Five Tips to Increase Your Chances of Matching with Top US Jobs

Ankit Sahu
20 Feb 20244 mins read
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Turing’s Matching Engine provides five action items to maximize your chances of matching with top US jobs. These action items guarantee that your profile accurately highlights your talents, abilities, experience, and caliber to Turing’s US partner companies.

Here are five action items to increase your chances of matching with top US jobs: 

Step 1: Mention your availability clearly to land top US jobs

At the initial stages of the vetting process, you will land on a ‘get matched dashboard’ where you can update your work availability. This way, Turing’s Matching Engine knows you are actively looking for work as a developer and are available for positions in the upcoming weeks. Emphasizing that you are willing and available to work a full workweek, and those additional hours if needed will significantly increase your matching chances with top US jobs. 

You can also update your availability status while completing the tests. You will find the availability status function at the top left panel of the dashboard. Keeping the system updated with your latest information will help you attract more offers and get quicker matches with top US jobs. 

Remember – Your availability status is only valid for 30 days. If you don’t update it within 30 days, the system will reset your status as ‘unavailable.’

Step 2: Keep your resume concise and to the point

Once you are through with the Turing developer tests, you will land on the ‘Resume’ section. 

The platform will suggest a list of action steps to increase your matching chances with top US jobs. Follow the action steps diligently to improve your resume and highlight your skills, experience, and talents. 

Remember – Recruiters are looking for talent that stands out among the hundreds of resumes they get. They may reject your resume even before they know you if the resume reads like everyone else’s and fails to attract their attention right away.

Adding small details to your resume, such as tools you’re familiar with and internships you have completed, can help the hiring managers understand you better. 

Please note that Turing’s client companies prefer developers with a minimum of three years of experience.

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Step 4: Write a great cover letter

While a resume covers technical skills and work experience, a software developer cover letter covers soft skills, attitude, and motivations.

Our employers see cover letters when they visit our self-serve pages and use them to gauge how well each candidate will fit into their company. Self-serve pages act as independent portals where our customers find and pick suitable candidates. These pages show candidates’ basic information, technologies they are familiar with, and a brief cover letter. 

Choose two to three skills or abilities to mention in your cover letter. Then, give examples of times when you demonstrated such skills. For example, if you want to highlight your tutoring skills, provide an example of how you successfully tutored students. 

Tip: An attractive cover letter can significantly increase your chances of landing top US jobs. 

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Step 5: Set the right compensation to match with top US jobs

Employers typically base compensation on five factors: the job’s responsibilities, what their rivals pay, how valuable the position is to their company, how they compensate employees in similar roles based on their pay structure, and their budget. Be sure to think about all these points carefully and then proceed to salary negotiation to get yourself the best deal.

Consider the above points and connect with a Turing agent. Discuss your preferred hourly compensation rate, monthly salary, working hours, and any other questions you may have about working with Turing and our employers. Be as transparent as possible throughout this entire process.

Doing so will ensure that the employer clearly knows your expectations from the job.

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So, how exactly will these steps help you match with top US jobs?

Completing these steps will help you optimize your profile before presenting it to the US recruiting managers and engineering leaders. 

Your profile’s ranking in Turing’s AI Matching Engine will be substantially higher on accomplishing these action items, As a result, you will be eligible for a lot more top US jobs. 

Turing’s Matching Engine will actively promote your profile for various career opportunities that fit your goals, abilities, and level of expertise. Our matching team will contact you as soon as it identifies a great match.

Next, you will have a short interview with the matched customer. After that, the team will onboard you on the Turing Workspace platform to help you kickstart your #boundaryless adventure as a Turing Developer.

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