platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, etc., have many resources to help developers learn different algorithms and data structures.

Software development skills to learn in 2023: Source control management (SCM) systems

A software development team collaborating on a single coding project may use a source control management system. SCM systems allow developers to monitor and revise code written for a program.

Git is a standard SCM system among developers and companies. The software allows developers to store varying versions (including the original version) of a code in one folder. Also, developers can roll back their code to the original version if things get confusing.

Software development skills to learn in 2023: Testing and debugging

Testing and debugging

Testing and debugging are must-have skills for developers. Testing involves checking a product’s codes before launching it into the market. It’s vital to test a product before releasing it so that consumers can have a fantastic user experience.

There are three testing procedures before launching a product, and they are as follows:

  1. Unit testing: In this testing method, developers check lines or areas of code to ensure consistency and avoid errors.

  2. Integration testing: Developers use integration testing to successfully combine different areas of a product’s code. Also, developers use integration testing to test how a program interacts with the code of another product.

  3. System testing: Before a product is launched, external developers check the product to match user requirements.

Apart from testing, developers should know how to use debugging tools to find and fix issues in the code. Though most developers crosscheck their code for issues while working, using a debugging tool is still necessary.

Software development skills to learn in 2023: Low-code/No-code platforms

Your intuition probably shouts “code” when you hear about developer skills, but did you know that software developers are quite interested in low-code/no-code platforms?

Users can configure applications, websites, etc., without writing a single line of code using low-code or no-code platforms. 

WordPress is a typical example of a low-code platform, and it currently hosts about 43 percent of websites on the internet.

With a large number of IT industries and professionals currently using low-code platforms, it’s a skill many developers are likely to turn to in 2023.

Software development skills to learn in 2023: Cloud computing

Cloud platforms are growing in popularity. And so, learning how to build apps that leverage cloud computing platforms can help you stand out from other developers.

There are several benefits of cloud computing, but a few of them are as follows:

  • Deploy software quickly and enjoy high-speed operations
  • Automatic updating, syncing, and integration with software and DevOps tools
  • Seamlessly secure, back up, and restore data
  • Enjoy customized, seamless collaboration with colleagues and clients

To improve your understanding, you can refer to the resources on common cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc. What’s more, you can even earn a certificate after taking some of these courses.

On a final note

2023 is a promising year for software developers with massive opportunities to land high-paying software development roles. That said, developers should brush up on their existing skills and learn new ones to make the best of these opportunities.

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  1. What should a 2023 developer learn?

    Developers should be proficient with in-demand programming languages, such as:
    • JavaScript
    • C++
    • Python
    • R
    • Ruby
    • Kotlin
    • Swift
    • Go
    • Java, etc.

  2. What skill should I learn in 2023?

    Apart from the in-demand tech skills mentioned above, developers can learn:
    • Web development
    • Blockchain development
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Machine learning
    • Internet of Things

  3. Is coding a high-income skill?

    Yes, coding is a high-income skill because of the high demand for software developers worldwide. 

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Top Software Developer Skills to Learn in 2023
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Top Software Developer Skills to Learn in 2023
Top developer skills to learn in 2023: 1. Programming languages: JavaScript, Go, Ruby, Kotlin, R, Python, etc. 2. Databases 3. Algorithms and data structures.


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